Order Free Book – Charles Taze Russell is not the Founder of the Jehovah’s Witnesses


Quoting form author Kenneth Rawson, in his book, Pastor Russell the Founder of the Bible Students, not the Jehovah’s Witnesses (2nd Edition), we read the following:

With all the Internet exchange of information, Jehovah’s Witnesses are beginning to realize that the image of Judge Rutherford is a liability and they are out to minimize his stature and fictionalize a relationship between Pastor Russell and Jehovah’s Witnesses that never existed.

Additionally, there are thousands of Jehovah’s Witnesses and ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses who are dissatisfied with the current operation of the Watch Tower and the history of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Unfortunately, many have become mentally depressed.

Both my parents were Bible Students before Judge Rutherford gained control of the Watch Tower.  From a young age I have vivid memories of discussions my parents had with other Bible Students from Pastor Russell’s day concerning the takeover of the Watch Tower by Judge Rutherford and the direction he pursued.

 Also, my situation in the Bible Student movement during the 1940s through the 1960s enabled me to have discussions with more close associates of Pastor Russell than other Bible Students. This history has been invaluable to me.

 I learned from these associates of Pastor Russell that in 1926 Judge Rutherford discarded the basic Scriptural teaching of character development. Galatians 5:18-25 and 2 Peter 1:4-11.  He said we are characters and can’t change.  They felt this was to justify some of his questionable actions.  Actually, this was the beginning of the end of many Bible Students’ relationship to the Watch Tower. Why?

 Pastor Russell’s Bible Students cherished the teaching of character development.  They believed that the 144,000 were to share with Jesus in the Kingdom, as sympathetic priests (1 Peter 2:9) who would nurture, develop in love and judge the world of mankind.  To qualify for this work they must now develop the character likeness of the Heavenly Father.  2 Corinthians 3:18.

The writer published some of this material in the 1950s, 1970s and most of it in the 1990s, but the need is now greater than ever.  The information goes forth with the prayer that by our Heavenly Father’s grace it will give Scriptural direction to those who love Jehovah.

To read more, click on this link:  C.T. Russell Not Founder of JWs

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  • Dupin

    A fellow class member just sent me a copy of this book and i enjoyed reading it.


    então amigos e irmãos, pelo que vejo Rutherford praticamente causou a divisão naquilo que Russel pregava, ou seja, ele Rutherford alterou os ensinos? com que objetivo ele fez isso? sinceramente, aqui no Brasil ninguém sequer imaginou isso ou melhor, desconhecemos por completo essa hsitória, alguém tem maiores informações sobre ste caso? enviem-me no meu e-mail: c2177@itelefonica.com,br / fiquem na paz de Jeová.

    Translated: then friends and brothers, I see Rutherford almost caused the division in what Russell preached, that is, it changed the Rutherford teachings? for what purpose did he do it? honestly, here in Brazil nobody even imagined it or better, completely unaware of this hsitória, someone has more information on ste case? send me on my e-mail: c2177@itelefonica.com, br / be the peace of Jehovah.

  • Gert-Jan

    Regarding the NWT (New World Translation, Watch Tower Society) all I read with regards to compliments for the translation is more in the trend of capturing the meaning of the text and putting that into easy understandable today’s English language. Nevertheless there are several phrases that are obviously intentionally translated falsely in order to support the JW’s teaching. In case of interest I could look them up. Just send me an email.

    Additionally, and this is some issue for all those who’s native language is not English, all publish NWT in other languages than English are translated not from the same source as the English version is translated from, but actually translated for the English version. One of the major motives for this was to keep the teachings internationally as similar as possible. Yet that is not the preferable procedure to produce a bible translation.

    All non-English NWT version are in my opinion an inferior translation. The English version of the NWT is at some places in the scriptures apparently well done, but definitely not throughout the whole work since the translations is at times not guided by the purpose to make a best possible translation of the scriptures but to support preferred teachings of the post-Russell’s Watch Tower Society.

    Gert-Jan, Netherlands, officially still a Jehovah’s witness, not in heart, though.

    • Jacqueline

      Hi Gert- Jan, Welcome, and hope you are having a blessed day. I agree with your accessment of the NWT. As a witness in the “50’s I used the KJ or the Amnerican Standard version. I remember how the grown ups had the NWT in volumes and I was at the convention in 1960 when the full version was released. Also we had to paste many-many corrections in it at first like the recent pasting of the New Revelation book until they reprinted. I now use the Eight translation Bible for the Greeks scriptures and various other translation using the online. this is a link to a site that is easy to compare different versions.
      http://life-equals-sus.org/Church/DST/libBible.html .The NIV it seems although easy to read has slanted it to refute some JW doctrine so I like to compare different versions if I am stuck on undersstanding it helps sometime. Also much reference material is on the right side of this site.
      I know the feeling of sitting in the KH but not in heart. I did it for over 10 years as I tried to reason and ask questions like we could prior to 1970. The watchtower conductor welcomed some of our comments and questions but most of the body were organization men. But now I have found a resting place it seems. If you could give the administrator your email he could direct you to BS if there are any in your neighborhood. I will be for the second time at the General convention this year. Sometime Br. Peter has postings of past convention talks, I think your mind would enjoy the stimulation. I found going to a convention was my best way. JW and BS easily merge together for their language is similar and unique to JW and BS. Anyway enjoy the site and we are here to help you. Oh, BTW I just walked away, no letter, no DF, didn’t want to create confusion as I had been called by Christ it seemed with new understanding, and could read and understand much in the Bible in a new and more accurate way.
      In Christian Love my sister. Jacqueline

      • Gert-Jan

        Jacqueline, Thanks for your kind words. I don’t mind you calling me a sister, even though I’m a guy. I understand the confusion. In the US Gert and Jan are both typical girls names, while over here, in Holland and many neighbouring countries those are very common, but always and explicitly guys names. Gert is derived from Gerard or Gerhard while Jan derives from John or Johannes. The combination of the two names, as in my case is not uncommon either.

        Its a common mistake. So I am not going to hold it against you 😉

        Really appreciate your words. I used to do the same thing for a while, using several translations along side to get a clearer understanding. That was in the time I was still a very active witness. At several occasion it caused confusion and elders and others advised me to only use the NWT since that “is the most accurate translation”. Hmmm. I’m happy to know better nowadays.

        Thanks also for the tip giving my email address. I already found a contact in Germany, apparently the closest range in which a Bible Student can be found. It seems that in my country there are almost no Bible Students.

        I would really like to learn more about the daily life of Bible Students. And certain specific doctrines. But I guess over time some solution will come up. I received an invitation for the convention in Germany next month. I’m hoping to go there. The only problem is my financial situation. I am making next to nothing at the moment due to a motorbike accident. I was self employed as an IT consultant/Software Architect and had quite a large annual income but in 2007 a serious motorbike accident ended that all, and now budgets are running low. Lawsuits are still ongoing to receive some compensation, so I expect this to have an acceptable outcome.

        I don’t mean to sound tragic, its just that temporarily I have to be very careful about the way I spend my money. But in the mean time I can read the abundant information on the Bible Students on the internet, including the books that Russell wrote.

        So for now I can only make a certain kind of progress and have to do without travelling or other expenses. And that’s fine really. Practising patience as part of the fruits of the Spirit. That’s why sites like this one are really helpful.

        So, I’ll take the Christian love, even though I am not your sister 😉

        Thanks again.


        • Jacqueline

          Gert-Jan, I blew it this time, I thought you were Gertrude Janice. Now we have that cleared up my brother. Take care of your health. A fire accident gave me time to write and be more productive in my search for my brothers, the Bible Students. I understand going from high income to very low, in my case it has proved to be a blessing and I enjoy life a little more, having some free time as I recuperated. I found however when I prayed for a specific thing or need, that would help me not to despair spiritually, I received help for that very thing only. So pray, maybe you can get to that convention, It will be a blessing Indeed. After my first convention, I have never gone back to the KH or listened in on the hook-up. I stopped attending physically Aug. 31,2009. I listened faithfully on the phone hook up until December 2009. I saw an announcement on the Dawn Bible website that there was a convention in Chicago on Jan1st, 2010. I attended and the rest is history. I look back now and I was so delighted and happy that I know they wanted to lock me up until my fire and zeal abated. I pinched them to see if they were real because the org had said they had all died out. The internet has been a revealer of truth indeed in this regard. Inform your Brethen in Germany of your circumstances, let someone get some pure joy by helping and making sure you get there. However be prepared to not know which offer to accept, just let the Holy Spirit from Jehovah God guide you. With God all things are possible. With pray and supplication pour out your heart’s desire, I’ve been there and it works!!
          Please don’t forget to let us share in your joy by hearing your experience and testimony. I just came from our Sunday meeting, only six in attendance but our groups in my area are small like that. We really have at least 10 and sometimes a visitor or two. So where there are two or three, sometimes Jesus have to be the 2nd one. (:)
          BTW Skype is free if you have a computer and a lot of the conventions are in real time on line and you can go back and forth typing to those listening with you. I am just so happy you found the German Brothers. Take care my Brother. Jacqueline

  • Seeker

    Thanks for the info Peter , very intersting and informative. I’ve personally never had any issue with the NWT , my main criticism being the use of the name Jehovah in the NT of the NWT , there is no evidence to suggest that it should be used at all as none of the oldest manuscripts in existence do.

  • Picardo

    Brother Jim Parkinson who has been involved with the RVIC2000 translation project for some time (a very impressive work but not as easy to understand as many modern translations) spoke highly of the NWT when I posed a similar question to him. In fact, on page 278 of the RVIC2000 NT (Table X) the NWT is ranked #10 in a comparison of how well English translations do with manuscripts and translation. Ahead of the NASB and ESV. Rotherham is #1. I like to use the NWT Reference Bible when I use it as I want to check all the footnotes. It is a bit eyeopening at times to use the Kingdom Interliner and compare the word for word Greek with the NWT text. When I have done this it is obvious that it has it’s issues as well. I personally wouldn’t use it or another bible for deep study without translation notes.


    • Peter K. (admin)

      Seeker and Dennis – Thanks Dennis. Jim Parkinson is a great resource. He responded in similar fashion to what your report. Here is what he said in an email to me from yesterday:

      “Years ago I ran the New World Translation (NWT) through the same set of over a hundred New Testament test passages as for over seventy others, to discern improvement over the KJV (AV). Although it is not popular to speak well of translations by JWs, universalists, and other “non-mainstream” groups, I cannot allow that to affect the results and still maintain my integrity. NWT was not the very best (Rotherham is still at the top of those I have compared), but it was overall way above average. For translation, NWT came out better than ESV, NASB, Panin, and Bowes (all of which are very good), but not equal to six diaglotts (especially McReynolds, Marshall, Concordant, and Wilson). The Kingdom Interlinear (JW) is also much better than NWT, which puts NWT in its margin; the differences are often instructive. For use of the manuscripts (or selection of good Greek text), NWT and KI appear to be as good as the best.
      In the Old Testament, NWT is still well above average, but not up to the standard of the ASV; others that are overall better include ESV, NASB, RSV, Rotherham (and Sacred Name Restoration Bible, which is a modified Rotherham), Complete Jewish Bible (David Stern), and perhaps Amplified and Holman Christian Standard Bible. Slightly trailing NWT would be Jewish Publication Society (1917 edn. only), NRSV, Darby, NIV, NKJV, and REB (Revised English Bible). More than two dozen others are substantially less accurate.
      One place this info is available is at http://www.heraldmag.org, click on RVIC, and then on Old Testament, Appendix 2, or on New Testament, Appendix 3. [Alternatively, from the same website, one may click on “Past Issues,” then 2009 September/October (“How to Study the Bible”) and then on “When Better Translation Helps”; the tables are available towards the end of that article.]
      It is to be acknowledged that there are several theologically-biased passages in NWT, though that deficiency is shared by almost all versions (it should not be by any). Among them are expressions like “torture stake,” and “all sorts of men” (for “all men,” as seen in KI and other diaglotts). While I was wondering if I had made mistakes in evaluating NWT, I noticed that F.F. Bruce also spoke well of it overall, while mentioning its theological peculiarities. Thus, I think NWT should be considered a good translation, but not perfect. J.B. Parkinson”

  • Peter K. (admin)

    Seeker – Good question. I asked for input from some brethren more scholarly than myself and hope to have some further response on the New World Translation in the next few days. My own limited view is that I have found all translations to demonstrate varying degrees of bias. The translators are stumped if the original Greek or Hebrew contradicts what they believe is established truth and they often exercise unwarranted liberty in correcting the translation to better reflect what they feel is established truth. I believe the NIV (New International Version) may have been developed and aggressively promoted to combat the door to door message of JWs and others. For those combating JWs, they want the NIV in hand. It has much bias in it’s doctrinal views and is the best weapon to answer a JW with. For those studying a doctrine, it might be good to compare the NWT and NIV to note the contrast, then to investigate the Greek. I think the best Old and New Testament translation for technical accuracy is Rotherham. New American Standard is a good all around translation for accuracy and ease of understanding. The Herald Website (under our Friends Links in the right panel, links to the Online Bible which provides a multitude of translations. More later.

  • Seeker

    Peter ,I’m curious to know how the BS regard the New World Translation ? There seem to be a variety of opinions from both scholars and critics , some arguing that it is a valid and accurate translation and others that it is completely biased towards JW doctrine and lacks credability?

  • Seeker

    It would be great if in the future , the Bible Students re-gained control of the WTS and used it for the purpose it was originally intended – a Bible Society and Publishing House , re-printed The Studies volumes, distributed them on a global scale! Who knows, what the future may bring , but I believe God may well have a plan for the WTS that most JW’ s could never even begin to imagine .

    • Peter K. (admin)

      Thanks Seeker. You are right the “God has a plan.” We will do the best we can to encourage others and trust that Jehovah will guide and direct his servants as he sees best.

  • Diogenes

    Oh, My! WTBTS is so dishonest and evasive concerning the facts of its own history the till little time ago I (and the majority of JWs) had thought that the original Bible Students movement had disappeared since a long time ago in the thirties!! I was stunned as I had get to know this is untrue… “God”, I said to myself, “the Bible Students still lives on!”
    Unfortunately, most of us JWs are sorrowfully ignorant of these facts. And many of us neither is willing to know them.

  • a Christian

    The question is a valid one. Jehovah’s Witnesses whole belief system claims that he was their founder, however they “disown almost everything that he either taught or set in place as functions to be observed within the Christian congregation’s.”

    The Bible encourages all to examine “themselves first”. For instance “take the rafter out YOUR [OWN] EYE so you may see clearly HOW TO EXTRACT THE STRAW from your brothers” is a powerful example of self examination. If Jehovah’s Witnesses actually either did this or more to the point were allowed to do so then they would examine the facts more objectively with a view not just to rely on the way the Society portrays these events but to examine the “eye witness accounts” of these transitional changes from RUSSELL TO RUTHERFORD what actually took place in support of their claim and in addition what were RUSSELL’S TEACHINGS up until his death in 1916 compared with what were the teachings under RUTHERFORD when Jehovah’s Witnesses adopted the NAME JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES IN 1931 IS THE DECIDING QUESTION: Where the teachings of RUSSELL in 1916 the same or largely dismissed or set aside and a NEW SET OF TEACHINGS TOOK PRECEDENT UNDER RUTHERFORD IN 1931 ONWARDS UNDER THE NEW NAME RELIGION “JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES” to prove that the link or claim is justified by means that RUTHERFORD carried FORTH RUSSELL’S TEACHING’S AND PRINCIPLES WITHIN THE ECCLESIA?

    Russell’s “Studies in The Scriptures Volume VI” sets out the methods and principles to be observed for Bible Students or Christians in Congregational matters. A study of Rutherford’s teachings up until 1931 prove he had largely disowned these teachings and replaced them with HIS OWN proving he was not following in the footsteps of his claimed Founder.

    It was RUSSELL’S expressed wish found in THE AUTHOR’S FOREWARD within the book THE NEW CREATION page i whereby he states:

    Nevertheless, the Lord has very graciously given us encouragement in respect of the influence of this Volume in various parts of the world in the hearts of God’s people… Many also have informed us of great blessings and aid in respect of the duties, privileges and obligations of Elders and Deacons, and the Scriptural order in the Ecclesia. We rejoice in these things and trust that the good work will go on under Divine guidance to the praise of our Lord and for the comfort and edification of His people.

    Did that take place “after RUSSELL’S DEATH” when RUTHERFORD became President and the events that followed up until 1931 when the new Name was adopted? Consider some events that Rutherford implemented which violated what was accepted in this book as the proper procedures for Scriptural Order:

    RUTHERFORD sacked all of RUSSELL’S APPOINTMENTS ON THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS THAT DID NOT CONFORM TO HIS AUTHORITY and he commissioned a book “HARVEST SIFTING” to put forward his viewpoint and present events in an acceptable light to justify his own actions. Most legal battles allow for a reply to events as just. Years latter in 1938 Paul S. L. Johnson published his own account of these events in the book entitled “MERARIISM” whereby he gave a detailed account of his appointment to be sent to London and his instructions in harmony with Russell’s expressed wish which Rutherford put into practice only latter to recall Johnson and implicate him in the 1917 removal of all those whom Rutherford deemed had to be removed and which appeared in his “Harvest Sifting”. The book “MERARIISM” largely “treats of a history of his [J. F. Rutherford’s] pertinent acts and a refutation of his erroneous official teachings and practices. [AUTHOR’S FOREWARD]

    A second evidence is the fact RUTHERFORD challenged RUSSELL’S WILL and set it aside (which he had to do in order to ignore RUSSELL’S DIRECTORS RUTHERFORD DISMISSED revealing the nature of Rutherford contravened Russell’s expressed wishes and the book The NEW CREATION VOLUME VI) which meant these actions were illegal from a Scriptural Viewpoint from the beginning hence the claim that Jehovah’s Witnesses trace their origin’s to Russell are unsustainable by “these fruits that identify them”. Compare Matthew 7:15-23 with verse 24 “Therefore everyone that hears these sayings of mine and does them” strongly indicates the Bible is not to be substituted with a range of so called Theocratic teachings that actually may make the Bible invalid? Compare Matthew 15:3-9.

    The other question is HOW DOES the “interchange of encouragement…by each one through the other’s” as spoken of in Romans 1:12 occur when Rutherford forced all whom did not conform to HIS PRESIDENCY, THEN support RUSSELL’S Scriptural direction HOW “matters were to proceed within the congregation” referred to in his book “THE NEW CREATION”? Obviously RUTHERFORD did not read the book, true? NO, HE READ THE BOOK (HE WAS A LAWYER THEY READ EVERYTHING OF NOTE)HE CHOOSE TO IGNORE IT AS IT WAS IN CONTRAVENTION TO HIS AMBITIONS TO CONTROL AND TAKE OVER THE PRINTING ASSETS TO PRINT HIS OWN BOOKS WHICH IN TIME WOULD REPLACE RUSSELL’S IS WHAT TOOK PLACE AND BY THE TIME 1931 CAME HE HAD ELIMINATED NEARLY ALL OPPOSITION THAT HELD TO RUSSELL’S VIEW ON CONGREGATIONAL PROCESS AS HISTORIC RECORD. By taking the name “Jehovah’s Witness” it was HIS WAY to establish HIS GROUP from THOSE “that stuck to RUSSELL’S” more simplified methods as Bible Students which encouraged “freeness of speech”. Rutherford wanted “that speech to be by means of his authority”, this is seen what occurred in the mid 30’s when he instigated the “Phonogram Witnessing Program” in which Witnesses would go to the doors and play a record with an alleged Bible message of importance. Was this really a Witness? Well WHOSE instructional voice was on most the records? It was RUTHERFORD HIMSELF. Hence HE AUTHORIZED IT’S USE. HE GAVE THE LECTURES AND IT’S CONTENT. The Jehovah’s Witnesses learned how to use the equipment “ONLY”, as their mouths were GAGGED BY MEANS OF THEY DID NOT SPEAK OTHER THAN TO OFFER THE BOOKS AND MAGAZINES which Rutherford also authorized and approved their content. To say they are Jehovah’s Witnesses is an overstatement. They “WERE RUTHERFORD’S WITNESSES” going under the name Jehovah’s Witnesses. Now they have moved on and are the “Watchtower’s or Societies Witnesses” because they have NO INPUT WHATSOEVER THEY ARE TAUGHT WHATEVER THE ‘SLAVE’ TEACHES AND HAS IN THE PUBLICATIONS THEY WITNESS TO. They effectively follow the “voice of men deadening their own Conscience toward God’s Word”. They are not allowed to have personal Bible study as proper Bible Students a principle Russell encouraged most. Jehovah’s Witnesses today are discouraged from personal Bible Study unless they use a so called Bible Study Aid which is a book printed by the approval of the so called “governing body”. These few men direct the entire spiritual activities in contrast to how Russell allowed each congregation to “elect it’s own representatives separate from Bethel” is the determining question in the negative that Jehovah’s Witnesses claim Russell as their Founder, but “they deny him by their historic works”, let the record speak!





    Hence by ALL THE ABOVE ACTIONS he could hardly be approved even though he succeeded Russell because he denied the very processes Russel put in place for his successor and ignored his teachings especially on the functions of the Congregation. Rutherford set up a Monarch Bible Authority with [himself] Rutherford as head, in as much as what he said became law and any dissent as apostates of his authority he enforced ruthlessly in contravention of the indications in THE NEW CREATION “that elders were not to lord it over” and decisions were to be “handled in front of ALL”, hence Rutherford could not dismiss RUSSELL’S APPOINTMENTS WITHOUT BRINGING THE MATTER BEFORE ALL THE CONGREGATION FOR THEM TO ACT. The fact he ignored this Biblical rule mentioned at Matthew 18:15-17 he had rejected RUSSELL’S interpretation of this verse found in his book “THE NEW CREATION” Studies in the Scriptures VI see pages 289-299 with 412-419. Thus Rutherford acted contrary to these instructions he himself prior to Russell’s death were under obligation to keep as this book was the Bible Students Congregational book on how to deal with matters within the congregation as a “NEW CREATION”. Rutherford had denied these teachings hence denied Christ and therefore had NO CONSCIENCE in ALSO DISMISSING RUSSELL’S APPOINTMENTS OF DIRECTORS and replacing them with his own as an act of FRAUD. For witnesses not to see this serves to show how deeply affected they have become when they allow an Organization to prevent them from examining evidence from those OTHERS affected by these actions. To do so one must read “other eye witness accounts” many of which are recorded in books (some out of print) and then make your own mind’s over unbiased. (Search Amazon or abe books)

    Rutherford never observed this fundamental Bible teaching when he dismissed Russell’s Appointments. He made the decision and he enforced it and made announcements “denying these freedom of speech before all”. He thus from the beginning proved he WAS NOT Russell’s successor BY HIS WORKS despite being President he proved unsuitable for such appointment. The ones he forced out proved more suitable than he was is in the historic record for those whom search and are fearless in letting the TRUTH REVEAL ITSELF AND EXPOSE EVERY HIDDEN THING. Luke 12:2

    Russell was mistaken with his date setting however his congregational directions he was more in keeping with sticking to what the scriptures teach. 2 Tim 3:16-17

    • Kris K. (admin)

      Dear Christian

      Thank you for your comment containing a clear and thought provoking summary of the acts and methods used by Rutherford, which demonstrate the departure from the Scripture-based ideals and desires that inspired C.T. Russell. It is good to hear from you, please stay in touch and feel free to comment on other articles on this site as well.

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