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Is Israel Fulfilling Bible Prophecy Today???

Consider this question: If Jehovah has rejected the Jews (natural Israel) and has cast them out of their land forever, how then, in these end times, have they defied Jehovah and returned to their land establishing a nation, against His will?  Is that a reasonable conclusion?  No.  Had Jehovah been against the Jews, they would never have survived as a people all these centuries, let alone re-establish their nation.  Why do you think Jehovah, has permitted this?  In fact, find out why, as the early Watchtower taught, that Jehovah has directed it!!!

See Israel’s dynamic history march across the screen in dramatic film footage. Witness the miraculous fulfillment of Bible prophecy that marks us in End-Times. Explore exciting archaeological discoveries that confirm Israel’s historic right to the Land. Learn why Jerusalem is the indivisible capital of Israel. Discover the unique and separate destiny of God’s chosen people.  Peace in the Middle East will finally be realized when Israel fulfills her role in God’s plan for world peace. (Produced by Christians for Israel’s Biblical Land Rights)

Click here to watch Israel Fulfilling Bible Prophecy:

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