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How Do We Manage Guilt?

We have all made mistakes in our lives and we have all had the experience of carrying those mistakes with us often unnecessarily in the form of guilt.  Left unattended, guilt like this can turn to shame which can bring darkness.  How does a Christian overcome deep and debilitating guilt and shame over past mistakes?  Because we are sinners, aren’t we inherently guilty?  Is guilt good?  Is guilt bad? How does the Bible say we should deal with this?  Stay with us!

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3 comments to How Do We Manage Guilt?

  • paula

    I really needed to hear this talk.. Thank you.. i was raised in the truth, and my mother is still a Jehovah’s witness.. I kinda stumbled upon this site and it was just the talk i needed to hear.. I been dealing with guilt for a long while.. Jehovah works in mysterious ways.. i was really down yesterday and what a coincidence a sister on field service just so happened to stop me on my way to the park with my 2 kids.. gave me a couple magazines and really bettered my day.

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