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Recently, the Governing Body has modified the definition of the Faithful and Discreet Slave to exclusively apply to themselves and to not include the thousands of other anointed.

In the past, Jehovah’s Witnesses have believed that The Faithful and Discreet Slave is the collective body of “anointed” Christians alive on earth and that they exercise teaching authority in all matters pertaining to doctrine and articles of faith.  This belief is based on an interpretation of Matthew 24:45-47.

Watch Tower Society publications teach that Jesus uses this group exclusively “to publish information on the fulfillment of Bible prophecies and to give timely direction on the application of Bible principles in daily life as the only means of communicating God’s messages to people.  Hence, it is referred to as God’s “prophet and “channel”.

Appointments to positions of responsibility and decisions on doctrines, activities and oversight of Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide are made by the members of the Governing Body, who are said to serve as representatives of the “slave class”.  However no global network of anointed Witnesses exists to reveal new spiritual truths, and the remainder of the “slave class” are not consulted when making decisions.

Recently, some members of the anointed class wrote the Governing Body disagreeing with the way they were treating God’s household and questioning some of the teachings.  The Governing Body has permanently resolved this problem of dissent by cutting the other anointed out of the Faithful and Discreet Slave class, thereby completely consolidating their power and eliminating all opposition.

Do you believe the Faithful and Discreet Slave class of Matt 24:45-47 is:

* The Governing Body
* All “Anointed” JWs
* All “Anointed” Christians, even if not JWs
* C.T. Russell
* Not sure of the answer
* Other (Explain by posting a comment)

How would you apply the verses in Matt 24:45-47?

We would love to hear your thoughts.



“Reports are emerging of an announcement at the 128th Annual Meeting of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania that the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses now considers itself to be the Faithful and Discreet Slave Class of Matthew 24:45 in its entirety.”

“Suspicions were raised in the minds of many thinking Witnesses after reading articles such as the Questions From Readers of the August 15th 2011 Watchtower, where it was admitted that the Governing Body has no actual communication with memorial partakers (the “anointed”) and even feels that some of these ones may be mentally imbalanced. (see w11 8/15 p. 22)”

Find the source of this information here:

I am not totally satisfied that this new change is well documented, so if anyone has additional concrete information or support, please share it with us.



  • humbleman

    Hi Anonymous before we go deeper into who the great crowd are. do you believe the group in Zechariah 14 v16-19 are the great crowd from Revelation 7 ?

  • Anonymous

    Thank You Peter;

    He played a major role in starting the WT magazine, but had help, so who ever helped him start it helped get started the magazine the organization still uses. But CTR himself was learning things from other men of faith who he shared some of the things he learned from them. February 16, 1881 Zion’s Watch Tower Tract Society was formed, with W.H. Conley as president and C.T. Russell as secretary and treasurer.

    So who was the founder of the WT?


  • Anonymous

    To Peter K.;

    No I was not referring to the great crowd, but to ask a quick question on the great crowd could you tell me why they are having tears wipe away from their eyes and and be shephered to fountains of waters of life? Compare the following,”And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will morning nor outcry nor pain be anymore.” “And he showed me a river of water of life, clear as a crystal, flowing out from the throne of God and the Lamb down the middle of its broad way. And on this side of the river and on that side there were trees of life producing twelve crops of fruit, yielding their fruits each month. And the leaves of the trees were for the curing of the nations.” Rev 21:4;22:1,2.

    And at Rev 21:6,”To anyone thirsting I will give from the fountain of the water of life free.”

    Vol IV PAGES 654-656,”in the end of the Millenium, all the willing righteous shall have reached perfection, or been reunited with Jehovah, and all the unwilling shall have been destroyed.”-Acts 3:23; Rev. 20:9 “which under the symbol of living waters proceeding from the throne of the Millennial Kingdom, show us the restitution blessings under the symbols of”waters of life” to which whosoever will may come and drink freely, and fruitful trees of life everlasting whose leaves will heal repentant peoples of earth of all imperfections….Num. 14:21;Isa. 11:9; Habak 2:14

    With the bride I can find them being bought from the earth. Rev. 14:3 That says 144,000 in the same verse. Only Rev 21:4 and 7:17 we find tears being wiped out. Now where with the 144,000 for they will be spirits bought from the earth, flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of heaven. No tears exisit.And on page 644 of the same book he shows Rev 21:4 he shows it to be people on earth. Rev 7:17,”fountains of waters of life.”And Rev 21:6;22:1,17 say water of life free,or water of life,or wishes takes life’s water free.” And Rev 7:17 says,”fountains of waters of life.” Rev 21:6,”fountain of water of life free.” to who? The 144,000? No! To anyone thirsting! The great crowd being apart of that large group of anyone. Because the great crowd come through the Great tribulation the Account at 21:6 is after they proved their faithfulness when Satan was let out for a short while.

    No where does it ever show the great crowd being bought from the earth or dying.


    • Peter K. (admin)

      Henry – To summarize, I think you are saying that tears are wiped from the world of mankind in the kingdom (Rev 21:4) and the Great Crowd (Rev 7:17), therefore it seems the great Crowd is an earthly class, particularly since a heavenly class would not have literal tears. Another reason to distinguish the Great Crowd from the 144,000 is that they are ultimately a heavenly class that was bought, but not the Great Crowd.

      The “Great Crowd” is described in other ways in the Bible, just as the 144,000 are also called “sheep,” “the bride of Christ,” “Virgins,” etc. Not only are the 144,000 “bought,” but everyone delivered from sin and death are ultimately “bought” with the Ransom price of Jesus perfect human life sacrificed in place of Adam.

      1Co 6:20 says, “For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.” This verse applies to all those Anointed, spirit begotten, baptized into Christ. In this Gospel Ages, among this New Creation, some will be faithful unto death and win the race, gain the crown of the Divine Nature, membership into the 144,000. Others will fall short and not receive the reward, but be “saved so as by fire” (1 Cor 3:10-15). These are the “Great Crowd.”

      Keep in mind that there can be similarities between people and classes, but that doesn’t by itself prove other conclusions. Ultimately Jehovah wipes away the tears of all who follow Him, evenly the heavenly 144,000. Tears can be metaphorical of sadness. In Jeremiah 14:17 God speaks of shedding “tears day and night” for the “daughter of my people” (KJV). We know God is Spirit and would not literally cry, so this is metaphorical of sadness.

      You can find more on this discussion at this link:

  • Anonymous

    To Peter K. from Henry;

    I went to read the article on founder at the JW site. The last sentence read, “Since Jesus is the Founder of Christianity, we view him as the founder of our organization.”

    • Peter K. (admin)

      Henry – Thanks. Does it seem to you then that the JW Organization no longer recognizes Charles Taze Russell as their founder?

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Peter K.;

    Will read it tommorrow as time is fleating now. But here is how I am sure we can maybe agree. Gen 3:15 Right away God had a plan. Jesus showed up on earth a part of the plan. He died, and the apostles kept the plan going. Those that learned kept it going, but the enemy had a plan, get many many more people to be look alikes and it was hard to find the needle in the hay stack. At a later time frame it was time to start showing what the difference between a lookalike and areal one was. First on the seen was the Elijah class, and then those that followed. So can we agree it started with God, then Jesus setting it in more motion and then the apostles and to agree we will stop with the Elijah class? If we agree that far, I think I can prove by using the nominal church as the Pastor refered to them in helping identify where it went from then.

    • Peter K. (admin)

      Anonymous – Maybe you can come up with a pen name to use on this site. It would feel more warm and personal to us.

      I think I basically agree with what you said. Let me just elaborate that I believe the Elijah class includes those who are “anointed” (begotten by the holy spirit as New Creatures in Christ Jesus). These are consecrated, baptized, sanctified to the purpose of the heavenly call. There is this “one hope of our calling” (Eph 4:4).

      You said, “First on the scene was the Elijah class, and then those that followed.” By “those who followed” I believe you are probably referring the Great Crowd on earth. However, I believe the Great Crowd is a secondary heavenly class of those “running the race” (1 Cor 9:24-25; Phil 3:14) for the “heavenly call” (Col 1:5; Heb 3:1) who do not succeed in getting the crown/reward of the divine nature. Find more here: However, they will serve in the Heavenly Temple, just as the Levites supported the Priests in the temple service.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you again Peter K.;

    I have read that a number of times. And if Pastor Russell was used by God, can we assume that if his will was not followed that means God nolonger backs it?

    When the king of Israel started, was it not in the law that a son of the king would follow? Granted the first king and his son were killed and then David became king and he was not Saul’s son. So did this mean God was nolonger with them? No, God was still with them. What about when 10 tribes were ripped away from Rehoboam? No God was still with the two tribes, and he tried helping the ten, and some responded.

    So far we can agree, things happen at the top but God is still there. But eventually the ten tribe was taken down and dismantled and gone. As individuals they could still come back to the two tribes where God still was.

    1 Kings 11:3,”Athalia ruled the country.” Was this right? Was she righteous and God’s pick? What happened to the king before her? 1 Kings 9:27,”They shot him down in his chariot.” Why was Ahaziah shot down? Was he a righteous king? No he was not a good king. But that brings us to the next ruler. 1 Kings 11:1,”As soon as Athaliah mother of Ahaziah saw that her son was dead, she set out to destroy the royal line.”

    Lets think about that. A woman who should have been reared knowing God and teaching her children. She did not teach her children, but how could she, when she didn’t follow it herself. For example the ten commandments. Thou shall not murder. “set out to destroy the royal line. How sucsessful was she? Killed them all but one, because her sister hid the young boy. Anumber of years later she was put to death and the young boy became king.

    Why would Satan been happy if she killed them all? And why did she fail? It would have broke the chain leading to Jesus and God stepped in to prevent that from happening.

    So the story of who should see to the WT to keep going and be president. Well like John the Baptist and those he baptized they were ready to meet the Messiah to become followers and do his work. Likewise in more modern times, the Elijah class were setting up old Bible truths and bringing them to light. So when the Messiah took his kingship a group was there also. But just like back in the old days John the Baptist said I must go on decreasing and him increasing.

    How well do the GB think of Pastor Russell? On page 177 of the 2013 yearbook it shows a picyure of him and a map and a train and a couple of boxes with writing in. Here is what it says above the map.


    Even with my glasses I can’t pick up what it says in a small third box, but the other two read. “C. Wells
    The other reads. “Pastor Russell of Brooklyn(Tabernacle), N.Y.,preaches to eleven million people every week through the thousand leading newspapers of United States, Canada and Great Britain, which publish his SundaY sermons.

    Are you reading them? If not,write for sample to the Brooklyn Tabernacle, 13 Hicks Street.


  • Anonymous

    Peter K.;

    Again thank you. Where you mentioned Brother Russell and all the other anointed were of the Elijah class, keep in mind it was taken from the Studies. So although I typed it, it was from the Pastor himself about the Elijah class.

    Did John the Baptist set up any organized structure? I could not find one. Did Jesus? Well Mat 10,Luke 8,9,10, show him setting up the preaching work. And for good reason, because right before going to heaven he told them, IT WILL CONTINUE ON. Caps mine. Also when after eating their passover meal and Judas had departed he instituted the Lord’s evening meal with the unleaved bread and wine. And he said keep doing this in remembrance.

    This work was set up in an organized fashion. First through guidence, another apostle was picked. At that time they didn’t just all go their own way and start doing their own thing in a disorganized way. The apostles were teaching many and thousands got baptized and saved. Acts chapter two. As the truth spread groups were formed and learning was being passed to new ones including the Gentiles now. Why after Pauls conversion he was going to places who had organized meetings going on. And Acts chapter 15 shows where instruction came out of a certain group of anointed ones for all who would listen to it. When persecution broke out one disciple went into Samaria and just like Jesus found people interested. So much so a couple of apostles went to assist. Simply put, the apostles listened and got reports and they acted on it. Disorganized people have a knack of not listening or understanding things, and keeping things in a mess and can’t find things. That was not the case.

    Consider 1 John 3:11,”For the message you heard from the beginning.” 1:5,”Here is the message we heard from him and pass it on to you.” He ends this letter with the words,”My children, be on the watch against false gods.” Of coarse there are many other places showing the great organization of God’s people. How immporant was the message? 1 John 1:7 Please read. When you read it, what word comes to your mind?

    My personal feeling Peter, because many Bible Students learn from you is to educate them that CTR and fellow anointed ones were of the Elijah class.

    Have a great day!

    • Peter K. (admin)

      Anonymous – Thanks. Yes I agree that CTR and all the anointed (spirit begotten New Creatures in Christ) were pictured in type by Elijah.

      Of interest might be this link from the JW official website: http://www.jw.org/en/jehovahs-witnesses/faq/founder/
      It points to Jesus as the Founder of the JW Organization (i.e. Christianity) and Brother Russell as an important person among a group of Bible Students who began the modern day Jehovah’s Witnesses at the end of the 19th century. I personally do not agree that Brother Russell or this group of Bible Students founded the JW Organization. I attribute that to JF Rutherford.

  • Anonymous

    Again, thank you Peter K.;

    In my reasearch, C.T.R. was responsible for starting the WT Magazine. But seeing how we are talking about start lets realize God’s plan was to send His Son. His son said everything I speak is from the Father. So starting point, God, gives to Son, Gives to Apostles, gives to others, others give to others. Can I name them all? No! Why not, at least the ones in the Bible who were of the little flock? Because I, nor any other human knows if all them names were faithful. Plus after John passed true ones become hard to identify. History has shown seveal individuals who may or may not have been. Don’t know. But the Elijah class which CTR was a part of started to put Bible truths out to the world. Ans from his start he came with more and more, and some got changed. He felt the WT was a channel God used. And he thought it would be remarkable if God did not continue to use it after his death.
    So I will have to wait for you to show me where the GB says CTR did not start the WT. As long as the GB says CTR was responsible for starting it. I will have to wait.

    • Peter K. (admin)

      Anonymous – Thanks again. Maybe you are correct. When is the last time a Watchtower Publication referred to Russell as their founder?

      I was wondering if the Governing Body is gradually moving away from that position by implying that just like John the Baptist pointed the people to the coming Christ, so Brother Russell pointed the people to God’s coming Organization. However, I really don’t know. I am just wondering.

      You mentioned that Brother Russell felt God would continue to use the Watchtower after His death. This would be a reasonable assumption based on the plan laid out in Brother Russell’s Will and the Watchtower bylaws. However, Rutherford declared the bylaws illegal and disregarded Russell’s Will in his hostile takeover. Click here for more:

  • Anonymous

    To Peter K.;

    As always thank you.

    Vol I,II and III forward all have it. Two were printed in 1907 and the other 1906. “Our Society, realizing the need, is seeking to all in its to stem the tide and lift up the Lord’s “standard for the people.”
    1. “Our Society realizing the need.” The dictionary on the word Society. 1. a body of individuals living as members of a community. 2. human beings collectively. 3. a system of human organization for large-scale community living. 4. an organized group for a particular purpose or common interest. 5. the fashionable or wealthy class. 6. companionship or company.
    Which fits the best? To me, it is number four.

    The dictionary on realizing, 1. to grasp or understand clearly. 2. to make real or fulfill, as a plan. 3. to obtain as profit for oneself. 4. to bring as proceeds, as from a sale. 5. to convert into cash as securities.
    Which fits best? Number one and two.
    And could we say they were an organized group with a plan? And could we say they were using their brains together? And dis they believe they were being used by God and the other nominal churches were not being used by God? Were they sucsessful, or did they fail?
    Should maybe, he should not have used the word Society? 4. an organized group!

    Vol II page 253,”So it is true of the Church-it does the predicted Elijah work “in the spirit and power of Elijah”. Right here we see, he says the Church is doing the Elijah work and has,”in the spirit and power.” His writings show that they as anointed had power.

    252 ,”the Church in the flesh is the Elijah.”…”Not the nominal Church.” 251, “So, likewise, only on the larger scale, the real and greater Elijah has failed to convert and prepare the world.”

    He shows that John the Bapizer represented Elijah and he failed to get everyone on board that he was sent to. Likewise the Elijah Class which he was a part of failed to convert the world.

    But he showed the positive end result. Vol I page 69,”The present earth(human society as now organized under Satan’ control.) …It will be succeeded by”a new earth,” i.e., society reorganized.”
    He thus sees a organized society for the future. People organized!!!

    • Peter K. (admin)

      Anonymous – Thanks again for your comments. Let me summarize what I think you are saying. The early Watchtower under Russell was an organized Group. They were the Elijah class (also called the John the Baptist class) whom Jehovah blessed. The future earthly kingdom will be organized.

      I think you are implying that the organized early Watchtower naturally transitioned into a similar Watchtower Organization after Russell’s death.

      In fact, although the early Watchtower Society was organized, it was never an authoritative organization that controlled Bible Student Congregations. As a matter of fact, in Volume 6, Brother Russell emphatically taught the opposite, that to control the congregations was to be like the nominal churches that controlled their people. In Volume 6, he encouraged Christian liberty and the responsibility of the congregations to elect their own elders and make their own decisions, independent of any earthly authority, but subject the the heavenly authority of Jesus and Jehovah. We have provided quotes and references in various articles. For example click here: and click here:

  • Anonymous

    To Peter K.;

    Lets start with what we agree on. 1. CTR is in heaven as a member of the 144,000. 2. Jesus the only way to the Father. John 14:6 3. The whole Bible inspired. 2 Tim 3:16,17. 4. will try to read your article.
    Lets take your words,”I am speculating on their motive.” 1.It appears they are dimishing his role. We disagree on that one. 2. To discourage looking at his techings. Again I disagree, I have Vol I and II right in front of me.
    Now the next series of points basically leads to becoming an apostate on your thinking.
    The GB is the Supreme Authority. I would need to see where they claim that. Can’t challenge the GB? I fwe believe the Bible is teaching something different?
    Vol II Forward, Our Society, realizing the need, is seeking to do all in its power to stem the tide, and lift up the Lord’s “standard for the people.”
    CTR uses the words, Our Society.” And he shows to claim to have “power”, and this power was, “to stem the tide.” And was it not going to attempt to “lift up the Lord’s, “standard for the people?”
    So the group who made up that Society and claim to have power, and show they are going to tell people not of their own how to lift up their standards in life according to what they say. By,Forward Vol II,”We invite Christian people of all denominations to join us in the work of extending these”helping hands” to the rising generation.”
    Consider page 264,”whether future developments shall prove that we have read the prophetic testimony correctly or in correctly.” In the first one, same page,”when the kings of the earth stand up, and, with the religious rulers of the people.” When CTR passed away he was riding freely on a train going to give a talk. Number one did not happen to him.
    For number two he says the following on same page,”So, then, in the present due time, we see that Elijah the prophet came, as foretold,before the great and notable day of the Lord. And we hear his closing testimony, like that of John.” Last two words unto next page. Vol II 1889. And we are both in agreement that he saw this ending in 1914. So how can we harmonize all these things with the Bible?
    Acts chapter 1:15 shows about 120 men ans women gathered together. And right after that Peter stood up and took control. Do we find anyone saying, who gave you the authority? He starts using the Hebrew Scriptures and explaining things. Do we find anyone saying, I see those verse meaning something else? They then pick a replacement off of that for Judas Iscariot. Do we find anyone saying, I thought it should have been so and so, so lets spend all week redoing it? I can’t agree with this new arrangment, we should just keep it as it is. WE don’t find these things in the Bible do er?
    Acts 2:42,”They met constantly to hear the apostles teach.” Do we hear the othe 108 saying why can’t we teach? THousands were added that day. WOW! And no record of telling the apostles thet don’t have the right. Why? Because that is how Jehovah and Jesus set it up. And you and I will probaly agree those other 108 would get plenty of time to preach and teach.
    When all is said and done, CTR and the GB and BS all have power, and all try to do what they think is right. But one thing we must always remember is right from God’s own people the following can happen. All verse from here on out Young’s Translation. Is 30:1,”Wo to apostate sons, The affirmation of Jehovah!…So as to add sin to sin.” What didn’t God’s people want, and what did they want? 9,10,”Sons not willing to hear the law of Jehovah. Speak to us smooth things, prophesy deceits.” All three groups have seen this happen. And when one sees the Bible in a different light, that person may have done what verse 11 says,”Cause to cease from before us the Holy One of Israel.” And thus all three Groups have seen people leave their teachings because they see a new light. Did not have that propblem at Acts 1 and 2 did we?

    • Peter K. (admin)

      Anonymous – Thanks for your interesting discussion. I am sorry for being late in responding.

      You disagree with the JW Organization wanting to discourage looking at Brother Russell’s teachings. Perhaps you are right that this is not their motive here. As you noted, I was speculating. However, wouldn’t you agree as a general rule, that the JW Organization discourages looking at “old light?”

      Regarding the question of whether the Governing Body is the supreme authority, are you indicating that it would be okay to disagree with recent statement’s in a Watchtower magazine? You feel the congregation elders would permit that?

      Your quote is not in the Vol II 1916 Forward. Was this in an earlier edition or another volume forward? At any rate, if Brother Russell did say this, he only meant it in the sense we might say when we want to “do all in our power.” This is not talking about organizational authority. The word “society” had quite a different meaning in Brother Russell’s day. It was not an authoritative organization. In Volume 6, Brother Russell clearly lays out that there is to be no head of the Church other than Jesus and that the congregation members should elect their own elders.

      I am not clear on your question on 1914. I think Brother Russell correctly identified that date as the ending of Gentile domination over the Jewish people. WWI also resulted in the end of church/state rule and the Kings (taking counsel against the Lord) lost their thrones.

      It would not have been reasonable for any to challenge the Apostles for teaching, as the Lord Jesus had chosen each one of them as His Apostles.

      • Peter K. (admin)

        Anonymous – Thanks again for some very thoughtful discussion.

        On point #1, Brother Russell actually applied the Abomination of Desolation to the Mass, which for the first time had been clearly identified and shown to the public as contracting Jesus’ Ransom Sacrifice.

        On point #2, Brother Russell saw most severe time as future from His writing and yes, I agree, it is still yet future.

        A distinction in Brother Russell’s treatment of the parallel trouble at the end of the Gospel Age is that Brother Russell focused on trouble in Christendom and the Harvest out of Christendom. Today’s Watchtower is applying the Abomination to the United Nations and applying the prophecies to worldwide false religion in contrast to Brother Russell focusing on Christendom.

        Yes, you are right that the Watchtower is not speaking badly of CTR. Do you feel the organization still views him as their founder?

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