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When Family members leave the JW Organization-Should they be Shunned?

“Although the Bible makes a clear distinction between true and false teachings, God allows each person the freedom to choose how he or she will respond. (Deuteronomy 30:19, 20) No one should be forced to worship in a way that he finds unacceptable or be made to choose between his beliefs and his family. Does study of the Bible lead to family breakup? No. In fact, the Bible encourages a husband and wife who practice different religions to remain together as a family.”—1 Cor. 7:12,13  (Awake 2007 pg 29)

“According to one estimate, there are more than 10,000 religions and sects in the world. In one country about 16 percent of the adult population have at some point switched from one religion to another. It is no wonder, then, that there are disagreements about religious beliefs among relatives and friends. Thus the question, How should Christians treat loved ones who do not share their faith?”

A Special Relationship: ” Consider, for instance what the Bible says about the special relationship between parents and their children. No time limit is implied in the command at Exodus 20:12 to “honor your father and your mother.”. In fact, in Jesus’ discussion of this command, recorded at Matthew 15:4-6, it is obvious that he was speaking of the honor that Adult children would render to their parents.”

“The Bible book of Proverbs cautions against showing disrespect toward one’s parents. Proverbs 23:22 advises that you should “not despise your mother just because she has grown old.” Pointedly, Proverbs 19:26 warns that one who “is maltreating a father [and] that chases a mother away is a son acting shamefully and disgracefully.”

“It is clear from the scriptures that we should not neglect our parents. The fact that our parents do not accept our religion does not cancel our relationship with them. These Bible principles apply similarly to other blood relationships and to one’s marriage mate. Clearly, Christians remain morally and scripturally obligated to love their relatives” (Awake 11/8/03)

“In most cases, however, Christians do not face severe opposition from their loved ones. Their relatives simply do not share the same understanding of Bible teachings. The Holy Scriptures encourage Christ’s followers to treat unbelievers “with mildness” and “deep respect.” (2 Timothy 2:25; 1 Peter 3:15) The Bible aptly counsels: “A slave of the Lord does not need to fight, but needs to be gentle toward all.” (2 Timothy 2;24) The apostle Paul also counseled Christians “to speak injuriously of no one, not to be belligerent, to be reasonable, exhibiting all mildness toward ALL men.” (bold added)- Titus 3:2.”

“Many who are not true Christians love their parents and other relatives and communicate regularly with them regardless of their religious affliation. Should Christians Witnesses do any less?” Many may live far away from their parents or loved ones. ” It may not be possible to visit as often as desired. But writing letters, calling on the telephone, or keeping in contact regularly in other ways will assure our loved ones of our affection.”

The unedited direct quotes and  references for all of the above are: Awake,  November 8, 2003;  Awake, September, 2007 page 29;   Watchtower, November 1, 2008.

So clearly if this is what is written in the Awake and Watchtower, it comes directly from the Governing Body, and applies to all. It is good sound reasoning from the scriptures.

Many family members have chosen to change their religion from a witness to the Bible Students. I have met  many at the conventions. There is no real conflict in teachings, for there is freedom and liberty in Christ to have differences in thought on scripture. That is why we encourage open discussions of the scripture without retaliation if one thought differs from another.

I recently called the education dept. at Patterson, New york. I explained the severe treatment many are receiving if they stop going to the Kingdom Hall. They sent me the articles by mail. I explained that one Mental Health professional says he has so many patients that are being treated so harshly with this shunning practice that it is creating emotional distress. So much so that one client suggested a class action to deal with this since it might be millions that have exited the organization of Jehovah Witnesses for various reasons.

Each individual has the right to choose not to associate with whomever they please. But, to blame God is wrong. To say this is what Jehovah and Jesus says to do is wrong.  And as you see the organization,  “in writing”, does not encourage it in the Awake or Watchtower. So where is this extreme attitude coming from if not from Jehovah, Jesus or the watchtower or awake magazines that are read by many?  Christians coming to this site are lovers of the Word of God. We are all Brothers in Christ.

As regards judging whether a person will die and go to Gehenna as some are saying; The Bible states “Stop judging and you will not be judged” Luke 6:37

For the judge of all is Jehovah and Jesus the Anointed. “Jesus is destined to judge the living and the dead by his manifestation in his kingdom”  2Tim. 4:1

Melchizedek, Priest and  King of Salem, was worshipping and approved by Jehovah at the same time that Abraham was chosen to produce the seed.( Gen. 14:18-20)

Elijah thought he was the only one worshipping Jehovah but at least 7,000 were approved and their worship was accepted by Jehovah during the same time period. (1 Kings 19:18)

The Acts of the Apostles have numerous instances of Holy Spirit leading different individuals in various ministries.  Paul was especially appointed by Jesus, and the Christians accepted him, although he was their persecutor.

Many of our Jehovah Witnesses relatives are doing what Moses did, he stepped in the place of Jehovah, by judging his people, as rebels. It is God’s place to judge and punish. We are all witnesses of Jesus to the glory of Jehovah.  He will judge all in Millenium, thru Christ.  (Num. 20:9-13)

In Jesus’ day, at Mark 9:38-40 We see a man preaching Jesus, but not traveling with them. Jesus said do not forbid him. If one recognizes Jesus and the value of his death, if one trusts in him for eternal life along with his King-Priest bride  and seek to follow in his steps, we are brothers. Many persons leaving the organization of Jehovah Witnesses do not denounce these teachings. Most object to worship of any but Jehovah and Jesus and wish to refrain from adding extra burdens not mentioned in scripture, ie, blood transfusion, condoning pedophiles etc. They simply have a conscience and must obey it. They don’t, however try to forbid witnesses from voting their conscience. Many like highly organized religion with set dogma. 1Sam. 8:19-22 The nation of Israel wanted a visible King. “No, but a king is what will come to be over us. And we must become, we also, like all the nations” ‘. A relative told me that to speak against the Governing Body is like speaking against the Catholic religion’s Pope. I looked at him  in disbelief, he saw his mistake immediately. But that was the truth. Jehovah still dealt with the nation of Israel when they rejected the freedom they had to deal directly with him. They however suffered under each of those kings. Each decade or so the Governing body changes policies also just like a new king or president. In the case of the blood issue some that died for refusal of certain parts of blood would live today, because now this regime says that taking certain parts of blood is okay. But like Israel, many of our brothers and sisters like having a visible governing body of men. It is between them and Jehovah, no need to shun them.

This is a  direct quote from  Awake mag. about Catholics and the no meat on Friday issue . Sort of like the blood issue  and organ transplants changing doctrine.
Changes that Disturb People.-“One of the reasons is that people are disturbed by what is happening in their churches. Yes, millions of persons have been shocked to learn that things they were taught as being vital for salvation are now considered by their church to be wrong. Have you, too, felt discouragement, or even despair, because of what is happening in your church?” Awake! April 22,1970, p8 Many former witnesses have and have chosen to study exactly what the Bible teaches without indoctrination from so many books, KM etc.

Healing and forgiveness  is needed in some households now.       1Peter 3:10-12 says For,”he that would love life and see good days, let him restrain his tongue from what is bad and his lips from speaking deception, 11  but let him turn away from what is bad and do what is good; LET HIM SEEK PEACE AND PURSUE IT.” Many family members have said a lot of ugly things to each other because someone told them they had to judge their brother. That loyalty to God is equilvalent to loyalty to an organization or to men.

Ephesians 4:32 says ” But become kind to one another, tenderly compassionate, freely forgiving one another just as God also by Christ freely forgave you.” This applies to all Christians, whether a Jehovah Witness or Bible Student or just a plain old Christian. (Acts 11:26) It would be better sometimes if some professed Christians didn’t take the name at all:( the way we treat each other.)  R5404:6  Forgiveness by all parties involved will make for a peaceful relationship. Stephen who asked that the sin not be charged against his stoners. (Acts7:60) A result he will see is that the chief stoner, Paul, became a Christian. Not forgiving, a person who shuns you, is unchristian, you should rather pray for them.( Jas.5:16) Paul also has the right attitude  in Philippians 3: 13 “Brothers, I do not yet consider myself as having laid hold on [it]; but there is one thing about it: Forgetting the things behind and stretching forward to the things ahead, 14 I am pursuing down toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God by means of Christ Jesus. 15 Let us, then as many of us as are mature, be of this mental attitude, and if YOU ARE MENTALLY INCLINED OTHERWISE IN ANY RESPECT,  God will reveal the above [attitude] to you ” (NWT).  Other Christians may differ on understanding of a scripture at times but that is not a reason to shun them. There is liberty and freedom in Christ, just as in the 1st  century congregations after the ascension of Christ.

Napoleon used the phrase divide and conquer. He divided the enemies against each other and won. It is a control tactic. They have to divide the family, so they shun ones that have left. If you let it determine your life then they have won. Your family can’t be replaced;  but put in some substitutes. A spiritual brother can be closer than a blood brother. There are many here that can act as your fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers. Remember, we all die, and go away. Think of your loved one as on a long faraway journey. You can at least send them a card or a letter. Do not treat them as they treat you. You will feel the peace of God in your heart.

No one can claim they are the only one on earth that God is using at any given time. There is no scriptural support for this teaching. While the Bible may mention one group it does not say there are not other worshippers of Jehovah in a different place. Many were not aware of the large group of Romania brothers, but that didn’t mean Jehovah wasn’t aware and accepting them. We simply can’t tie God’s hands, he is the Creator and his Son has been assigned to Judge. Our loyalty is only to Jehovah, Jesus and the Bible’s counsel. 
There are persons that may be dangerous to one’s spiritual well-being. A person might make a decision to protect himself, but wholesale shunning because a person decides to leave the organization of  the watchtower is not scriptural.
The Governing body requires individuals to suppress their inner sense of morality to accept the will of the group (in the name of God), engaging in “group think” practices which only reinforces the power of the group: “practice makes perfect”, so with each subsequent individual they shun, it only makes it easier the next time, and eventually shunning becomes an unthinking knee-jerk response that makes questioning the action increasingly immune from cognitive challenge (it shifts into the territory of habit, just the way it’s always been done).
The segregation movement of the south was exactly like this, moral people followed the crowd. The governing body uses prejudice the same way as the segregationist of the south and most watchtower witnesses humbly submit, even when they are aware of the pain they are inflicting. That their relatives are human and no threat to them in any way.
A child or parent can actually be in the hospital dying and some witnesses have refused to go see them.
The practice of blindly following the commands of a leader or authority figure was studied by social psychologist Stanley Milgram in his famous study at Yale in 1961. The following video depicts a recreation of Dr. Milgram’s study: simply replace the ‘authority of science’ with ‘authority of the elders and members of the congregation’ (adding the element of peer pressure into the mix), ‘delivering electrical shocks as punishment’ with ‘delivering emotional shocks of shunning as punishment’, and ‘subjects administering electrical shocks’ with ‘JWs who shun’, and you’ve got the exact same paradigm in action.

We cannot escape our history. Only forgiveness can release us from our Past.  Thank you for reading. Jacqueline

53 comments to When Family members leave the JW Organization-Should they be Shunned?

  • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

    Dear Friends, current witnesses actually attending the kingdom hall.
    We need your help. There is great controversy coming in from family that are witnesses on shunning. I am getting calls and emails about these conversations.
    It seems there was a talk given on shunning last week and there is a part two being given this week.
    Could someone that actually still go to the kingdom hall give us a summary of these talks.
    It will help us understand the new rules so that we don’t offend our witness relatives.
    It seems each of them are saying different things about what the new shunning laws are.
    I understand it is a two part talk. Thank you very much

    • exile

      Is your family referring to any talks or videos? I attend meeting on a semi-regular basis and made it a point to attend last night because the topic of shunning was part of the program. This was of what is now called the mid-week meeting in the segment ironically titled “Living as Christians.” A video titled “Be Loyal When a Relative is Disfellowshipped” was shown to us in which an adult JW daughter was df and was told she had to leave the house because she would be a bad influence on her siblings. In another scene in the video the daughter calls her family but mom doesn’t answer the phone.

      After the video the speaker told us we should cut off all contact with the disfellowshipped even if they are relatives, and that we shouldn’t even call them to ask how they are. To do otherwise would be showing disloyalty.

      Seems to me that the governing body is aware that some JWs still keep in contact with their df relatives and is cracking down.

      If anyone want to see this video (if you can stomach it) here is the link.


      • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

        Thank you for posting. This is the video that got every witness in an uproar this summer and caused me problems with my heart, which turned out to be stress. My family went crazy with their love bombing and visiting. So they did what they normally do, release the convention at the meetings again. So I guess this got everybody in a holy roll for a minute. Elders are visiting even 87 years old ones that haven’t been to meetings in decades telling them if they die now they won’t likely get a resurrection. They told our dear Sis. Linda that has a terminal illness this in the nursing home. Her Aid asked her if she believed that and she said no so the home was okay. The next day 2 pioneers came with similar taunts. So sad.
        Now at least everybody can see their ever changing doctrines about shunning and try to keep from stepping on their toes and upsetting them. Thanks.

      • Anon CJ

        Good evening. Yes I’ve seen the video. This is from last years convention. As we know the past two years conventions aim at keeping members loyal to the organization. This video was a series about making it through the great tribulation. At the finale of the convention was an amazing beautiful video of paradise earth. Amazing music and scenery. However the lady repented and she ended up in paradise and she was with her kids because she came back to the organization. Here’s the video with paradise. The videos are made to pull at the heart strings and keep one loyal to the organization.


  • If you are in the “evil slave” HQ, shunning is how you beat sheep. Ever hear of a shepherd shunning a sick or lost sheep?

    Only in the Zechariah 11 evil shepherd prophecy parallel of the “evil slave”;

    All it takes is simple HONESTY to see and admit GB evils are rampant. The JW growth downward spiral in JWfacts statistics page actually BEGAN in the evry 1976 GB year of the Bethel coup.

    If you keep projecting the angle of that “downward” trend in time, there would be 0 JWs by 2027.

    That is now visibly clear the harmful effects the GB has had on the JW ministry:


    That downward spiral from 1976 graph is the 10th graphic on that page.

  • Jacqueline (Bible student)

    THIS IS MOVING! From a dear brother in Africa on reaction of convention audience to Shunning talk.


    • greg (Bible Student)


      I can just imagine how strange the silence of “no hands clapping” must have been. Surely that alone speaks (and may yet speak) volumes. What an unexpected thing that must have been to experience.

      Thanks, Jacqueline.


      • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

        African brothers are very verbal with clapping and showing their feeling jubilantly. They will also show their disapproval with stone silence. They just might see more of a break away from the society as this undermines their whole way of life to break up their families when they depend on each other family wise.
        How wicked can these men that live with them be to read those words from the billionaire governing body located in luxury in New York State. I hope there is a brave brother that will stand up and speak out to them. The culture allows for freedom of speech normally. But something has happened to the people within the religion it seems, they are like JIm Jones following. I can’t put my finger on it but I think the thing that the elders will tell them to do in the future, even if it might not seem right, is bad. I just see something ominus developing even with my brothers that are elders in our family. Time will tell where they are going with this insaneness.

        • greg (Bible Student)


          I am very excited about the times we are living in. So much can change in the blink of an eye. And yes, I too get a very strong (albeit somewhat vague) sense that something strange and momentous is brewing. As you say, time will tell.


    • greg (Bible Student)

      My mind keeps going back to the words of Isaiah 28:10

      So the LORD’s word to them will sound like meaningless gibberish, senseless babbling, a syllable here, a syllable there. As a result, they will fall on their backsides when they try to walk, and be injured, ensnared, and captured. (New English Translation)

      and Isaiah 29:13, 14

      The sovereign master says, “These people say they are loyal to me; they say wonderful things about me, but they are not really loyal to me. Their worship consists of nothing but man-made ritual. Because of this, I will once again astound these hypocrites with amazing wonders. The wisdom of the wise will pass away, and the intelligence of the intelligent will disappear.”
      (New Living Translation)

      Moreover, I see the words of Brother Russell playing out in a way I’m sure he never imagined. (Studies in the Scriptures, Volume 2, Page 164)

      “… in the end of this age there will be one class denying that the Lord is present (not denying that he will come sometime, but that he has come), and smiting or harshly opposing those fellow servants who must therefore be teaching the opposite—that the Lord has come. Which is the faithful, truthful servant, and which the one in error, is clearly stated by our Lord. The faithful one whom he finds giving seasonable “meat” will be exalted and given fuller stewardship over the storehouse of truth, with increased ability to bring it forth to the household, while the unfaithful one will be gradually separated and drawn into closer and closer sympathy with the mere professors or hypocrites. And note the fact that the unfaithful is thus cut off, or separated, at a time of which he is not aware—in the harvest time—while his Lord is really present unknown to him, searching for and gathering his jewels.”

      In the light of many of the more recent developments regarding the JW organization, how fitting it seems is the expression Brother Russell used: “…while the unfaithful one will be gradually separated and drawn into closer and closer sympathy with the mere professors or hypocrites.”


  • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

    I found this informative from a Mormon blogger. Thw Mormons believe in Sad Heaven where you mourn the ones that left the fold. This man has a better solution instead of mourning

    “These members envision something tragic: “Sad Heaven” — an afterlife where the faithful mourn those who, for whatever reason, don’t make the cut.

    The fear of Sad Heaven isn’t limited to Mormonism. Dante envisioned that non-believers and heretics were entombed in the 6th circle of hell ,  leaving their loved ones in paradise to assumedly mourn their absence forever. And mainstream believers of just about every stripe still worry about Sad Heaven today.

    At first glance, the belief might seem harmless. Why does it matter what people think will happen in the afterlife? Isn’t it a simple difference of opinion?

    In reality, a belief in Sad Heaven often damages relationships right now. Those who subscribe to this belief feel they can be happy only if their loved ones return to the fold. Some react out of desperation: I’ve seen parents write their children from their wills, brothers and sisters cut off contact, spouses slip out of harmony into bitter divorce. These feelings also manifest in subtle ways — through passive aggression, quiet bitterness, or loss of vulnerability and trust. These reactions stem from the fear that an eternity of sorrow is worse than happiness right now. The stakes are high. Members fear they must bring their loved ones back into the fold or suffer eternally.

    In my opinion, this fear carries incredible risk. We can’t be certain about what happens after death. But we can be certain about what happens before death: We’re alive. What do we gain by souring our relationships with those who no longer believe the way we do? Is it worth fearing that Sad Heaven is real if it makes us suffer now?

    What if instead of doubling down on our fears, we tried twice as hard to enjoy time with our loved ones? Our intimacy with friends and family doesn’t need to be threatened by differences of belief. There is so much we have in common, regardless of what we think about religion. We might enjoy hiking in nature, reading literature, being an ally for people who suffer, participating in sports, listening to beautiful music, talking about ideas, or enjoying a good meal. The list is endless.

    As human beings, we don’t know much. But we know we have life. What a tragedy it would be, then, to let our fear of the unknown ruin the relationships that our happiness hinges upon right now. As Mark Twain once said, “There isn’t time, so brief is life, for bickerings, apologies, heartburnings, callings to account. There is only time for loving, and but an instant, so to speak, for that.”  We can’t go wrong by working to overcome our differences. In fact, it’s likely the best way to find lasting happiness.

    Jon Ogden is the author of “When Mormons Doubt: A Way to Save Relationships and Seek a Quality Life.” He lives in Provo with his wife and two sons.”

    Read full article here: http://www.sltrib.com/opinion/4190887-155/op-ed-belief-in-sad-heaven-hurts

  • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

    The convention is scary for 2016 with the governing body of Jehovah’s witnesses coming down hard on shunning. Here is a point od view on this that you might need during this hate filled convention time, to fortify and let you know you have done the right thing.

  • Keefa

    Greetings Bret

    I appreciate your nice long response. It seems that everything that organization said was/is double-speak, they constantly contradict themselves and redefine the meaning of simply words. The GB said they were uninspired prophets, but yet their teachings are dogmatically asserted as axiomatic truth! The sad part is that the question I posed has caused a severe divide in opinion as whether JWs are allowed to read external literature. It seems that the simplified edition of the Watchtower has not given them critical thinking skills to assess their own literature and have a collective consensus.

  • Keefa

    There is a big controversy on whether active dedicated baptized JWs can have books and literature outside the Watchtower jurisdiction. If possible can some here review the contents of the km 9/07 p. 3 Question Box( I can post the content if needed) and the online article “Do Jehovah’s Witnesses Ban Certain Movies, Books, or Songs?https://www.jw.org/en/jehovahs-witnesses/faq/do-jehovahs-witnesses-ban-certain-entertainment/..Please, I would really enjoy some good feedback.

    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      Keefa here are some of the exjw facebook pages where you can also ask some that go every Sunday. These are the links I promised you.
      I got these from Joe Emerson:

      SERVICES: INFO PACK EXPOSING WATCHTOWER: https://www.facebook.com/groups/102205013311734/
      ExJW THERAPIST http://www.facebook.com/stephen.guziec.7?fref=ts HELP FOR HOMELESS/NEAR HOMELESS EX-JW’s: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1548634078749390/1651665411779589/?notif_t=group_activity also dial 211 for quick re-housing/sheltering BELIEF-BASED exJW groups such as Kingdom Christians (allowing freedom to differ and based on loving-kindness and respect-based) http://www.facebook.com/groups/500617310004609/ plus there are also numerous non-believer, Roman Catholic, Bible Students (nonWT) groupsACTIVISM (INFO-LETTERS ETC): http://www.facebook.com/groups/102205013311734/
      EX-JW’S & FRIENDS PHONE SHOWS http://www.facebook.com/groups/sixscreens/ etc DEBATES: http://www.facebook.com/groups/1523281031317852/
      VENTING http://www.facebook.com/groups/xjwrg3/ ESPANOL http://www.mikertower.com http://www.facebook.com/groups/627949337293110/936184166469624/?notif_t=group_activity

    • Bret (B.S.)

      I served as an Elder for 12 years before resigning due to the fact that many teachings violated my conscience. I served from 2002-2014 and still have the KS-10 or shepherd the flock book, that is the Elder manual. The Watchtower never answers a question straight forward because itbis always a play on words. If you have a “reasoning from the scriptures” booklet you will notice how questions are generaly answered with a question and redirected. One example is if someone where to ask you if you were “born again”? You were directed to ask what does that mean to you because I gind many people have different understandings of its meaning! Then they would speak about what the scripture say about those who are spirit begotten or the New Creation never really answering the original question. So everything is based on specific words and trickery is always involved. So your question as well as the W/T article are interesting. Straight forward answer is no, they dont ban any specific book, tv show ect. But they do set a standard that eliminates and catagorizes such. Example; the Elders manuel as well as letters addressed yo all body’s of elders says that those who watch questionable entertainment and specificly R rated movies cannot hold positions, elder, ministerial servant, pioneer ect. So though a specific movie is not mentioned they can say we do not ban it but if its rating is R or worse then individuals can loose positions then its not watched at least known about!!! So they play on words. Rap music and heavy metal are not said you cannot listen to them, but the Bethel application says if you have listed to either within the last two years you do not qualify. So do the ban 2-pac or Ice Cube “No” but rap music “Yes” if you want priveledges. So never read and trust what they are saying because they have a rule for everything. Can a farmer allow a vetenarian to give a blood transfusion to their animal if needed? No!!!! There is a question from readers and though even if you do not know about it, if you allow such you will find yourself before a committee. I remember being asked by a nominal church member if i had watched “The passions of Christ” snd I said “No, because its rated R and I dont watch rated R movies”. He answered and said “Jesus died a rated R death, do you read about it in your Bible?” Of course I felt like a fool for being truthful about rated R movies, and watchtowers rules…

  • Tom

    I have read where CTR has said to stop fellowship with those who have fallen from the elect position they received.

    Could you give some feed back on these teachings of the seventh messenger. Ezekiel 38:8,10,11,12,14,16, –here CTR applies this to fleshly Israel.

    8 D553 dwelling without walls, no bars or gates. D554 un walled villages-an open defense less condition.

    as one man the host of Gog and Ma-Gog are represented as saying, I will go up to the land of the un walled villages, I will go to them that are at rest, that dwell safely all of them dwelling without walls, and having neither bars or gates. Thou wilt go, says the prophet, to take a spoil and to take prey; to turn the hand upon the desolate places that are now inhabited, and upon the people gathered of the nations, which have gotten cattle and goods and that dwell in the midst of the land.

    R410:1″Day of the Lord” that it begin in 1874 a day of 40 years duration.

    R1846:4 Palestine must become wealthy to permit fulfillment. Become socially elevated and quite wealthy within less than 20 years.

    R26 page 2 and rob the wealthy Jews there gathered from all quarters of the globe. Ezekiel 38:8,12.

    As most of our readers are aware, we believe that the word of God furnishes us with indubitable proof that we are now living in this-“Day of the Lord” that begin in 1873 and is a day of 40 years—–To permit the fulfillment before A.D. 1915.

    Were these believers in a cult?

    Also, does not Fleshly Israel have a 400 and some mile wall around to help protect it from invaders?

  • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

    This is a little of what was taught at the kingdom hall on May 1st, 2016. I wasn’t aware of this but now know what was going on in my family:

    ” A conflict of loyalties may arise when a close relative is disfellowshipped. For example, a sister named Anne received a telephone call from her disfellowshipped mother. The mother wanted to visit Anne because she felt pained by her isolation from the family. Anne was deeply distressed by the plea and promised to reply by letter. Before writing, she reviewed Bible principles. (1 Cor. 5:11; 2 John 9-11) Anne wrote and kindly reminded her mother that she had cut herself off from the family by her wrongdoing and unrepentant attitude. “The only way you can relieve your pain is by returning to Jehovah,” Anne wrote. —Jas. 4:8.

    ( added comment from source. Not a part of the article ‘Emotional blackmail at its best! It’s also sickening to see how they transfer the entire blame to the victim when all along it is THEIR OWN DECISION to shun!’)

    12 Daniel, a brother in Mexico, needed to choose between being loyal to God and seeking his own selfish interests. He wanted to marry a girl who was not a believer. Says Daniel: “I continued writing to her even after I entered the pioneer service. But finally, I humbled myself and told an experienced elder that I was disturbed by a conflict of loyalties. He helped me to see that to be loyal to God, I needed to stop writing to her. After many prayers and tears, that is what I did. Soon my joy in the ministry increased.” Daniel later married a fine Christian sister and now serves as a circuit overseer.”

    This was published before:

    At that time, the lifesaving direction that we receive from Jehovah’s organization may not appear practical from a human standpoint. All of us must be ready to obey any instructions we may receive, whether these appear sound from a strategic or human standpoint or not. The elders must stand ready to help any who may now be wavering in their faith.” (w13 11/15 p.20)

    • Anon

      The smartest thing I ever read is “Once a cult can no longer control you they control how others see you.” This is true. They use disfellowshipping in an unscriptural form to keep us from spreading the truth to them about what we know.

      • Jacqueline (Bible student)

        Anon I shall go post this on as many Facebook pages that I can. So if you see it, it is me. Thank you!

    • Bret (B.S)

      That last quote was around the time I was waking up from their cult indoctrination. I had always felt there was something wrong but you reason that the truth is no where else to be found! Not knowing the Bible Students are still around, many Witnesses think am I going to leave and go where? Back to the nominal churches and belief in an imortal soul, hellfire and the trinity, so they never leave and always use the old cult readoning “Jehovah will clear things up in time”.
      Thankfuly I found this site as well as a couple other Bible Student sites and began my journey out of the fear indoctrination of the JW’s and into Christ Jesus and his loving care. Fear fear fear, control, manipulation and brainwashing that is the organization in a nut shell.
      Isnt it funny how you are looked at as a good witness if during a Watchtower study you can regurgitate their words! Yes if you can repeat what they told you the scripture means then your a good little witness but if you can put in your own words what they told you to say in the paragraph, well your up for consideration of a privelege and consider very spiritual!!!
      I feel for those trapped there and blinded by that angel of light, crafty old satan!!

      • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

        Bret, one of my sons says he knew about them before his father and I and had left to search out other churches. He found a group but it was very conservative in California and he and his wife decided to stay and “let Jehovah straighten it out”, as you said.
        But I question whether I am feeling sorry for those that are in, why, because many will tell you they know everything we say but choose to stay. Prince is being heralded on the internet by many witnesses and elders plus Larry Graham a person I know. They wore purple suits to the funeral to honor Prince. What I am saying is that if you say the right things it isn’t difficult for those staying in. Only people that really wants to be a Christian, a called one.
        My son violates the word of God by cursing his father and mother in favor of 7 men. Is he ignorant of who they are, no. So I believe these ones staying are happy with their worship and only if you are called out to Christ by Jehovah will you feel uncomfortable in the witness religion. They like the social and loose living that is a hallmark of the congregations including gossip and backbiting. We know this is a way of life within the congregations and accepted. So many like this non character development lifestyle.
        Some things that cause me to think negatively of the governing body is (1) they are alledgedly reported to have a monetary investment in bloodless surgery and that is fine. I can see the benefit on the battlefield and emergencies at catastrophes. But to use Children and women as unknowing guinea pigs bothers me greatly. They printed a magazine with the children they have assisted to die. If any serial killer were to post the pictures of their victims this world would erupt in protest. There has reportedly been lots of suicides by persons shunned by their families. I have personally seen and felt the evil demonic antics of some governingbody appointed elders and circuit overseers. I can’t think of but one religion that encourages it’s members to shun their mothers, fathers and children if they escape, leave the captivity of the concepts of their governingbodies. This is scientology. There are some other fringe religions that promote shunning but the witnesses are up in your face and recruit members so they are more reprehensible in my eyes.
        I now see shunning as an allowed action by God in my case. If I had to argue and hear from all my over 200 relatives that are still within the organization I would be an emotional wreck. Every time they study a hate article I get backlash from some relatives that try to be overly nice to me and burn my time up and attempt to put me in the presence of my elder brothers who 2 of them act like mercenaries for the organization. So shunning is a protection for me now and I have a life with brothers and sisters in Christ and natural normal relationships with other people. A mother died after delivering her child not to long ago when all she needed was a transfusion. The coroner says she was perfect inside. It hurts your heart that they are sending these children and women to their death.

        This is a link to the article of the awake magazine for any wanting to see it.http://www.watchthetower.net/deadkidz.html
        May 22, 1994 http://thejehovahswitnesses.org/blood-transfusions-children.php

        • Bret (B.S.)

          You are absolutely right about this. I think I used the words “Feel sorry” to loosely. Those who are comfortable in the religion are getting what they paid for..
          It funny how the Witnesses always say if they were to leave the religion “Where would they go” as though the only option is another religion.
          In reality Christ said “he is the way the truth and the light, the only way to the father is through him”…


        Dear Bro Bret,I Would love to hear from you as I was a witness for many years,I Was a pioneer for many years,as was my late wife.We left the Witnesses in the early 1990s.It took many years of searching to find that the bibble students still existed,early in the year of 2009/2010 I was directed to them via the internet,I FIRMLY BELIVE BE THE HOLY SPIRIT,& after all these years found the truth that sets us free.I have now consecrated myself to the Lord christ Jesus & his /our heavenly father.My new wife,also a bible student will be attending the General convention in the usa this year & WOULD LOVE TO MEET UP WITH YOU IF YOU ARE ATTENDING.Pls drop us a line = rtazzyman@dodo.com.au In the name of our Most high god,christian love & greeting from Richard.Tazzyman.Lara,Victoria,Australia.

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