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History of the early Watchtower Organization from its Beginnings to the Rutherford Schism

RUTHERDct russellCLICK ABOVE TO LISTEN TO THE RECORDING.  Host David Stein leads a Panel Discussion with early Watchtower historians Jim Parkinson, Brian Kutscher, Jeff Mezera and Rolando Rodriguez. This interview took place on the Six Screens Tele-network back on March 13, 2011 and apparently was never published on our website.  The audience participated with questions and comments.

The discussion covers the Watchtower’s early beginnings with Brother Russell and the early Bible Students up through the schism with JF Rutherford where in the 1920s, 75% of the original Bible Students left this new organization forming under JF Rutherford. Many of these Bible Students regrouped to continue the International Bible Students Association. The panel will also discuss the JW early history movie, “Faith in Action.” They answer the questions, was Brother Russell the founder of the Jehovah’s Witnesses?  Did the original incorporation papers have any hint that the Watchtower would be a Theocratic and governing organization?  What organization changes did Rutherford institute starting in 1916?  and much more!

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