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Why The Trinity Doctrine Disrespects God

The human psyche, unfortunately, lends itself to all sorts of unreasoned loyalties. Loyalty to groups and loyalty to ideas are two examples.  Consider the extreme emotional bonds people can have for their football team, basketball team, etc.  Would any of them ever ask what the point of it was?  

In a similar fashion, people develop unreasoned loyalties to doctrines and practices they have been taught.  Such attachments very often take on the form of religious zeal. We thus end up with religions within religions. Christianity is by no means exempt.

The doctrine of the Trinity is one of the strong examples.

For instance, there are a number of verses that are generally considered cornerstone in support of the Trinity. However, when those verses are subjected to scrutiny and compared to unequivocal verses demonstrating the true apostolic teaching, those verses are shown to be not so cornerstone after all.

If a person clears his or her mind of all the filters placed there by “normal Christianity”, and reads the Bible as it was written, with fresh eyes, wonderful things spring out. If you start with the Bible and let it speak to you, as opposed to starting with doctrines from denominations, church councils, etc., and looking for verses that can be used to support them, you will be amazed. 

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Why The Trinity Doctrine Disrespects God


3 comments to Why The Trinity Doctrine Disrespects God

  • Ashley Nave

    Christ Jesus is the likeness of his father Jehovah at Colossians 1:15. It brings out that Jehovah God and Chris Jesus has similar qualities and personalities including traits. Michael means Who Is Like God? Immanuel means God Is With Us! Matthew Chapter One explains things clearly. Christ Jesus is Michael the Archangel. Mighty God, the true Messiah. Jehovah God is Almighty God and he created Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus and Jehovah God are not the same individuals. Jehovah is the true God at Deuteronomy 7:9. The holy spirit is Jehovahs active force and same Holy Spirit described at Genesis Chapters 1-2.

  • Cazenovi (Bible Student)

    The Trinity (false) Doctrine – the fleshly view of describing the divine nature. Any fleshly view will lead to inaccurate and false conclusions that dishonor God. We have to remain faithful to the end to then of which we will fully know the glory of our Lord, partakers of the Divine Nature. For now it is not necessary to ‘try’ to understand beyond the things of the scripture. For now the mind and disposition of Christ as his Bride is what we must focus on. Not ascribing dates into doctrine nor the words of men and organizations, but of Christ alone. I believe chronology is important but only that of which is specifically mentioned and connected to scripture. We are not to be distracted. We will know in due time.

  • My Goodness, Hello again,

    The Theme of the BIG upcoming 2015 Convention of JWs seems to me like an incredible turn-around. By the tenor of the Convention program it is unprecedentedly ALL about Jesus, with the Father Jehovah taking a backseat as it were.

    But is that really a turn-around? Well, If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck. The Witnesses have always subscribed to many of the doctrines that attended the birth of the trinity, like a bloody afterbirth. Jesus commuting between heaven and earth is just so much trinitarian nonsense.

    Trinitarians certainly needed to have the son, of whatever divine flavour, come down, not die, and return back up again to retain the triunity of their God. But why do all monotheists, including the Witnesses, continue with that trinitarian Yoyo charade?

    Uh, yes, it’s all about the word becoming flesh. Now that really explains it, WOW! How could I forget. Really?

    The word of God being made flesh is nowhere better encapsulated than in 2 Corinthians 1:19-22, which you will just have to look up yourself in a couple of translations.

    The only-begotten-son was/is NOT Jesus. Just like Abraham’s Only-begotten-son was not the sheep who saved him. The original heavenly self-service? No! Jesus, son of man and sheep saved the God’s only-begotten heavenly son who was offered for the world, as per John 3:16 (Strong’s 2889 NOT 3625) of God’s firstborn son Israel (Exodus 4:22; Isaiah 41:8), as per John 3:16.

    The all things written aforetime (Romans 15:4) were the only source to draw from for the NT writers in a context of the current affairs of their time. The Abraham-Isaac OT shadow, analogy, pre-enactment, whatever, was THE foremost of these things written aforetime.

    Jesus was born ADAM #2 because no human descendant from Adam #1 could ever redeem his brother, as the psalmist had said somewhere -Psalms 49:7.

    Jesus, human son of God became the final atonement and second Passover sacrifice for Israel. Jesus through his faithfulness to death had thereby become the Yes and Amen to all the promises God made to Abraham and the Israelite/Hebrew/Jewish fathers.

    That’s the Bible’s view, the easy one.
    The other is a fog-enshrouded multitude of words.
    Bye for now, Dieter G

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