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ISLAM: Insights and Implicatiions

islamIslam is not only the major religion in Arab countries, but also the fastest growing world religion. This year, it is estimated to surpass the Christian population, as Christianity has been on a steady decline since the 1940s. With the Middle East dominating the news today, Islam has become one of the most sought after topics on our web site’s “Ask Your Bible Questions” page (BibleStudents.com). Is Allah just another name for the Judeo/Christian God? Is the Quran another inspired book? How does Islam figure into God’s plan?

Mohammed, Allah and The Quran

Islam’s founder, Mohammed (A.D. 570-632), was born into the Arabian tribe which was in control of the city of Mecca. At the age of forty, Mohammed declared that Gabriel appeared to him in a cave. In the name of Allah, Gabriel commanded him to preach Islam — meaning full surrender to Allah. Sura 2:91, 92; 81:19-21

Archaeologists point out that until the seventh century when Mohammed announced Allah as the one true God, Allah was the name of the widely worshipped moon god of ancient Mesopotamia. The oldest reference to Allah as a Babylonian deity can be found in the Epic of Atrahasis chiseled on several tablets dating to around B.C. 1700.

Mohammed claimed that, until he became Allah’s appointed prophet, the Arabs had no guide since their patriarch Ishmael, calling this time “the days of ignorance.” (Sura 36:1-5; 34:43) In these days of ignorance, pagans would come to worship at the Ka’aba Stone in Mecca. This stone was originally housed together with hundreds of tribal god icons. Legend says the stone (possibly a meteorite, about seven inches in diameter) was given to Adam on his being barred from Eden, and that it originally was white, but became black by absorbing the sins of those who kissed or handled it. The legend further claims that Adam first set up the Ka’aba to be worshiped, and that it was later reinstituted by Abraham and Ishmael. Sura 22:27; 3: 91

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