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JW’s Honest Questions Lead to Isolation and Disfellowship, Then Finally to Answers, Joy and Fellowship



Here is the publication of the story of Kent from Sweden by his own hand.

 Searching for the true God and the meaning of life.

I grew up in the 70s. My childhood was filled with mixed emotions due to a separation between my parents and problems both in school and privately. A good friend of mine became diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 17 and soon after that her mother died in heart attack also after a couple years her father died. This together with worldwide starvation and other evil things made me depressed. When I was 24 years old, I began wondering, what is the meaning of this life? Where do we come from? Where are we going? Why is there so much evil in our world? As these thoughts grew stronger and stronger, I considered contacting a priest, to ask questions about these things. Time went by and suddenly two Jehovah’s Witnesses stood outside my door. I thought if they had the courage to visit me about discussing the Bible, why not invite them and ask them the questions I had.


 Starting to studying the Bible

At that time I began studying the Bible once a week and searched the scripture for the truth about God.  I remember my questions: Why is there so much evil in the world?  Who is God? Who is Jesus? Is there a true God?  One year later, I became convinced that I had found the truth in the JW Organization, so I was baptized in July of 1985. The brothers that studied with me told me that the fulfillment of 1914 predictions, when the World War I broke out, was proof that the Watchtower was Gods organization.

The thing is, in 1985 we had no computers and therefore it was not possible to research more deeply the Watchtower’s claims; so I joined them. My new faith made me a better person.  I stopped smoking, started to dress better, started to treat people more kindly and I became a better employee, I worked hard to try to prove to others that the Watchtower was God’s channel. My faith gave me something to live for and it gave meaning to my life. I worked for a year, to free myself from all my debts, so that I could start pioneering, which I did the following year. As the years went by, I experienced personal testing’s as I saw so much in the congregations that shocked me.

The elders exercised great power over the brothers and did not always treat them well.  I wondered why so many of the brothers and sisters had so many psychological problems. I concluded that one reason was because they were not allowed critical thinking, so they denied everything that they saw that shouldn’t “be in Gods Organization.”  Among these things was the fact that the Watchtower was for many years a “non governing organization” in the UN.  I was also bothered at how the elders handled situations. For example, we were not permitted to discuss different ways of understanding scriptures among the brothers.  So they would not even consider the possibility that the Watchtower might be wrong in some of their interpretations. When we deny these thoughts, suppress these feelings and pretend that they are not there, we will often feel depressed and mentally sad.


Isolation can lead to terrible things

For example I can tell you the story of a sister we can call her Nancy. She became a witness approximately the same time as I did around 1985. The thing is she gradually developed mental problems, not severe but anyway she had mental problems which developed gradually. In the beginning it was not even possible to see it. She longed to marry, but the time went by and she did not meet any brother. Well she tried to keep up with the standard in the congregation but she did not succeed. She became more and more isolated after a couple of years and I think that the reason was that she could not keep up with the standard. The sisters that where in the center of the congregation, did not give here so much attention, I think that they thought she was not a good witness. She did not have a fine home and she did not have those things that could make her interesting. She was not so very good on the platform and did not preach so many hours as the others thought she should. Anyway she became more and more isolated and when I meet here at the last days of her life, she said she was lonely, she had no really close friends. I tried to say to her that she should not rely only on the brothers in the congregation, but she should try to meet others, for example learn to paint, go on some course and meet others. She said Kent, we are not supposed to engage in meeting people outside, who are not active witnesses.

One elder said the day before she jumped out from a window in desperation on the 7: th floor “I do not feel sorry for her, we have told her to seek help from a Psychiatrist”. And the evening before she jumped she tried to get help by going to a sisters home, but the sister said when she knocked on her door, “go home and clean your apartment, I do not have time with you”.  The next day she jumped out from the window in desperation and probably died instantly.

The love we show has to be honest from the heart. If we say hello in the kingdom hall and do not pay any attention to each other when we meet on the street, it could hurt others deeply. We do not have to be perfect but “say what we mean and mean what we say”. If someone leaves all the things he or she has to come in to the congregation and we do not pay any attention to them year after year terrible things can happen.

Another problem arose when the congregation elders handled this situation or did not handle the situation. Because she was so isolated and everyone knew that she was depressed and disappointed, we were supposed to keep our mouth shut and not to talk about it. I remember I was furious and talked to a sister whose husband where an elder “we should not hide anything or try to pretend that it has not happened, we have to talk about this so that it does not happen again”. After I while I heard that her husband tried to build a judging committee and accuse me for blaming the elders for her death. This did not happen, but it was sad to hear that they saw it that way, when I just tried to say that we have to have a chance to talk about it because it affected the brothers.


Bible trained conscience

I also found out that many of the brothers and sisters did not always follow their own bible trained conscience. This probably was and is due to the fact that the organization is so strong and the governing body uses a so strong language to the members, thru the watchtower and the local elders. This has as result that the members follow the governing body and the elder’s advice, without so much really reflecting about it. An example of this is when members turn their head away, when they meet very long time friends that are disfellowshipped. Of course there are many other situations when the advice is well meant, but the motive is to comply with the organization. So we have to reach maturity in our understand of Gods will, so that we can make wise and good decisions, based on our understanding of the loving heavenly Father and his dear son Jesus Christ’s qualities.

I began to display my emotions more and more, and told the elders, when I saw things that should not be in “Gods organization”. The effect was that I became stigmatized, marginalized and more and more alone. I had fewer and fewer friends. Speaking out like this was something you should never do as a follower of the Watchtower. I became more and more disturbed about the way the organization handled things. I had a friend who worked at Bethel and through him I was informed about the hard rulership they followed. He had been working in all approximately 20 years at Bethel, when they suddenly, without no obvious reason, told him, “you have two weeks to pack your bags, and then we want you out of here”. He had no backup in society absolutely nothing he did not have an apartment, no work nothing.  I am sure Jehovah God helped him and today he has a nice family in a little local congregation, but it was not nice to treat someone like that, who have been working so hard for the society. There were many other things he told me about the fighting’s at the top of Bethel, fighting’s over prominence and who was going to be at the top and so forth. If you want to succeed as a Jehovah’s Witness you should comply, comply and comply, that’s something they really would appreciate and they will call you a very strong follower of the Watchtower.

I started to study Social Science at College in 2000, something they did not support. One reason for my interest in Social Science was that I wanted to understand all those negative processes that existed in the congregations. I took my degree after 4 years. When I was in college, I started a deep study on the Internet of some of the Watchtowers dearest truths.  I focused on the claim that they are God’s organization.


The Watchtower’s doctrines

The claim of authority in the Watchtower Organization has its root in the doctrine that God choose them as the only organization he would work with. They say that Jehovah choose the Watchtower Organization in 1918, three and a half years after he became King in 1914. They say that he came to his temple and cleansed it. To come to the year 1918 you first have to acknowledge the year 1914 as the year Christ became King and was given the rulership from God.  If this was true, then God choose the Watchtower, because, as they claimed, they were the only organization that truly served God.

Now I have to say, that today, I think that prophetically, the year 1874, is far more interesting than the year 1914. The reason for that is, the prophecy in Daniel 12, where it says that Daniel should wait 1290 days and 1335 days, and that the world would change drastically – the parousia came and so many interesting things happened; among them, the Jews came back to their land. As I see it the most important thing today is, to have faith in God his Christ and the Bible and reflect Gods and Christ’s most important quality Love.

One more thing that is important to mention here and that is the need the governing body has, for their claim of power, to be legitimate. This is why this prophetic application is so important to them. They say that after three and a half year from 1914 Christ came to his temple and choose the Watchtower among all Christian organizations. Today they admit that the judging of the temple is in the future, but nevertheless they say that God choose the Watchtower to be his only organization.

After discovering that the Watchtower was a non-governing organization at the UN (There where a big article in the Guardian at that time about this) and that they fought their own members at courts, so they wouldn’t have to pay money, (Members that where abused as children tried to fight the Watchtower legally, but many lost their trials against the Watchtowers lawyers.) Today Candice Conte is an example of someone that has succeeded in meeting the Watchtower legally. I started to wonder, could this really be God’s organization? I doubted that the brothers were all driven by Gods spirit and also that the Organization was driven by Gods spirit. I saw so much bad going on and no one dared to question the organization of fear they could be disfellowshipped.



I started to look at their claim that Gods Kingdom was set up the year 1914.  After I did this research, I confronted the Watchtower with what I had found. My claim in general was that I did not believe that Christ Kingdom over the earth started 1914.  After four months I got a reply, where they said they should send two elders to me and teach me the right understanding.  I said if you do not have any new material to present, I do not want to have a meeting.  In the end, they disfellowshipped me for being rebellious. The reason for the disfellowshipping was that I did not accept the brothers to have a meeting with me. The thing is I never for one minute questioned the Bible, on the contrary after my research of the scriptures involved I was more convinced than ever that the Bibles prophesies are still being fulfilled exactly as they are written in the Bible by God.

Actually the Watchtower’s attitude in this question has not gradually become softer and more merciful on the contrary more rigid and aggressive.  I called the Watchtowers headquarter in England for a couple of days ago to ask them more questions regarding the 1914 doctrine.  He asked me first who I was, when I said I want to be anonymous, he went further and asked me to send a mail to the writing department. I said I want to be anonymous, if I send in a question with a regular mail I have to give you my address otherwise you cannot reply. I want to be anonymous, then he said but if you give me your address two elders can visit you and help you understand this doctrine. We don’t answer this kind of question anymore over the telephone. The reason he said was that it is so deep and complicated so they do not want to answer these kind of question regarding the year 1914, via telephone. Actually this shows that instead of trying to help someone, they want to track them down, so that they could come and visit you and find out if you are a brother or an interested person. If you are a brother and you do not comply with the Watchtowers 1914 doctrine, they will probably disfellowshipped you to avoid the members to be infected with this poison. 

Now I was alone, really alone and it was difficult to start a new life without my old friends and the support from them. A couple of years went by, when I did not engage in any Bible studies.  I was bitter and was working to find a new way. I was thinking that the material from Russell always stood the tests and was so inspiring. I read them over and over after I came in to the organization, because the material about the Christian calling so strongly appealed to me. I read most of what I came over from the old books and became convinced that this was for me. I struggled much with this for many years in the Watchtower. They treated any younger ones as mentally diseased if they partook of the emblems. In 2002 I partook of the emblems anyway after communicating with some other anointed brothers mainly from USA.


Meeting the Bible Student’s

So now I remembered that I had heard that the Bible Students still existed, though they were small in numbers. I searched the Internet and came in contact with a very nice sister that I had email contact with. We discussed doctrines as “the Great Company (Great Crowd), the ransom for all, the return of the Israelites to their homeland and so forth. I did not agree at once, however I began a process of thinking about these things. Suddenly, I began to experience a time of severe trials both at my work and also privately, which distracted me away from my new feelings.  At first, I did not think so much about but it, however after some time I wondered why these difficult personal trials came now?  I concluded it was due to the fact that I had started to communicate with the Bible Students. Satan wanted to discourage me from my new path. I took up the discussions which led to the situation where I rearranged my thinking in many of the doctrines as, the Great Company, the ransom for all and the return of the Jews to their land. I have gradually more and more adjusted my understanding of different prophecies.

And a couple of weeks ago I was invited to a convention in Hannover Germany by Brother Allen Springer. I went there by train and boat. It was a wonderful time I had those days and I will never forget it. The brethren took care of me in a wonderful way and they made my time there a memory for life. I was used to conventions with the witnesses and this was so much more spiritually up building.  So now I look forward to the International Convention in Poland next autumn.

I think that it is good to listen to the Bible Students understanding of the scriptures and take into consideration all the scriptures involved and pray to God for help in understanding them. It is good to be honest and listen, as the Berean Christians did and search the scriptures to see if it is as they say. Another thing that has made impact on me is the negative consequences that a man made organization can have on its followers. Despite the fact that some of the Watchtower’s doctrines are in harmony with the scriptures such as Gods name, Christ’s role in the kingdom, the 144 000 and that there is no hell fire and so forth; in contrast many of Russell’s teachings were changed, mainly by Judge Rutherford.  Brother Russell never supported the idea that some men in Brooklyn named themselves a governing body and ruled over the organization and its members.



I really have to say that I met so many really spiritual minded brothers and sisters and they meant so much to me. I do not doubt for one second that the brothers and sisters that feared God and loved the Bible were also loved by God and Christ. But what was disturbing was that they claimed that this was Gods organization and therefore no one dared to question things. I was also glad that I came to know the truth and Gods purpose through Jehovah’s Witnesses, but I see so many brothers’ hearts directed to a man made organization instead of using their Bible trained conscience and following the Bibles principles.

An example of this is when brothers say “the Watchtower says” or “the Watchtower teaches” instead of God says or the Bible teaches. The consequence was that they feared the organization more than God. When their hearts where directed this way they could treat the brothers really bad, almost in an evil way and think that they did God’s will.

Today I must say that I am so grateful for all I have learned both as a Jehovah’s Witness and also as a Bible Student. God has so lovingly cared for me all these years, through all my different experiences. I do not have time here to discuss all these things, but I feel that God always has taken care of me, though some experiences have been really difficult. We learn so much and are growing when we are loyal through the trials. We just have to go on forward and not look back on what we have left. I can honestly say that if someone really loves Jehovah God for who He is, studies the scriptures and has a strong faith in the scriptures, I think that God will help and protect such a one. He will probably not hinder all the trials and problems a brother has to go through, however Jehovah will probably let him learn important things from the different experiences. God will surely also answer a prayer for a right understanding and in his right time and will give the right understanding. The Christian walk is not easy but it so worth it, because to grow in likeness of God and Christ is so wonderful and one day maybe God can say “well done my servant”.

Despite being with the Jehovah’s Witness Organization, when we are humble and honest in our heart, we can make progress in our relationship with God and Christ and we will grow from day to day to be more mature. Love is also something that we have to both learn and develop and God will help us. So Gods eyes are searching all over the earth to give strength and help, to those that really love him and his wonderful plan. 2 Chron 16:9 (my favorite scripture).

Your brother in Christ.

13 comments to JW’s Honest Questions Lead to Isolation and Disfellowship, Then Finally to Answers, Joy and Fellowship

  • e h sopronius

    It breaks my heart when I hear there is no Christlike love in the Kingdom hall even though one of their favorite verses is John 13:34,35.It’s so hard to be a Jehovah’s witness in the world and then to be mistreated in the congregation must break down a lot of brothers and sisters. I know because im homeless. it doesnt matter how much i love Jehovah or want to serve Jehovah. it doesnt matter how much i research the bible in their defense or believe everything they teachthey eye homeless people with suspicion. They let you know who’s okay and who isn’t. I dont care i have a close personal relationship with Jehovah God through his Son Christ Jesus, have high morals,witness,preach and pray for everyone I meet. The Lord has blessed me with love joy peace of the holy spirit.I dont want to tell people im a JW cos i dont want them to get mistreated.

    • Jacqueline

      Hello e h sopronius and welcome. You mention you are homeless and I know witnesses are scrutinized if they are different in any way and can’t contribute monetarily. I know you speak truth. Could you go to the contact us form and let us know if we can talk to you and where you are? No one sees that part of the site. It is to the left and also on some computers at the top.
      Have the JW brothers attempted to help you? Do you have a place to stay and eat. Is it just that you have no place of your own?
      At any rate I marvel at your sincere desire to speak in behalf of Jesus and Jehovah. Sometimes your circumstances are changed quickly by Jehovah because he is changing your heart, he is teaching you and often during a test the teacher is silent. The things you possess many would pay money to have: love, joy, peace of the HOLY SPIRIT. I believe it has the power it had in the Acts of the Apostles, that God has power and is using his Spirit to call out from the bowels of Babylonish religions but the trials can be daunting, not having a place to call home or uncertainty is surely one of them and I sympathize with you. I will pray in your behalf. May I ask what prompted you to visit this site? May we hear your story directly on the site aside from the info you give privately on the contact us form? Take Care for now. Jacqueline

  • Vincent law

    I believe the truth is not based on any previous works but has to be created a new and fixed ideas are the consciences of others or ourselves if one was really to write truth it may not be popular and it may not sell as well,
    No one should be condemned to appeal to all it should give hope to all without judgement we should judge ourselves only.

  • Anonymous


    The reviews on Mr Chang are he Shows God is one and not a trinity. He also shows Jesus is not god-man. The ratings viewed were a 5, a 4 and a 1.

    I believe Jerome knows that and could find many before Mr. Chang who new God was one. I would be shocked if Jerome becomes his follower.

  • Keepha

    To: R. Jerome Harris….this information may be helpful to you dear beloved brother.
    • John 17:17 Set them apart by means of the truth; your message is truth. ( It is Yahweh’s message or word that is truth) The Messiah reveals truth which he has heard from the Father.
    • 2 Tim 3:16 All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in moral uprightness, 17 that the man of God may be proficient, having been equipped for every good activity( Therefore no Man can disregard what Yahweh has wrote with his finger(spirit). It is the Scriptures alone that provide correct doctrine and sound faith in righteous conduct. These are the same scriptures that Jesus quoted from extensively.
    • Gal 4:4But when the full period was complete, God sent out His Son, having come into existence from a woman, having come into existence under the law. This is the Law in which the Messiah gave us two of the greatest commandments Mark 12:29“The most important,” Jesus answered, is: “‘Listen, Israel, the YHWH our God, YHWH is one. 30.And you must selflessly love YHWH your God with all your heart, with all your being, with your whole mind, and with all your strength’ (Deut. 6:4-5). 31 The second is: ‘You must selflessly love your neighbour as yourself’ (Lev. 19:18). No other commandment is greater than these.”
    • I think Eric Chang book “ The Only True God: Chapter 6 pg. 388 says: Thus in this Christo-centric –sufficient system, what need is there for the Father, beyond acknowledging his existence…..the church needs to return to Yahweh and put an end to all distortions of the concept of God. ( It is a wonderful thing to listen to Messiah our Leader and Teacher…BUT our primary concern should be to glorify the Father’s name and give him the highest praise and benediction.

  • henry

    To Jerome

    Is it fun to change? You were, you no longer are, you are again, and who knows how long. You change from believing the truth to something else believing you have the truth. You post verses and try and use them to your new truths.

    You are no different then Christendom,or JW,or BSs.

    We encourage discussion, for we may all be wrong, or maybe we will all be right. But have fun while you are here.

    Be busy in the work of the Lord.

  • I appreciate reading articles as this, I really do. And, I see the deep emotional scars people joining religious organizations receive. Yet, if they reject membership (attachment) to ALL religious organization and attached themselves to Christ as they have been commanded, such scar tissue would not exist.

    And when I read such stories I am struck by a disturbing commonality it all of them: The persons were ONCE convinced that they were “in the truth” and another “organization” comes along sells them the same convincing “type” messages as the Watch Tower did and they jump over into that organization; once again convinced they are in the truth. Once again being set up for scarring again because in time, they might learn that THE TRUTH is not a book, a human or a human agency – But Christ HIMSELF. (John 14:6)

    Then, like the Watch Tower organization, “The Bible” is given more preference over the person who “is” The Word of God and who The Most High God said we are to listen to.

    These persons begin once again follow an organizations lead and teaching concerning so-called prophetic dates such as 1874 and 1914 completely ignoring what Jesus said at Matthew 24:36, Matthew 24:42 and Acts 1:7 concerning the knowing of such things.

    They, like the Watch Tower, speak of being “Bible Students.” Yet, the Bible is not our teacher so that we are it’s student. And, no book can be above the Son of God as teacher. We are to be students (disciples) of Christ as he is our ONLY Teacher. (John 8:31-32, John 13:13, Matthew 23:8, Matthew 28:19-20)

    Yet very few, if any speak of being Christs disciples (students). The Bible has replaced replaced him and stands in a place – a holy place – that only The Son of God can stand as God chose him and placed him there: What is that holy place? The Word of God (Gods Chosen Spokesman).

    A former Jehovah’s Witness myself of over 25 years (by disassociation) fully understand articles such as these. However, I am afraid that people simply free themselves from on owner to be taken captive by another. They align themselves behind “organizations” that do not elevate to utmost importance and prominence, Christ himself. It is the organization itself, it’s founder(s), and the Bible that is given prominence and that are “followed.”

    Christs command at Matthew 28:19-20 (aling with John 8:31-32) was NOT for us to make “Bible Students” (disciples of the Bible), or International Bible Students, or Jehovah’s Witnesses or disciples under any other religious organization or man-made title; his command was that we make disciples to “him.” (A Person)

    Yet, it is men and their organizations who are insistent on usurping in people what is Christs. It is men who create organizations, slap fancy names on them, sell the notion that God is with them, and walla, they have converts to themselves.

    Yet, no human or human agency paid for any human so as to own them and be their Master, Christ paid. Thus, he is our owner and Master and only the owner can accept or dispose of his property.

    Man has only one Head and Master and it is not ANY organization. It is Christ himself. (1 Cor 11:3)

    I am afraid for many of you as you WANT to be a captive to organizations. Christ set you free and you allow yourselves to be re-enslaved.

    There is no freedom in ANY religious organization, human or human agency, only captivity and control. What is more, the taking of captives is what “religious organization” seeks and insists upon. It insists upon people joining THEM (organizations) rather than an attachment to “the person” of Christ apart from THEM. This is most curious.

    It is almost as if people cannot put faith in that which they cannot see: God and Christ. For them, there has to be a “visible” entity that they can look to and “go into.” Such is faithlessness.

    These organizations the modern day “Golden Calf.” While the Master has been away, people have stood up substitutes. Today’s world has made the same mistake the ancient Hebrews made when Moses went up into the mountain to receive God’s law.

    The “religious organizations” of today are “Aaron” who create these modern-day idols (organizations) so that people support (worship) them.

    The Word of God (Christ) is not what they hearing. They are hearing the voice of “the organization” and the men behind them (such as Charles Taze Russell, J.F. Rutherford, The Pope, Joseph Smith, Ellen White, etc) none of whom is The Word of God. Yet, they are all revered by their respective membership.

    And no one sees anything wrong with this? Are people so misled that they have been blinded not to see that Christ is not in front of them? Organizations are.

    The Apostle Paul knew:

    “For such freedom Christ set us free. Therefore stand fast, and do not let yourselves be confined AGAIN in a yoke of slavery.” (Gal 5:1)

    • Thanks Jerome for commenting and for mentioning that you understand the questions involved regarding my article. How long was it since you left the witnesses? and what was it that made you questioning them? The reason for me wondering that has to do with the fact that i have met so many witnesses that left the “organisation” and became extremely bitter. I absolutely understand in the fullest sense, the pain that is involved when all you have invested in becomes devastated and as an extra thing put upon them, they are being disfellowshipped, not being able to even say hi to friends you have had for maybe 20 – 25 years. This is absolutely disqusting.

      I hope you can tell me more about your experiances and I just want to mention something.

      When we get old we tend to reflect over our life and try to make sense of what we have done with it. Sometimes people have problems dealing with those things that they feel ashamed of or regret. But we have to know that some of the things we have experienced might have told us something important or made us more wise. I learnt much when i was among the witnesses and I loved to preach, I did alot of preaching I loved to go from door to door and had many intersting conversations. Some of them told me much both about the bible and also about humans and their life.

      After we have left we can find that some of the things we have been through actually told us something important and some things maybe not, but in all we grew and we came nearer to God and Christ, it is all about a process. God lets us learn through experiences.

      Also as biblestudents we have to be responsible for our own life and how we grow as Christians. If we put more emphasis on Russel than we should, we will probably be reminded of that. By God somewhere in the process.

      Also your comments told me to be openminded and on the watch for any kind of man worship either for an organisation or for a man such as Russel or Rutherford.

      Ps: What do you think about the studies in the scriptures? Have you read them?

      In Christ

    • Peter K. (admin)

      Jerome – In the past it does not seem that you pay any attention to my response, however let me try one more time. The Bible Students are NOT an organization. Each congregation is independent of the other. The Holy Spirit ties us together in love. There is no administrative office, president or governing body of the Bible Students. Each congregation elects its own elders annually. We are managed through the Holy Spirit from the bottom up, not from the top down like in Church denominations and the JW Organization.

  • Dupin

    Thank you for sharing your testimony Kent.

    The “Sister” you mentioned who committed suicide because she was so lonely is somebody I can sympathize because I went through something similar during my years as a single Witness and had no real friends for most of that time before somebody introduced me to the lady I married. She lived 100 miles away. That’s the way it often is among the Witnesses in my area. If one doesn’t marry before 20 they are often viewed with suspicion and often find themselves socially on the outside. Unless there are other singles close by one can associate with things get mighty lonely.

    I’m glad you found us and now have a measure of peace I’m sure will increase.


  • Jacqueline

    Dawn I will let Kent know you have commented. Okay. His time is almost opposite of ours. And it is so nice having you here. Have you told your experience before on the site? If not could you share it with us please? You are like me, I am just so glad to have found the Bible Students. I tell everybody that listens that I have found them.(witnesses). Some of them look it up on the internet because they will drop a thought or so on who the Bible Students are. Did you fade or just walk away or disassociate or Df. It helps others that are struggling to know the outcome of each exit so they can decide how to break free. It is not easy.
    In Christian love Jacqueline

  • Dawn Schramm

    Thank you for your personal testimony. It is a lonely time when you leave the “organization”. I disassociated myself about 9 months ago. You feel like there is no place to go. I am so happy that I found Bible Students! I finally feel freedom in Christ instead of bondage. I am so happy for you that you found freedom as well!

  • Jacqueline

    Kent, I want to commend you for your courage in sharing your story. It is a shame that an organization says an adult can’t have a thought other than theirs on the bible. Even more reprehensible is, there are men, so called elders that will carry out their deeds to publicly disfellowship a person when they alone know the person has not violated the word of God.
    This however has proved to be a blessing for many caught up in that man made, money grabbing organization parading in the name of God.
    Now, they will not write you back if you send a letter, they immediately send out the apostasy committee. Isn’t it so nice to be free to think, speak and walk about without the fear instilled in witnesses in the KH. So many young ones have had problems growing up in such an environ to their detriment. Thank you, Jacqueline

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