Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? In 1931, at a Columbus Ohio Convention, with great fanfare, J. F. Rutherford introduced a name change from “Bible Students” to “Jehovah’s Witnesses.” The real reason, we think was to differentiate themselves to the public and brethren from the Bible Students who were very active in the witness work. Ever since then, an emphasis on the importance of honoring “Jehovah’s” name has been a cornerstone of the organizations teachings. To imagine that the Watchtower organization would change its name back to “Bible Students” seems unthinkable. That was my reaction at first when Sister Jacqueline shared her opinion about the name change with me. However, now I am beginning to wonder.

At a recent state fair in Indiana, Bible Students had a booth and we provided free literature to the public. One day when sister Jaqueline was serving at the booth, some JWs walked by and she was able to engage them in conversation. When Sister Jacqueline told the told them that we are the Bible Students, a JW elder’s wife sternly retorted back, “No! We are the Bible Students!”

Having been a JW for 60 years, Sister Jacqueline has experience observing the process of how the organization subtly begins to introduce a change in belief – new light. By the time the new light is officially announced, most of the JWs already have accepted the change.

This year, the JW Organization published a new book which will be studied by JWs around the world beginning early in 2015. The new book is called, “God’s Kingdom Rules!” Notice, it is “God’s Kingdom,” not “Jehovah’s Kingdom!” For their personal study material, are JWs now starting to use “God” instead of Jehovah?”

I have read through this new book and hope to soon post an article discussing it on our site. There is a lot to say about the book. It seems that the book is doing damage control. JWs are becoming more and more aware now of the existence of Bible Students and the real history of the early Watchtower. The organization would have benefited by coming out with this book years ago before so much of the Internet history information damage had been done. Now, they appear to be implementing damage control by introducing all the JWs to the history that is already out on the Internet, but now with the Organizations perspective. This may be a smart move by the Governing Body. As JWs hear the organizations revised and expanded view on history, they will quickly adopt that view as their own. Therefore, when they find a different perspective on the Internet, it will come across as lies and deceptions.

As I read through the book, I could see what sister Jacqueline was telling me. Throughout the book the early Watchtower brethren are frequently referred to and always called Bible Students. So more and more, JWs are being conditioned to view themselves as the original Bible Students who simply made a name change.

But why go back to the old name, “Bible Students?” In business marketing, this is called “rebranding.” There is a stigma in the minds of the general public against the name “Jehovah’s Witnesses.” Now, imagine going out on service, knocking on a door and saying, “Hi. We are Bible Students visiting in your area.” If the person at the door asks, “Are you Jehovah’s Witnesses?” You simply respond, “We are Bible Students.” The door is not slammed in your face.

There is another advantage of rebranding – attempting to eliminate the Bible Student threat. Jehovah’s Witness members can easily find the original Bible Students on the Internet with a Google search. This has caused great problems as now it appears JWs have an alternative. The JW point of view has been that these old Bible Students left the organization, lost Jehovah’s blessing and went out of existence. Yet that was never true. We Bible Students have existed and actively witnessed to the public continuously since the days of the early Watchtower.

Now imagine if JWs changed their name to “Bible Students.” There would be so much on the Internet about Bible Students (the JW Organization), that people might never come accross the original Bible Students with a Google search. So a name change would help to hide our existence and hopefully, from their point of view, diminish questions and doubts. These efforts look like a smart strategy to counteract and diminish the existence of the original Bible Students as a threat to the organizations stability! So perhaps they want to eliminate both the alternative and room for doubt.

So what do you think? Are the JWs changing their name to “Bible Students?” Or is this a stupid/crazy suggestion? Personally, I don’t know, but Sister Jacqueline is starting to win me over. Also, if you have any relevant factual information you can contribute? Please do.


  • You can not claim to be a “Bible Student” when you keep celebration the Pagan Christmas, go in US politics, accepted the pagan cross symbol and tried to promote the today country Israel. That is what the today “Bible Students” claim to do…..The today Bible Students can not be lead by a “sister” Jacqueline even. The name of our God is Jah or Jehovah, yes. Even brother Greg Stafford, a former member of the JW organisation, explain me many times that it is not correct to stay in Br. Russel his believes today when we know that some of them where not true. The education from the JW organisation give many benefits for people in generally who suffer and have nobody for Bible answers and social help even. This things the “Bible Students” cannot provide even worldwide, they stay on the parking place with an Old Timer and tell people that Br. Russel his believes are the only true…..We not say that the JW Organisation Has no lacks , yes they have, even make changes. They cannot show any Organic farm even, they have the money but not the love for it and knowledge we know(YOUTUBE, JW Farm Organic ? NO ). We even claim the “Bible Students” name…

  • Jacqueline

    Daz or anyone, have you read the magazines lately especially the 10/15/2014 back cover? I am receiving calls that says the witnesses are Bible Students now. If fact they will be showing a movie about the Bible Student movement and how it started. A witness says she sees a slow process to become a part of the Bible Student movement again and not be Jehovah Witnesses. She says it is clear that this refers to the Jewish nation. She says every meeting the Bible Students are mentioned until the point publishers are referring to themselves as being that. I had to remind her that the society said the Bible Students(movement) died out and there were no more of them left and it showed God’s Spirit was not with them but with the Jehovah Witnesses organization from 1919 onward. Now they want to go back before 1919 and claim the Bible Students were the ones Jehovah picked.
    I imagine this is confusing to others as well. Does anyone else have a comment on this? Have you seen this in your kingdom hall?

    • Daz

      Hi Jaqueline, sorry I haven’t seen the latest magazines, we don’t get given them anymore. I don’t understand why they wish to keep referring to themselves as “The Bible Students”? I thought they were proud to be called Jehovah’s Witnesses as this set them apart from the rest of Christianity? What do you think they are trying to achieve? Could it be because of the bad media attention they have had recently or is it a ploy to try & some how disconnect themselves with certain Jw doctrine? The way I see it is a “Bible Student” studies purely the bible & not an organization’s publications. Just my opinion.

      Warm & loving regards . . . .

      • Jacqueline

        I was explaining to my relative who doesn’t know how it all started that it was Bible Student movement to finally get into the bible because the Catholic system had long presented and many of the protesting religions fell into the same traps of clergy laity and keeping doctrine over scripture.
        So they are going to show a movie of the movement and say they are still of that movement I believe. Some JW are saying they see a shift to drop the name JW as it is never mentioned but is and the Bible Students is mentioned every week.
        It is still just another diversion and damage control over having told a big lie, that all Bible Students died out because Jehovah’s Spirit wasn’t with them.
        Rutherford saw how at that time “he who owned the Press” controlled the world. Now the internet has equailized all this. I will take a low key as I go to my family this week for a few weeks and there will be discussion now as they are realizing there is something amiss and will want to hear about the Bible Students so I am told.
        This is the ministry Christ has given me so I will do it to the best of my ability with Holy Spirit as my teacher and guide from Christ.
        BTW, After our article on songs not being in harmony with the Bible, they will release next sunday a new song book with songs they say being closer to the Bible.
        I have gone thru more new song books with words changed than shoes it seems in my lifetime. Was the other words blasphemous that we have sang for decades? If it was God giving them these new song books and light, how is it that he changes? The bible says that Jehovah knows everything and is contant and does not change. I will report back during my visit. Take Care.

    • Brother

      I’m looking at the bald,mob the 10/15/2014 WT. Jacqueline. Where do you see that the JWs call themselves BS

      • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

        Brother, hello. I will review and answer you tomorrow evening. 6/2/2015. I just buried my brother and have driven 7hrs today, 3 more to go tomorrow. I need to look at the mag and my previous comments. Funeral held in KH, I have a story to write on that.

      • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

        I reviewed my comment that you are replying to and it was a statement of what many have said in discussions. If you ask The average witness who are the Bible Students they Will say, “we are.” I am on a lot of call in and discussion pages with active Jehovah’s Witnesses and if you call the watchtower society, I am sure they can give the correct answer. Most of the changes came in the 2013 study issue of the Watchtowers.

  • Jacqueline

    Interesting article posted by Barbara Anderson;
    The pictures are from Briton and it shows the IBSA and the new JW.ORG logo on the building. Scroll down to see pictures.
    Most kingdom hall will have the JW.ORG logo as this is the rebranding being done. They hardly say Jehovah Witnesses anymore. I think Israel in the news might be one reason and people know Isa. 43:10-12 is talking about the Jews now.

  • Jacqueline

    This is a question and discussion going on at a major ex-JW site. I copied it exactly as written. Many see there might be a need for a name change and JW.ORG is replacing the actual name Jehovah witness in their tracts. I predict they will assume their “OLD name” claimed now by them, The Bible Students. Any thoughts?

    (1)It is clear that the leaders of the jehovahs witness religion are rebranding. So as a strategy they could have both the signs and kingdom hall signs running at the same time and then in a few years instruct congregations to remove the kingdom hall signs. This happens all the time with commercial products when there are mergers and company takeovers.

    Will they even be called Jehovahs witnesses 10 years from now?

    (2) commenter replies:
    I see the re-branding as wishing to get rid of embarassments of the past. The very name Jehovah’s Witnesses is a great off-putter , and the guys driving the re-branding know that, hence JW.Org

    “Kingdom Hall” for a place of worship now sounds both antiquated and weird. I am sure it will fall by the wayside, to be replaced with what “cool” new name I know not, do they even need a name for it ?

    Yup, I think the old signs will go.

    I passed by my old K.H the other day, no JW.Org sign up as yet, but my lot were always slow to adopt change, purely out of cantankerousness, not conservatism

  • Jacqueline

    You will see the cross and crown 3 times in this latest 2014 video for children.
    You will see a governingbody member sitting between the two children character as if he is a person they should be proud to be by. Actually I think it is sick showing a grown man (minister) sitting trying to look like Jesus did when he had a little child come to him.
    There is something eerie and wrong with this. Can’t put my finger on it right now but you be the judge.

    PS: I had a little eight year old tell me he didn’t like those videos with the sparlock character and especially not the mother. I noticed his parents let them listen to something else for bedtime. I never said a word for fear of getting the child in trouble.Enjoy and give feedback, maybe I am wrong but they are really taking over things Bible Student.

  • Richard Tazzyman

    My Bros in the lord,I BURIED MY WIFE of 46 years today.As I have been on this site before,Sister Jackie knows of me as like her We spent over 40 years as JWs.I still have many witness family members who have not kept in touch because we left THEIR truth.What a witness we gave them at the funeral,My Bro in the real truth(bible students) gave them such a shock,as In Australia not many JWs know who we are.As many of our brethern who could attend did so,Many coming over 500klm round trip as well as interstate.Now they all know we exist,what we belive,& would have to admit to them selves that we have the love that our lord spoke of,I have lost my Partner,my friend,my wife& my best friend.We just celebrated 46 years of marriage,the last 4 with our brothers in christ.May Jehovah our God be our strengh & our might.He is our hiding place he is our tower.May THE CHRIST ,our KING bless you all.God is love.Bro Richard Tazzyman AUSTRALIA.

    • Jacqueline

      Dear Br. Richard, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. How painful! It is like losing a piece of your body when a mate dies. My prayers will be with you as the weeks and months move on. So glad you posted here as this is a point a few of us have talked about with our own services since we are no longer a witness but my children and family are.
      I had suggested cremation and a private burial, but one of my daughter in laws recoiled at the ideal. She felt they would need to grieve and have friends.
      Now I see you did have a Bible Student Brother speak and some came. None of us are disfellowshipped so it might work. Thanks for letting us see your outcome in your time of grief. My hope would be to spare my sons but this might actually help them. Thanks for letting us look into your grief and how the funeral turned out.
      In her death and your grief you have helped about four of us xjw to see the reaction. I will go tell the others to come and read your trial and experience.
      It must have been more stress under these circumstances but in “Christ All things are possible” to endure with a measure of hope that God is pleased.
      I have had this experience and it will be difficult at times but grief will turn to sweet memories. Your experience will be unique but in God’s grace, you will survive.
      Perhaps someone will go on the internet to check out the Bible Students at a time that they need relief from the harsh circumstances of the witnesses.
      We leave you in God’s love and take care our dear brother in Jesus Christ! Jacqueline

    • Stanley L.

      Dear Br. Richard:

      You know me around under my alter-ego, Dupin. I’ve already been outed locally, so I decided to take my real name online. I’m sorry to hear about your losing your wife and longtime companion. I know how it would hurt to lose mine of thirty-three years. It would be devastating, even with the hope of the resurrection she holds since she isn’t consecrated. Yet I would find my comfort from that hope she has and Jesus’ words at John 5:28-29.

      Your words imply your partner and wife was consecrated, if so, then you have much more to eventually celebrate. Although for now, a short time, you are denied fellowship with her, she is enjoying a much greater fellowship you will also share in shortly as this world winds its days down to its end. It is nice that in her death she was a cause for Witnesses to receive a witness to the real truth instead of their usual fare, even considering how close we all are in our beliefs in that area.

      Take confort, old friend in the hope you shared and look forward to the day when you will meet the Lord face to face as part of the bride, with the one you loved so well here on the earth.

      • Dundee

        I will pray for you.Are the locals now permitted to go online & look at these sites?Are they conducting witch hunts?LOL All kidding aside, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

        • Stanley L.

          Thank you Dundee.

          Two elders in my area are already familiar with my stand as they’ve already seen posts on Facebook and my blog. I’m not worried about it although my family is. The horse has already left the barn and is firmly under God’s wings instead of the Organization’s. So this horse has nothing to fear from them or anything they might want to try and do(Rom. 8:31, 37-39). So I don’t waste any of my time thinking about it, because I have much to do in the Lord yet before all is said and done and it’s best to be about it.

      • Richard Tazzyman

        Dear Bro in christ,what an encouragement your words of christian love & concern to me over my wifes recent death meant to me.I Am still getting cards from bretheren all over the world&each card enpowers me more& more in our saviours love,:Love never fails:Like your wife mine also had the earthly hope,& longed for the day when all pain & suffering would end,so we leave everything in our heavenly fathers hand & under our mighty king,the risen christ all things will be made new.Just a comment on the future of the JW Org,I have seen a gradual change in their thinking,more & more they are relying on having stands in the main shopping malls with their publications dislayed,they seem to be calling from door to door a lot less than they used to,also in Australia MOST K/HALLS seem to have the JW LOGO displyed.The larger District assemblies are a thing of the past,they dont have mid week book study groups anymore & the list goes on.Something is happening as all this change is leading up to something!But we the bible students dont need change as we already have the truth that sets us free.Hope to hear from you soon,Your bro in christ,Richard.

        • Peter K. (admin)

          Richard – 1 Thess 4:13 (NASV)  “…you will not grieve as do the rest who have no hope.”

          Even so, we do grieve at our loss. Dear brother, may God give you strength and comfort each day.

          We are glad you are visiting us. It is interesting to hear what is going on with JWs in Austrailia.

        • Stanley L.

          Thank you for the further details Br. Richard,

          While i was yet a witness back in the 90s I had the occasion to talk with a JW elder who’d just lost his father, who was not a Witness and pretty much ignored his witnessing. He’d really been taught by the Organization that it was highly possible his father went right on into the second death and was a bit despondent.

          By that time I knew better, thanks to the Spirit and my personal study and pointed him to Acts 24:15, which, as you know, in the NWT is translated that there will be a resurrection of “both the righteous and unrighteous.” It was something quite touching to see that powerful statement on Paul’s part lift that burden from his heart brought about by the teaching’s of the Watchtower.

          This was actually shortly after I lost my mother, who’d started to subscribe to some of the truth the Watchtower still has. You and I know that because the blood of our Lord covers all sin on the part of those not in the race at this present time, that all by default who go to Sheol will rise again. Those of us who have the heavenly hope can still rejoice in that though it means a separation by a wider gap than had they had the calling. But we know in connection with Jesus’ words recorded at John 5:28,29 that there’s will be a resurrection of life, and we can find joy in that once the mourning and sorrow we naturally feel runs its course.

          It is nice to see you here and I do hope to enjoy more of your comments as this forum moves along as a beacon of light in a dark world. Hang in there friend!

          • Jacqueline

            Stanley, my father was disfellowshiped in 1957 because he took blood transfusion and basically ignored them on the subject. 3 days before his death in 1959 they came to reinstate him but he said no he wouldn’t recant.
            So they told nine children that he went into second death because these men disfellowshiped him and he was not reinstated. Mind you within 2 months of his death one of those married elders propositioned my mother, she responded in a very loud way and was disfellowshiped for cursing him out when he wouldn’t leave her alone.
            So wicked men put my father in second death. We have a huge file of letters back and forth between my mother and the society covering 3 1/2 years (of course these new ones will say the society never writes you back, it shows their newness and gullibility) but she never recanted and they just started calling on her for the next 40 years.
            So the governingbody always try to take over Jesus place but they also have authority over second death. They are some powerful men in the eyes of a few witnesses only, not God or Jesus.

            • Stanley L.

              Dear Sis. Jacqueline:

              It is sad to hear that story you told. It is indicative, though, of what happens when one is dealing with a sect, especially one as into control over its members as the Witnesses. Teachings often become statements of policy as liberty gives way tyranny such as the sort you mentioned. Think about the material we covered not so long ago in The Time Is At Hand on the Antichrist. My phone ecclesia is covering that material right now and we are talking about things like purgatory and indulgences. But the point is how the priests could, and did make such depressing claims about where people’s loved ones were.

              Rutherford chose to turn the Watch tower into an image of the Antichrist instead of our Lord and its flock is reaping the whirlwind of the sins of their leaders who glory in the power they have to affect the lives of those they claim to be serving. You and I well know from experience they validity of the Pastor’s reasons for resisting every temptation placed in his way to do exactly what Rutherford did.

              We also have every reason to rejoice in the Christian liberty we’ve found in the Truth Movement. And for those who are reading this, that is the point. The question is asked, “Why join in fellowship with the Bible Students?” “What is the benefit for doing so?” The answers are simple and highlight the difference between us and the Watchtower Organization. Christian Freedom and Liberty. There is no “Organization” between us and God to tell us what to do and how we ought to live our lives. We follow the Royal Law of love instead of an extensive collections of rules and regulations passed off as “God’s Law.”

              Of course that means responsibility and work on our part to assiduously and deeply study God’s word on our part. But it is worth every bit of it and the joy which comes from that freedom in Christ is indescribable.

              • Jacqueline

                I have become unable to express what I feel now 5 years out. I no longer even think of the witnesses as representing Jehovah. An organization established already instead of waiting on Christ puts them in a category with other Saviours down thru the centuries. They are like the Popes. They will receive their reward in accord with the work they have done as God is all of our judge.
                I am just so glad to be free after being treated like a slave by the black Circuit Overseers during my teenage years and watching my husband bow to these men just to stay an elder and in that organization. Raising my sons in slavery by choice is a horrible legacy to have left on them. But now we can all heal as I demonstrate to them you can be free and a servant of Jehovah.

                • Stanley L.

                  Very good, Sis Jacqueline,

                  That freedom permits much. Let’s take the topic of this thread about the possibility that the Witnesses might be contemplating taking back the identity of “Bible Student.” For me the only interest I really have in that organization is helping those who want it, and defending our faith against attacks by its apologists. I do note changes in it teachings and trends so that I may be in the best position to help others. But otherwise the Witnesses are simply in my past and no longer govern my life in any way beyond the fact my dear wife is one of them.

                  Now, so what if they move to take back the name so many of us use as an identity, as their ownership of the ISBA both here and in the UK permit them to do? So what if they start pressuring us to stop using that name? Before that name came along both the Pastor and the brethren preferred to simply be called by the biblical names, Christian and “Church of God,” because we are both. While there are several sects who use variations on the “Church of God,” which could make that one awkward, the same doesn’t really apply to the name Christian and it wouldn’t be hard at all to make it clear in our forums or whatever that we use the Pastor’s works as a guide to our understanding of the bible.

                  We’re a movement, not a sect, and as such names are not as important as perhaps the Watchtower society thinks it would be. Taking away one name would by no mean destroy us no more that taking one head off of the mythical Hydra could kill that beast. That is the beauty of a movement and God’s plan to set Christianity up as one.

                  Now that I no longer look to a group of men as God’s oracles, I’m free from whatever they think they may do. So I won’t worry about it, not that I’m saying you are, but that is also the beauty of Christian liberty. Let them do what they will. They cannot stop the next step in God’s plan, no matter what they do. Those God wants gathered, be they of the Church, the great Company, or the restitution class WILL BE GATHERED, name changes or not!

                  Wonderful, isn’t it!

  • Dupin

    I hope you are aware that the Watchtower never gave up the I.S.B.A. Corporation and still have it registered in both London and New York. According to Insider View the IBSA in England had revenues of $40 million and 579 “employees” reported. Since they still have ownership of that it would be easy to start shifting over to that name and harrassing those who have websites using the Bible Student name, such as one of my classes does.
    The following link:

    International Bible Students Association-Company Profile by Insideview

    Sr. Jacqueline has much more experience than I do with the Organization at the upper rungs. For that reason, as well as some rumors I’ve seen online, I don’t discount what she has to say. We’ll have to see if that is what they do.

  • Jacqueline

    I also wanted to say the talk on some sites is about the Bible Students use of the cross and crown as logo versus the flagship logo of the to identify the witnesses.
    Some are wondering if it will be turned into an actual flag.
    One sister has made the lapel pins for her cong to wear during the campaign.
    Currently in order of importance in JW world:

    1. 1st place is still ‘Jehovah’

    2. 2nd place are the Governing Body

    3. a close third place is the JW logo and website

    4. a distant fourth place is the Holy Bible

    5. and in even more distant fifth place is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

    • Jeff M

      I don’t think they will change their name. They do have the legal corporation name Bible Students and this is what they call those who they study with in the home.

      Imagine, if they changed their name, what a boon this would be to our own web sites as everyone would be googling Bible Students and finding our web sites (since the JWs only allow one web site, that of their legal corporation). It would point everyone to see that there is another group of Bible Students out there.

    • anonymously anonymous

      I think that they never have changed their name and never will and simplifying things doesnt change the information given. That other mediums of preaching are used doesnt mean that they are devaluating Christ, Jehovah or the Bible. Please get your facts straight

      • “they never have changed their name and never will ”

        Is this an admission that the Jehovahs Witnesses started in the 1930’s and are not a progression of the Bible Students as started in Br. Russell’s day?

        Just curious.

        Br. Chuck

      • Jacqueline

        Hi anonymous, thank you for your comment. I am just relating the experiences I am having. I was a witness for 61 years and lived through the era when you could, should, better not say you were a Bible Student. One CO asked when are they going ever stop being a Bible Student and laughed in field service when I introduced myself as one. I meant a student of the Bible.
        You say get your facts straight. In six decades I have never met a witness that will acknowledge something in the past when the organization changes. Some even say there is not written record of saying the world would end in 1975. Yet some of us have the original book although 2nd printings and thereafter didn’t contain the statement. And that was okay to be wrong but witnesses tend not to acknowledge mistakes.
        Yes they did change their name to Jehovah witnesses to distinquish themselves from the many Bible Student groups. So I have my facts straight but you can’t accept it because now your leaders say no we are the Bible Students. Truth is Truth no matter how many times they change it.
        Do you think the organization will ever acknowledge the truth? Sadly although I hope so, I have little faith that they will. Unlike the Catholic Church they will deny a pedophile case until the offender say yes I did it and I told them 20 years ago. So get your facts straight.

  • Brettstone

    I believe mybe 10% or less know they exist. It was about 5yrs ago that I first discovered BS online and prior to that I didn’t have a clue they existed, so the number of witnesses that new of them would have been 5% or fewer. I have never had a single witness bring up Bible students or discuss them with me, unless I mention them. When I first discovered them I thought they perhaps were just “disfellowshipped” witnesses who were looking to start there own congregations. I am from California and have found very few ecclesia’s exist here, so next I assumed that only states in upper middle eastern and and eastern states where old timers existed is where the Bible students exist. But the few I have discussed this with are individuals that I know aren’t gonna go running saying “apostate” to the Elders. They are however curious and say things like well there is so much in common (dead know nothing, hell and trinity false teaching, gods kingdom, resurrection 1,000 yr reign of Christ) that Jehovah must certainly recognize them as well. I usually state well certainly the JW corporation doesn’t have a monopoly on everlasting life. I believe the biggest concern is that they would think that the Bible Students are made up mostly of Disfellowshipped ex-witnesses. But I think most are comfortable with the existence of the BS and like there are others out there that know the major bible truths.
    As far as the GB I believe they are not concerned or care but it’s just minor crowd control when you see things mentioned about Internet and sites that are visited and that’s especially because the number of anti-witness sites far out number the Bible Student sites.

    • Peter K. (admin)

      Brettstone, In California, there are Bible Student Congregations on the San Diego, Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo, Sacrament and a small group in the Bay Area. This is all I can recall right now. Possibly there is a group in Antioch.

  • Brettstone

    I agree with the idea that there is probably more references being made to the early roots of the organization being Bible students thus impressing on the minds that we are the Bible Students. I notice the most common response when talking with fellow witnesses about the existance of Bible Students they say that they parted ways with us because they didnt want to preach and the extent of there preaching work was limited to congregation meetings. There is much tied into the idea of prophecy being fullfiled with the taking of the name Jehovahs Witnesses so i dont see that name disapearing but possibly an alternative name being acceptable like “im a bible student”

    As more JWS discover this information, how do they explain it to themselves? Are they fine with it? Surprised and unsettled? Other?

    • Peter K. (admin)

      Brettstone and others. What percentage of JWS today would you think are aware that a worlwide association of Bible Student groups continue to exist today and still use the old Studies in the Scriptures written by C. T. Russell? How about five years ago – same question?

      As JWS discover the existance of our Bible Students, how do they react? Are they are fine with it? Surprised and unsettled? View it as a deception from Satan? Other?

      Does the Governing Body view our Bible Student movement as a significant threat? A minor anoyance? Or they do they really not care or take notice?

      • Dundee

        That certainly would b interesting IF there’s a name change. At the very least,now that I identify myself in association with the Bible Students, it might not be a disfellowshing offense…cause I’d b like…wait a minute..arent u a Bible Student also?? LOL

        • Jacqueline

          Dundee I thought, well this has certainly helped me, also. LOL You have to ask yourself a few questions. Pre 1980 oldtimers will remember # 2.
          1. Have they done this before? Yes, they replaced the Jews and stole their name, it was a good name to be a witness for the most high. Then they pushed that this is God’s name to seal their greatness.
          2. Did they try to be Bible Students after 1950 again? Yes, our congregation and area was a part of the trial. We were told to introduce ourselves as Bible Students. Some of us would say students of the Bible and the CO made it clear, say Bible Students and report the response. It was a good response but many asked if we were associated with Jehovah Witnesses. It was a failure and we didn’t know what it was about, it was premature.
          3. Did they admit not a good idea? Yes next CO reprimanded us for saying we are students of the Bible as if we decided to do this. (hurt a lot of feelings as we were doing what we were told.)
          4. Conversations on some of the very oldtimers sites are already saying the Jehovah witnesses would be like the Catholic and the Bible Students is like the Protestants. I didn’t know why they were discussing this until I realized there was a new book out.
          A member of my family replied to 4 elders when told I was with an apostate group and not to speak to me: “They were before us, she said.she is with the originals, we broke away from them.” One elders was nodding correct to her behind the group..
          My family, some elders, are confused and I am not so bad in their eyes as one said you are the same as us. (July 15, 2013 says not evil slave class)
          With a pen and one sentence we lost our status as the “Evil Slave”.
          So you see they have a history of assuming and changing people names. A Zebra can’t change it strips.

          • Dundee

            Wow..thats very interesting! I remember vividly growing up in JW that my father would always identify himself as a “Bible Student” in the House to House work.

            • Jacqueline

              Yes Dundee, some don’t remember this as they are all dying out, who were a part of this trial. I was about 30 or so. Without the internet we didn’t know what was going on.

        • Dundee

          If u look in the Proclaimers Book, notice the corporation they use… International Bible Students Association

      • Jacqueline

        I would say as of this day there is probably 50% now that know the Bible Students do exist as the 2013 year mentioned them so much and “Human Nature” is to be inquisitive. We have the internet and is on the internet, people behave certain ways. I mention I am a Bible Student to every witness I know and meet, they act as if they knew about the BS already. Unlike 5 years ago they would say they are dead. Elders that I talk to and when I have called Bethel (Patterson) for article info, I identified myself and they were co-operative and insisted on mailing the articles to instead of telling me where they were on CD. They even called me sister.
        At the fair, this was an elder’s wife that called me sister and said “We are the Bible Students.”
        I encouraged her to call Bethel and ask about the confusion. Even the 2 teenagers were nodding their head to the conversation about the confusion.
        I have had witnesses come directly to the booth to get the volumes and just read and stare. I always let them know it is okay I was a witness for 61 years so, this is okay. They seem confused.
        Damage control has to be done as I can see thousands forming Bible Student classes and getting their books from us. Many would jump ship if they knew there was something else. My opinion.

        • Dundee

          I just recalled working for a customer at their home recently. I forgot all about it but because of this subject I recall this event. The JW’s were working the area & rang the doorbell. They introduced themselves this way…”Good Morning, we’re Bible Students working in the area…” My heart was pumping because they were from a congregation I had fled from due to corruption. These sisters were Pioneers I recognized, sweet sisters working hard in the ministry. It sounded so pleasant their conversation that my customer took the magazines & had a lengthy convo. I later, when the conversation was done, ran out to meet them, embrace them with love & warm greetings. Then I saw an elders wife who’s elder husband tore my marriage apart to where it became irrepairable. I told the wife about her husband, she looked embarrassed, I didn’t realize the other friends were in earshot & I let her know that if she could only be a fly on the wall & listen to how her husband speaks to sheep that Jehovah owns. That there will be a day when all things will be exposed.She kept deflecting by saying Jehovah knows,Jehovah knows… & I said that is correct, He does know everything..but NOW YOU NEED TO KNOW. Jehovah cannot allow that behavior indefinitely. She walked away in shock, but handled herself in a nice spiritual way, not argumentative. I also told her of her pioneer children who won’t even speak to me when we cross paths, & yet they would keep as friends my cheating ex spouse & that we are all worshiping the same God & my children I teach never to behave that way to a brother. But anyways, I just recalled this situation of the JW’s calling themselves Bible Students at the doors.Maybe it was just these two, but is a strange cooincidence. But IF JW’s actually do a legal name change, that would be most uneconomical.Each congregation has a corporation they run, that would mean all the corporations would have to change names, & the corporation seals. Even though the friends would have to pay for this in their contributions, this would be such a waste of funds.

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