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Religious Trauma Syndrome [Should I stay or should I go now?]










.A Message from Jacqueline

This article is about an organization and an entity called the governing body, not individual Jehovah witnesses or people but a SYSTEM a corporation.

Jehovah witnesses have asked me why expose and talk about the trials and troubles within the Jehovah witness organization? Why be concerned? Why help others? This is why we help. There is a stressor out there that has caused suicide, early death and families torn apart! There must be a platform for these Humans to talk it out, and someone who is listening. It is my belief that religious persecution by the witness organization on other Christians and ex members have produced:

Religious Trauma Syndrome

Religious Trauma Syndrome is the condition experienced by people who are struggling with leaving an authoritarian, dogmatic religion and coping with the damage of indoctrination. The benefits of doctrinal insights and zealous dedication are undermined by transferring allegiance from Jehovah to an organization that crushes Christian liberty. Some members struggle through the shattering of a personally meaningful faith and/or breaking away from a controlling community and lifestyle.  Religious Trauma Syndrome is a function of both the chronic abuses from harmful religion and the impact of severing one’s connection with one’s faith.  It can be compared to PTSD.

Religious Trauma Syndrome has a very recognizable set of symptoms, a definitive set of causes, and a debilitating cycle of abuse. There are ways to stop the abuse and recover.










What Symptoms are evidence of Religious Trauma Syndrome?

  • Cognitive: Confusion, poor critical thinking ability, negative beliefs about self-ability & self-worth, black & white thinking, perfectionism, difficulty with decision-making
  • Emotional: Depression, anxiety, anger, grief, loneliness, difficulty with pleasure, loss of meaning
  • Social: Loss of social network, family rupture, social awkwardness, sexual difficulty, Arrested Psychological Development (being ‘stuck’ in an emotional level of development).
  • Cultural: Unfamiliarity with secular world; “fish out of water” feelings, difficulty belonging, information gaps (e.g. no knowledge of things outside of the witness community)


hurst feelings












.What contributes to Religious Trauma Syndrome?

Authoritarianism coupled with harsh theology which is received and reinforced at the kingdom hall, conventions, and home.  It results in:

  • Suppression of healthy child development – cognitive, social, emotional, moral stages are arrested
  • Damage to normal thinking and feeling abilities – information is limited and controlled; dysfunctional beliefs taught; independent thinking condemned; feelings condemned; normal familial love is abandoned and pressure to shun close family members breaking free.
  • An Exclusive Truth Source: only from the governing body; hierarchy of authority enforced; self not a reliable or good source;
  • Mental and sexual abuse: pedophiles thrive in this authoritative environment; unhealthy sexual views; punishment used for discipline; i.e., disfellowshipings; not allowing grandparents to interact with their grandchildren. Women and children on kept on the lowest run of the ladder.

What is the New Cycle of Abuse?

The cycle now is to send elders by the home or hospital to issue an edict that if you die in this window of time before impending Armageddon hits you will go to Gehenna.  One non baptized witness was in a nursing home with incurable cancer and was told this. She died 2 weeks later.  Another 82 year old sister hadn’t attended in 10 years but was visited and intimidated with the threat of death in Gehenna and many more insults since their Annual meeting of 2017.  Adult children are intimidating older parents and siblings that have left the organization.  Not answering text or phone calls, emotional abuse.


This results in an unending cycle of threats and verbal abuse often with shouting and threatening. You get relief when they leave. Then the elders show up again, they say to encourage you but in the same breath they are threatening sisters with death of their little children at Armageddon.  Salvation is not a free gift according to them; you must be in the organization.  Some are getting multiple visits within a week even on their job.


This is getting out of hand and some are going to lawyers to get a cease and desist letter. The governing body says they have fulfilled Matt. 24:14 and are preaching a message of judgement and studying only with those righteously disposed.  They are not raising their heads up because their deliverance is near.  They are in a panic and fearful!


In the Bible, do we see any evidence of this type of behavior by the Early Church at the time of the Apostles?










Can this cycle of abuse be stopped?

You can stop the cycle of abuse, but leaving the witnesses is a “mixed blessing.” Letting go of the need to conform is a huge relief.  There is a sense of freedom, excitement about information and new experiences, new-found self-respect, integrity, and the sense of an emerging identity.


There are huge challenges as well. The psychological damage does not go away overnight.  In fact, because the phobia indoctrination in young childhood is so powerful that the fear of Gehenna and Armageddon can last a lifetime.  Encouraging articles linked here can help provide some emotional relief and comfort:


I am reminded of the lyrics to the 1982 song by “The Clash”

Should I stay or should I go now?

If I go, there will be trouble

And if I stay it will be double

This is why there are so many thousands of walking wounded – people who have left a high control man made organizational religion and are living with Religious Trauma Syndrome.

The governing body says they are mentally diseased not realizing that…

Religious Trauma Syndrome mimics the symptoms of many other disorders –

  • post-traumatic stress disorder
  • clinical depression
  • anxiety disorders
  • bipolar disorder
  • obsessive compulsive disorder
  • borderline personality disorder
  • eating disorders
  • social disorders
  • marital and sexual dysfunctions
  • suicide
  • drug and alcohol abuse
  • extreme antisocial behavior, including homicide

There are many extreme cases, including child abuse of all kinds, suicide, rape, and murder. (http://www.silentlambs.org/murderjwfathers.htm) (http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/family-found-dead-apparent-murder-suicide-article-1.1582545)

Not as extreme but also tragic are all the people who are struggling to make sense of life after being severely SHUNNED and losing their family and friends. Many who try to get help from the mental health profession cannot find a therapist who understands Religious Trauma Syndrome.  Their solution is to “just leave and forget about going to worship services with others.” But it is not that simple, is it?















.How is this control happening?

We have in our society an assumption that highly organized religion is for the most part harmless or good for you. Therapists, like others, expect that if you stop believing, you just quit going to services, putting it in the same category as not believing in The Tooth Fairy.  Therapists often don’t understand fundamentalism. Religious fundamentalism refers to the belief of an individual or a group of individuals as the absolute authority of a sacred religious text or teachings. In this case the governing body must be obeyed without question. They say even if you can prove them wrong by scripture you must teach and believe what they say until they change it.  They even have a new song to them that states right or wrong follow them.  Gehenna is the penalty.  When did we ever see a concept like this in the Bible?  Can you sing that right or wrong you will follow the Governing Body?


Therapists do not realize what a complete mind-violation this really is and persons can’t just get over it.  They have been indoctrinated (the process of teaching a person or group to accept a set of beliefs uncritically, without questioning.) The governing body is god to most witnesses.


In the United States, we have a bill of rights, our freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and freedom of religion. This makes it extremely difficult to address a debilitating disorder like Religious Trauma Syndrome without it threatening these rights. Raising questions about toxic beliefs and abusive practices in religion seems to be violating a taboo.  No one wants to be pointing fingers for fear of tampering with our precious freedoms.  In the meantime people are fighting to mentally break this mind control that the governing body has used for so long, threats of death at Armageddon with their minor children dying because a parent left the witnesses.


Sanitizing hierarchy, high control religion makes it all the more insidious when it is toxic. (A system or organization in which people or groups are ranked one above the other according to status or authority.  A pecking order, ladder climbing, inclusiveness.)


For example, small children are biologically dependent on their adult caretakers; built into their survival mechanisms is a need to trust authority just to stay alive.  Religious teachings take hold easily in their underdeveloped brains while the adults who are controlled keep tight control on the children. This continues generation after generation.  Millions of witnesses learn to value self-loathing, never being able to do enough and fear Armageddon.  It’s difficult to break this cycle!


happy family 3












Where can I find help now?

Awareness is growing about the dangers of religious indoctrination.  There are more and more websites to support the growing number of people fleeing harmful religions.  Gradually, services are growing to help people with Religious Trauma Syndrome to heal and grow, including help from this website which attempts to offer spiritual healing and encouragement for witnesses with international testimony sessions that you can join by internet, as well as articles to read and call in Bible study groups.  By discussing their experiences with other likeminded people, each one can understand what the other has been through and each of us can take steps to become healthier and happier human beings.


So feel free to open up and talk.  You are safe among friends.  Let others know what you are going through and how you are coping.  Together we can work on freeing each one from the shock, pain and trauma, moving it further to the back of your brain and mind.

Another excellent you tube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVU2U2urmys&t=415s

147 comments to Religious Trauma Syndrome [Should I stay or should I go now?]

  • Marjo

    I am so glad that I found this place. It means so much for healing process. I think I am not 100% healed yet, because that thing is still bothering me. No one wasn’t there for me to help supporting. I think biggest trauma was that, when my mother left first, there was no one to support me. So I was all alone with my feelings. I am not sad about that why my mother left, but I am sad about that NO ONE didn’t help me to get through that time.

    When they teach you should support your brother in the middle of crisis, then why didn’t they?

    Why didn’t anyone ask how I was feeling?

    Why don’t they do what they teach?

    I have to thank Jehovah, because He was the only one who was there for me. He didn’t abandon me when I left Witnesses. He was with me all the time.

    I think one of the reasons, why no one didn’t help me is that most of the Witnesses in that congregation were related together. That probably blinded their eyes from other members to see how they are.

    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      Marjo, I am at all day Chicago class meeting. We will have a dinner and great fellowship. I also wanted the admin of the site to see if you have others from your country on and you do, from a few cities other than yours. So keep talking, it has increased since you spoke up. I really appreciate your being on the testimony. It is so nice that we can audibly hear all our brothers from around the world. Meeting starting now, we have an elder panel whereas not a heated debate it is a for and against statements. I enjoy hearing the brothers express their personal preferences. For instance this first one is: I don’t deal with the really deep doctrines I just have a simple faith. I don’t have. Mind to understand deep things. I just believe in God and Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Now they each will express why or why not they are for or against these statements. I will listen now. There are none elders on this panel.
      As witness elders they would present the governing body view but this is they reasoning. Beautiful!

      • Marjo

        It was nice to be on last night even tho I was up to 2 to 4 am. But it felt good. I know I’m healing little by little. I have been thinking that, maybe Jehovah was guiding me to leave from that society. Maybe I don’t need to feel so bad of that no one didn’t help me, because Jehovah is the biggest helper. Maybe it’s my turn to help them…who knows. I can only help them with prayers. Every time I see Witnesses in a store I feel sorry for them. Hoping that they would also open their eyes to Governing body. Some of them show angry face when they face me in a store, but I smile back to them. Some are friendly.

        • greg (Bible Student)


          My dear, sweet sister. Your words touch me very deeply. I got tears in my eyes as I read what you said because I recall very vividly my pain, my confusion, my anger, and my very deep hurt when I was still trying to understand how to “fit into” and be part of JW’s. My wife and I were so desperate for support, for assistance, for love, for caring, and yet for years we increasingly got less and less help, and only more pain and frustration.

          It hurt so bad!! We were drowning. We were lost. We felt so desperate, so confused, so frightened. And it wasn’t just that we felt disappointed and neglected by humans, but we didn’t recognize our prayers as being answered either.

          However, I look back now and see things in a very different light. As painful as it was at the time, as scared and desperate as we were, I can see that we were like little children begging for junk food that would have only made us sicker. I can see very clearly now that Jehovah wasn’t ignoring our prayers, but he was protecting us from an even greater danger that would have come if the local JW’s had responded to our needs for support for I perceive that they would have only fueled the toxic confusion and pain we were in.

          Praise be to God for not giving us something we asked for because he could see we needed something better.

          And just to tie it into a scriptural picture, I recall the Israelites who were slaves in Egypt. When they cried out to God for relief, God sent Moses, but instead of giving them immediate relief and liberation, their burdens were made even greater for a short while. This served to help them really resolve to leave Egypt forever. Otherwise, like Lot’s wife, they might well have lingered out of fear of the unknown that still lay ahead of them.

          Once we resolved to NEVER GO BACK (to slavery in JW-land) that’s when our blessings and joys really began to unfold. And now that we’re “out”, we are rock solid in our convictions as to why we left, and also as to what we are going to do instead. I look back with gratitude now at seeing how Jehovah allowed us to experience such great hurt so as to lead us out of such dark bondage. And he has lovingly tended all our wounds since we left.

          One last thing; I’m glad to have made your acquaintance last night. Thanks for joining us on the Testimony meeting. I look forward to meeting with you again.

          Warmest Love,

        • greg (Bible Student)


          I almost forgot, I wanted to say that I agree with you. I think maybe now it’s my time to help other JW’s. Only now, like Moses, I can return from having tended sheep in the wilderness for many years with a softened attitude, with love and gentleness, with patience and kindness. I won’t be tempted to smite people in an attempt to rescue others, and now I can maybe help lead others out from bondage in God’s way, rather than my own human way.


          • Marjo

            I hope this will open the curtains some of their eyes. Governing body has to pay millions to people whom have suffered child abuse. Somehow I hope that facility will go down. I hope the Governing body will suffer bankruptcy…very hard word to spell. As I read from one finnish support site that there has been new advice for collecting money. Not for convent but only world wide work. Worl wide work…..is just a coverup for that why they really need to collect money for. They need money to pay that millions of bill. It is disgusting that Governing body is asking members to give money to pay the bill.

            • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

              Marjo you are so observant. They are trying to get older ones back into the org because they have money to give. Most young ones are struggling with family. They are making an all out effort. Witnesses can see if they need a lot of money they aren’t from Jesus. He never needed this so they aren’t following him.
              I don’t think in terms of helping witnesses see what the governing body is. I help those that have awakened on their own with the help of the Spirit of God. Some will stay with a system even when they see it going down. Rev.18 indicate some will suffer the sanctions, plagues heaped on the system they are in simply because they stayed in it when it was being revealed.
              Won’t it be nice when all of mankind are free from high control groups of men. To think of my sons and grands being free one day warms my heart.
              Btw, you were up very late or should I say early to be with the North America testimony group. It encouraged us. We are healing.

              • Marjo

                Yeah maybe I got little bit too far with that.
                I hope too it is just to help the families and those in Russia.

                Yes it was very late to join in. I wanted to get to know others too. After all meetings my kids asked me what language I was speaking to. They began to learn english in third grade.

                • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

                  Let them learn English and as many languages as possible. I was just talking to a brother and he brought to my attention that South Africa had 2 million petitions to ban the activities of the witnesses. He said he felt it would be God’s will if that many people are asking for it. This is in responds to Russia banning the witnesses. Russia tried it in 2010 but was unsuccessful.
                  So it seems to me they would have sold their property and closed their branch in Russia during that reprieve. The Russian brothers have suffered for the last 50 years before the wall fell in 1989. It was a time for them to flee, because all know the Bear (Russia) was just sleeping.
                  Some of the things the society says and do make me wonder if they haven’t been infiltrated by government to erode them from within. Nobody would make the mistakes they do to push shunning in some of the countries that they know wants to shut them down unless it is on purpose or God has hooks in their noses. They are their worse enemies sometimes.

                  • Marjo

                    Studying languages is very interesting hobby. I myself have been trying to study russia it is very hard one. Germany is other and sweden. It comes very useful when you are looking older car spare parts online or computer stuff lol. You know I have my roots in Sweden from my faters side.

                    Banning seems to be more and more these days. Its a matter of time when it comes to our countries.

                    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

                      I took Spanish in high school 2 years.lol. My sister in law is from Finland and speaks 5 languages. My brother speaks at least 3 more than english. But because most people speak our language we don’t have incentive to learn I guess.
                      You know I have been listening to John 12: to the end of John, probably 15 times. Those departing heart conversations Jesus had with his diciples have helped me to understand Him and his relationship to his father as he prayed to Jehovah and said good bye to his friends.
                      Somehow that has calmed my fears. I never really heard all the thoughts he expressed before. Getting into just the Bible every night as I go to sleep gives me a sense of calmness. I try to understand what they understood in the Hebrew language. So I have an english Hebrew type Bible. Jesus’ heart comes thru loud and clear tho. I never got this deep as a witness. Remember only 5 minutes for the Bible on ministry school? Then they stopped the reader from commenting on it’s meaning. Now we can get in touch with God thru Jesus words.

        • Richard Tazzyman

          Sister Marjo,I have heard a lot about you from the Brothers & Sister Jackie,who visit my testimony meeting in Australia.I was a witness for over fourty years,I found the bible students in 2010 & have never looked back.We have a multitude of Bretheren world wide who show the real Love that Jesus spoke about.I have had the good fortune to vist o/seas & meet a lot of my bretheren,Including Sister Jackie & others in the USA as well as Poland,& the UK.My wife & I visit the UK each year & attend the London Bible student convention.We have found the truth that sets us free.God bless you as you start to walk on the narrow road to everlasting Life.Your bro in the Faith.Richard & Kay Tazzyman

          • Marjo

            Thank you. I have seen alot in 9 years I was with in. Final thing was when they were stalking my home and leaving notes to my mailbox. Or elders could have been just simple to come visit instead of stalking.

            I have no need to go back there. I have found something better. I felt so bitter after leaving Witnesses, because I really thought long time that I have betray Jehovah. But now I know I haven’t. He raised me up again.

    • Just say sweet and good

      When you are taught to hate others because Jehovah hates them you have been damaged by dark theology. It becomes very difficult to truly feel compassion for others because you are hurting so much but don’t realize your loss. Thats why they were not there for you. When you see the holy spirit in others and recognize it in them you want it for yourself ……you are then on your way to happiness. Just go grab it!
      Always remember Jacob. He wanted the blessing and he grabed it. Jehovah saw his attitude and made the way for him to get his hearts desire. People who truly love always find each other. We have angels looking out for us. Matt 18:10 Relax and let Jehovah show is stuff. “God is in this place” Gen 28:12

  • Little Lady

    Good evening to anyone who is awake…,

    I can’t shake the fear sometimes. I have this reoccurring feeling of panic that I can’t pinpoint a trigger for. But I know this fear very well, I use to feel it all the time more often when I was studying and associating inside the organization. I don’t know how to get rid of the fear once and for all. I know it takes time, but the anxiety is just hard to deal with alone. I am afraid to let people in. I am afraid of a lot of things since I have been excommunicated. I don’t know who or what to trust. I am not sure of anything. I always rather be alone. I rather lock myself up in my room than be around people. I want to get better. I need to get better. I need to learn to trust again, because I am dying inside from this fear. I don’t know how or where or whom to write the things I feel and think to… I just know I need to talk about it or it will eat me alive.

    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      Little Lady, wow! We are discussing this on testimony meeting right now about being afraid at first to trust. I will come back on in a while to speak further to you. I can talk to you now if you want. We have been betrayed and should be careful and cautious.
      But trust God, trust Jesus. Get in a room where you can pray with tears. He is not far off from us at all. If you want to talk let me know and I will give you my number. We are still on testimony meeting now at 9:23 CST.

    • TedR

      Hi Little Lady and welcome. My heart goes out to you. I would be interested in hearing your story. I encourage you to reach out to Sister Jacqueline using the contact form on the home page. It can be a terrible thing to have fear. Rest assured that our Lord Jesus and his father Jehovah are with you and understand. As long as you trust in Jehovah you are never alone. Realize that our relationship with God does not depend on any organization. One thing I have found with the Bible Students a genuine love that I never had as a JW. I’m sure Sister Jacqueline can help you. You don’t have to be afraid. Let us help.

    • greg (Bible Student)

      Little Lady,

      What you have just expressed is nearly word for word the things I repeatedly wrote in my journal years ago!!

      I won’t be so unkind as to pretend that there is an easy recipe for relief. What I will say though is that there definitely is a recipe. You’ll have to work at obtaining all the necessary ingredients, yet from your own words I can tell that you’re already further along than you know. It likely won’t look that way from where you stand. But I speak as one who once stood in nearly the exact same spot myself, and now, having been liberated from that terrible prison, I can look back and say with confidence, “it’s almost always darkest just before dawn.”

      I am confident you’ve come to the right place. I’m confident you’re on track. I’m confident Jehovah God and His Son, Jesus, are gently, patiently, baby-step after baby-step leading you out of your darkness.

      If, way back when, someone had said to me what I’ve just said to you, I wouldn’t have believed them, so I really don’t expect you will find it easy to believe me. But maybe, just maybe, you can “borrow” a little bit of my confidence, just enough to sustain you for a few more steps.

      Yes, speak to Jacqueline if you can muster the courage. Or speak to someone else that you feel comfortable with. But definitely speak to someone–someone who really knows how to listen. And no matter how hard it might be to do, no matter how unworthy or unconfident you might feel, definitely keep trying to speak to your loving heavenly father about all these anxious cares because he really does care about your plight.

      Do you know how I know HE cares? Because I know how much I care. And I’m just a pathetic, puny human being, conceived in sin, incapable of accurately reflecting His love and mercy, and yet I am moved to tears when I read your words. I care. And if your words inspire compassion within me, I am convinced HE is moved to compassion also.

      In Isaiah 66:2 Jehovah says, “For all these things My hand has made, and so all these things have come into being [by and for Me], says the Lord. But this is the man to whom I will look and have regard: he who is humble and of a broken or wounded spirit, and who trembles at My word and reveres My commands.” (Amplified Bible)

      You sound to me to be very close to broken, wounded in spirit, and trembling. So I am confident Jehovah is looking around for persons just like you so he can show you special favor. (Compare the wordings of other translations of Isaiah 66:2)

      Remember the Leper that came to Jesus saying, “Lord, if you just want to you can heal me”? (Matthew 8:2,3)

      Remember how Jesus replied? (His words bring tears to my eyes and overwhelm to my heart every time I recall them.) Jesus said, “I want to.” And he healed the leper.

      And remember the woman who touched Jesus’ garment and was healed? She, too, was trembling in fear, yet she was commended. I’d like to encourage you to re-read that account in Mark 5:25-34.


      • Little Lady

        Thank you for the encouragement. It made me shed some tears. I have faith that Jesus and Yahweh are at work in putting people who understand in my life. Opening up is the hardest part. I am still struggling at expressing myself and my emotions. It’s like my mind goes blank.

  • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

    This is an article of sadness. The Coroner made his assessment and decision according to the constitutional right of the witness to “choose” at 27 to die rather than take a blood transfusion. Read it here:
    But I have heard the aftermath of what it is like for the family. This father breaks my heart. I have heard him tell his story and followed him thru the court system when his 16 year old was faced with this issue. He breaks your heart.


  • Ellis Green

    Hi Jacqueline, I read that article you posted and its so true! The similarity between Catholic Church’s thirst for funds is equally matched by JWs. Money talks! And threatening old people with Gehenna is totally insane! These muppets do NOT have the right or the authority to make such unchristian judgments! Jesus said that “whoever dies is acquitted from their sin” and there’s a resurrection of righteous and unrighteous so these threats are unfounded in Scripture and they should be ashamed of themselves!

    An ex- girlfriend of mine dropped out of JWs years ago because the elders would only visit her elderly Mum just to pick up her monthly donation; didn’t give a hoot about her well-being. When I was growing up in the Watchtower, it was a “spiritual oasis” and I loved it! There were 2 congregations in my town and every Sunday both congs would meet for a soccer match, then the sisters would join in for a game of Rounders. (Bit like baseball) We had fun back then! But now its like being in a concentration camp and I’ve had enough!! So I haven’t been for a whole year now, although I did go to the Memorial as I did that for Jesus. I would love to go to a Memorial done by Dawn Bible Students to see what that’s like! I’m thinking of attending the convention near London next summer.

    Back to the money, I suppose with all the down-sizing, selling Halls etc. they need cash for all the lawsuits that are looming! $4000 a day in San Diego for refusing to turn over a list of child sex offenders? Is this what they mean by “Kingdom Interests” that the donations go on? And then there’s the dodgy investments in certain companies that they should stay well away from? They’re not planning on vanishing into thin air (their rapture) or zooming off to Cayman Islands when the crap hits the fan? When Jesus returns to establish God’s Kingdom I wonder if Warwick will receive the same fate as the Vatican?

    Sorry about ranting on, but I don’t tolerate hypocrisy! Or people with ulterior motives!

    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      Ellis, I totally understand what you are saying.
      Can you come on the testimony Saturday? Check the article on this site.
      This money thing will be their downfall. I personally think with them saying the preaching work is over , that as the governing body they have completely fulfilled Matt. 24:14, they are ready to run off to an island or honker down in the Warwick fortress. Let’s talk on testimony meeting tomorrow.

  • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

    I have been trying to figure out why one 82 year old witness that has not attended the kingdom hall in 10 years has suddenly since the annual meeting, has gotten so many visits by the elders that her family has had to step in. I told the Bible student sister that it was money.
    Simply because that is always the motivating factor for the governing body of the Jehovah witnesses.
    Then I have gotten some of the worse visits from family, even limiting my ability to see my grandchildren as the final blow to me.
    I still say why do you want me back so badly? I haven’t been to a kingdom hall for worship in 9 years! I am 69 years old. Another witness woman here in my neighborhood is having visits although she at 75 has married a non witness and he is taking her to his church.
    Do you get the point? Why are they targeting OLDER WITNESSES AND XJW?
    See if you can spot the reason in this article. It is about Catholics but read it and notice similarities. There is just too many older witnesses or ex witesses are being pressure and even told if they die now they won’t get a resurrection.
    (hint: insert JW in place of catholic).


    • greg (Bible Student)

      Thank you for posting this link, Sr. Jacqueline. I found it informative and thought-provoking.


      • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

        Greg, it wasn’t just me wondering what was going on but I noticed a pattern in every discussion group. A parent or grandparent was getting 4-6 visits in a 3 week period but not the young ones that have left also. There is also the letter sent to congregations on leaving assets to the society. This is done about every five years but mentioned in talks from the governing body also.
        I think this article answers the questions on why the visits on older ones. Poor Linda (xjw on our Wednesday study group) had 2 of these visits as she lay succumbing to cancer but never any discussion about her illness or health just to come back now because if you die you will go into 2nd death.
        Canada had a big split over a wealthy brother with a horse farm changing his will leaving all to the society. His son, an elder, was in shock that others on the body witnessed his signature and oversaw him do this. I dont know how the court case turned out but congregations were upset and many left because the society targeted this older brother whose sons were actually running the business. Do you know the outcome in Canada over this?

        • greg (Bible Student)


          This is the first time I’ve heard anything about the dispute you mentioned. Of course, I never get any kind of news from JW’s themselves, so I’m not surprised it didn’t make it to my ears.

          As for the “terror tactics” that Sr. Linda experienced and that others are experiencing, I find it really tragic that sensitivity, compassion, and love have been so far lost and forgotten. In my mind I see it as a manifestation of the “rescuer’s triangle”, also know variously as the drama triangle. As a therapist you’re probably familiar with the model. I’ll mention it here for the benefit of others who may not know about the concept.

          Put very simply the triangle is typically formed by three people: a Victim, a Persecutor, and a Rescuer. In some instances a single person may play more than one role. But in every instance, all three people that get onto that triangle invariably end up playing all 3 roles.

          As soon as someone gets it into their head that they need to “SAVE” (or rescue) someone (who they perceive as a victim), they can quickly end up vilifying and then persecuting others and also playing the victim themselves drawing still others into the conflict.

          History is FULL of accounts of this playing out. Whenever we get it into our heads we need to “Save” someone, we begin down a path that ultimately leads us to believe like the Inquisitor’s did that “the Ends justify ANY means.”

          The only way to avoid playing that painful game is to refuse to “get on the triangle”, meaning to refuse to play any of the three roles. Seeing JW’s play this kind of conflict out over and over and over was one of the biggest incentives for my leaving JW’s.

          Sigh… So many millions of needless casualties…

          Anyone wanting more information can learn more by having a look at “Karpman drama triangle” on Wikipedia and/or Google.


          • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

            Greg the emotional blackmail becomes a game to the congregation members.That case in Canada was especially hard because the brother gave up his career and moved back to help his father keep the farm and all the expensive paintings in the home until he died because the father enjoyed it. But the brother had a good friend that was on the same elder body with him and he knew the society had coerced the father into signing everything over to the society. I wonder how they sleep at night knowing they had aligned themselves with the devil and destroyed so many families that have a bit of knowledge about Christ. He hates Jesus and the governing body has substituted themselves for Christ in the lives of the so called Jehovah’s witnesses.
            The failing systems, governments, religions and men held in favor are being revealed for who they are. Presidents and governments are losing luster in the eyes of millions. If any witnesses living in Australia or San Diego, California can’t see the light then maybe they will just have to share in the shame when the watchtower organization is revealed, laid bare. I like the triangle.


    • Richard Tazzyman

      Sister Jackie,so good to have you online today evev after all the trouble we had.I was also very happy that you met Sister Angie & Brother fred as well.Could you pls give my e/mail details to ellis green from the UK AS I WOULD LIKE TO TALK TO HIM as I will be in the UK for the English Convention in August this year.Regards to you & pass on my christian love to Bro Henry.Your Bro in christ.

  • Ellis Green

    That video was AMAZING! I really admire the way he didn’t lose his self-control. If that had been me, I would have erupted!! Its so sad that the Otg has become so “mind controlled” even by remote! I’m glad I’m waking up! My kids shunned me because I AM (or was) a JW, I just wonder if they’ll change their minds once they know I’m not anymore?

    One more question: Will the GB ever abandon or change their views on 1914?

    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      Ellis I applaud this brother! Wasn’t he kool, calm and collected? I believe there was someone there that needed to hear his talk. When you receive the Holy Spirit it has a moving effect on you if you have learned to recognize it’s urgings. He gave that talk because he was prompted by the Spirit of God. He was just GOOD.
      I don’t really think about them making changes as I don’t regard them as having any more knowledge than any other church system, so whether they change or not doesn’t matter to me. It won’t mean anything in my opinion. I never go to their website or read anything they write so I will miss it unless someone points it out. Hopefully someone woke up after that talk. Hope you were able to convert your time for the call in Saturday. I would read the article to see what time is this week. Ask questions here if you have a problem. I would love to hear your voice.

  • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

    This is one of the most moving videos that I have ever heard or seen. The calmness of this brother as he uses the Bible to show why we should submit to Jehovah. Enjoy and contemplate.


  • Ellis Green

    Thanks Jacqueline, will look that up. I saw the news last night about that shooting in the church; horrible! People go to church to get replenished spiritually and then this happens to them! Those victims’ families are in my prayers.

  • Ellis Green

    Any TV coverage of the rally at Warwick?

    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      You tube has it. Put in Warwick jw rally. Over here we have a Mass Church shooting 26 dead so since 11:30 this morning US news is covering it. But YouTube will bring up the info and there was a TV crew there i heard yesterday.

  • Ellis Green

    I really feel such deep sorrow for the people that have been victimised by all the things mentioned regarding sexual abuse of kids, spousal abuse, shunning of family etc. I honestly did not know how bad this situation was as JWs are so “kept in the dark” but now I’m waking up and “smelling the coffee” and I wonder how God feels about all this. Didn’t Jesus say that “all will know you are my disciples if you have love among yourselves”? So where did that love go? I don’t see it now, just fear and in some cases, hate. Nobody’s perfect but how could all this heartache happen?

    I see there’s an ex-JW rally in Warwick this weekend and some Media will be there. I wonder how this event will go? Someone has to be accountable for all the hurt caused!

    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      Ellis, yes the Rally will be big and I am sure Rick will discuss it and put it on you tube so all can see the results.
      I have done a little unofficial study. I have been on a crusade to ask persons not to read, nor go to jworg,,not listen to anything JW and see if some anxiety goes away. A client told me that if you are still going to their magazines and website to read you have not left them and you will not get over the abusive conduct spewed out in the GB talks.
      I had to stop all JW talk to me from my sons and wives to stop the hostility. It worked I feel so much better without the tension and constant confrontations. I am not allowed to stay at any of their homes when I travel but that is okay I have hotel money. tee- hee. I hope this article help our friends see they are okay, it is the bondage that is the problem.

      • Peter K. (admin)


        I jumped around and listened to parts of the audio. The defense argued for infringement of civil rights and that paragraph 46 “agreement to associate together” is a civil contract. The judges seemed to have difficulty seeing the the courts had jurisdiction in this matter.

        2 hours and 53 minutes into video: Shergo, paragraph 48 The court says, “Similarly, the members of a religious association who are dismissed or otherwise subjected to disciplinary procedures may invoke the jurisdiction of the civil courts if the association acts ultraviolet or breeches in a fundamental way the rules of fair procedure.”

        Video ended without a final judgment rendered.

        • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

          Okay, thanks for the review. To me this emphasizes there are problems with a religion acting judicially instead of spiritually. Instead of medically untrained men judging Randy and harshly dismissing him, prudent men would recognize he might have a medical problem. What about helping spiritually instead of cutting off spiritual help along with medical intervention.
          It is alleged and I have witnessed alcoholic dependence while visiting Patterson Bethel on numerous occasions. Does high authoritarian religions somehow produce this necessity in witnesses lives? I vote Yes. The pressure to obey men under a harsh governing body and elder arrangement of harsh men is great.

          • Just say sweet and good

            The twelve step program of AA has helped many people to confront their fears and abuse as well as their past sins and confront and/or repent of them. We all, from time to time, need to go back to basics and “clean house” so to speak. The problem is some of our past abuse of ourselves and abuse by others are so deep we need someone with professional training to walk it with us. One “sin” we all have to give up is our sense of entitlement.
            When we truly accept the principle Jesus taught at Luke 18:13 and sing the song “oh, to be nothing” we can see God’s hand in our life. He is breaking down all of our illusions so he can then build us back up in the image of his son. Col 1:27 Also, learning to have a childlike trust in our heavenly Papa, as Jesus said “unless you become like these little ones you will not see the kingdom of heaven”. Little children have a natural trust and openness and just come at you with open arms, happy to be alive and ready to learn. My prayer is that we all will be able to sustain this basic trust in our good Papa and support each other in the beauties of the truth. Keep it simple. Lovers are the only winners. Givers never blackslide.

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