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How J. F. Rutherford Consolidated Dictitorial Power

Click here for this amazing historical book from 1930  –  Desolations of the Sanctuary 1929

This book chronicles the doctrinal and prophetic changes Rutherford made and explains how these changes were all for the purpose of transferring influence from Russell to Rutherford and for consolidating dictatorial power around the new movement, later to be name the Jehovah’s Witnesses. The book was written by early Watchtower brothren – EMIL and OTTO SADLACK – of Angerburg (East Prussia) Germany

It did not take long till the idea (at first cautiously advanced) that the Society alone could teach, expound, etc., took firmer shape. Soon (by the end of 1922) the Society, under the leadership of its president, gave out peremptorily the axiom that independent private “interpretation” (which Brother Russell scripturally gave out as our principal task) was of Satan!! New light can only proceed from the “proper source, ” through “lawfully” appointed servants of the Lord, i.e., through the society, of course. The president wrote in the official organ: “Let no one flatter himself into believing that the Lord has specially authorized him to provide food for the household of faith by interpreting the Scriptures; for the Scriptures are not of private interpretation. The Lord reveals his Word through his appointed means.“”

The book has German Watchtower references.  We are looking for volunteers to find and replace these with the actual American Watchtower references.  (i.e. Watchtower year, month and page #.)



  • The conflict between light and darkness, between truth and error, from Paradise onward to the first advent of Christ.
  • Continuation of the conflict, from the first advent of Christ to the present time (to Brother Russell’s appearance).
  • The latest movement. Its richly blessed way. Its mission and its final fall.


  • The omniscience of God.
  • Satan in heaven.
  • The outpouring of the Spirit of God upon all flesh.
  • Elijah—Elisha.
  • The entering into the joy of the Lord.
  • The riding upon white horses— Revelation 19:11-21.
  • “This gospel of the kingdom”—Matthew 24:14.
  • The vengeance upon Babylon.
  • Character development.
  • The treasure in an earthen vessel—2 Corinthians 4:7.
  • The angel with the golden censer—Revelation 8:3.
  • “1914”—”1918″—”1921″—”1925″—”Time is no more.”
  • The trial of the ancient worthies. Is it past or future?
  • The parable of the sheep and the goats.
  • The execution of the judgments written, according to Psalms 149.
  • “The Finished Mystery.” Also: The “Millions” booklet and “Millions” message. The shortening of the tribulation. “Deliverance.” “Bible students’ yearbook 1927.”
  • The parable of the wise and foolish virgins.
  • Further erroneous teachings of the Watch Tower Society: (The secret place of the Most High. The laying of the precious stone in Zion. The highway for mankind.
  • Christ’s second advent. The judgment of the church. Errors in the Bible? “Thy kingdom come.” “The servant,” the “prison,” the “prisoners,” the “desolated heritages,” The angel flying in the midst of heaven. The golden girdles of the seven angels.).
  • The work of the Lord.
  • Organization.

5 comments to How J. F. Rutherford Consolidated Dictitorial Power

  • Wild Olive

    My father met the Judge when he was touring Australia back in the early 30s.
    He happened to mention this about one year after I got baptised into the Jw faith,when I found out that my Dad had met the Judge I was ecstatic,wow what a privilege!
    Full of youthful enthusiasm and a spot of hero worship,I asked Dad what was the Judge like?
    His answer was was straight and to the point,Judge Rutherford was an alcoholic bully.
    Needless to say I just couldn’t accept that,time and study has however proved my Dads words spot on.

    • Peter K. (admin)

      Wild Olive – Very interesting. Have you heard any other first hand account stories of Rutherford or any other high ranking leaders?

  • Anonymous

    no human leader

    the first two imply a human leader, which I am not

    our work is an individual mission, individuals serving God in their own way.

    the following annoucement shall appear in each issue of the WT, followed by the names of the editorial commitee.

    because the next issue was ready to go before his death it was put in the following. two of the five gave resignation letters do to making a living and not being able to live close to Brooklyn. So a Mr. Hirsh and a Mr Rutherford where added and his will and those names were in that issue.


  • Dupin

    That’s an interesting post Keepha.

    Jesus’ humility, that he would lower himself to come down here and do what he did. God’s love in working that arrangement out makes both worthy of my love as well as if they needed to be worthy for the likes of me.

    Rutherford was ambitious, that’s a fact. He apparently didn’t do much work on his character as his actions seem to show. I’m not one who lets the results of that and how they affected my life to stand between me and my savior as well as his God and mine.

  • Keepha

    How could a brother who claimed to have love for his brothers administrate a hostile take over something he did not start? He was dismissed from Bethel and then proceeded to come back and take over as some kind of supposed heir. That’s why I love Jesus the Messiah because he was so humble, that he never let the fact that he was truly God’s son make him conceited. Rutherford seems to have been strong willed with out regard to his brother’s conscience.

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