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Listen to – Dealing with Doubts and Uncertainties when Leaving the Watchtower


Join us Friday evening, September 28th for a conference call on the topic:  Dealing with Doubts and Uncertainties When Leaving the Watchtower

This conference call hopes to provide comfort and consolation for present or Ex-JWs who are confronting the specter of rejection, excommunication, doubt, family splits and negative labeling.  These are real and very difficult realities for JWs searching for truth.

Some areas that might be discussed include:

  1. Doubt
  2. Rejection of Family and Friends
  3. Excommunication (Disfellowshipping)
  4. Marriage Splits
  5. Family Splits with other members of one’s family
  6. Tarnishing of Reputation, Negative Labeling (“apostate”)
  7. Emotional Distress
  8. Establishing a Prayer life without the Society

Listening to you and responding will be a team of four Bible Student elders.  This includes two former JWs, David Stein and Rolando Rodriguez as well as two other Bible Students elders, Len Griehs and Ric Cunningham.  They will be glad to share their insights from experience and scripture.We are handling the conference call differently this time.  At the beginning, we would like to open it up to you who are calling in and allow you to drive the discussion forward.  We want to hear your concerns, thoughts and questions.

Please tell your friends to come join us.  If you would like, mention us on your Facebook page.  Get the word our so more can participate.  We hope you can make it.



Conference Call Phone #:  213-226-0400

After connecting dial:  991337

Date:  September 28

Time:  7:00 pm Eastern, 6:00 pm Central and 4:00 pm West Coast

How to participate:
4 * – Self-Mute Line (toggle)
5 * – Raise Hand for Q&A

4 comments to Listen to – Dealing with Doubts and Uncertainties when Leaving the Watchtower

  • His teachings on Chronology have proven to be incorrect. That is the major problem with the WT religion is that they base their chronology on 607 BC and ending in 1914. The better understanding was taught by a Christian back in the late 1800′s named Dr Grattan Guiness who use the proper date of 604 and 1917 was the SPECIAL date as Yerusalem was liberated by the British General ALLANBY. This was the correct date as the Bible prophecies are all about the land of Israel. I believe that Gentile Christians were grafted into the Jewish rootstock and Yahweh’s Covenant people are still in that covenant today. The Lord God does not break his covenants and he intends that Israel and Jews will be saved. We are only saved by confessing Yeshua as Lord and King…not men in any shape or form. No I am not looked up to as we have a young Pastor that leads our fellowship.

    • Peter K. (admin)

      David Hall – Thanks David. Actually Charles Taze Russell taught very closely to what you are saying. He believed the Times if the Gentles prophecy pointed to the end of Gentle domination over the Jewish people. WWI resulted in the Balfour Declaration which set aside Palestine as the Jewish homeland. Also, Russell’s reference to the “Jewish Double” prophecy actually occurred in two stages:
      1878 – First Jewish settlement
      1948 – Israel becomes a nation

      These prophetic expectations becoming a reality help to strengthen our faith that Jehovah did provide a complete chronology in his Word so that we would be able to accurately apply the many time prophecies. See more on chronology by clicking here.

  • I just can not understand how anyone would want to go back in time and accept the teachings of Charles Taze Russell, when much of what he taught has proven to be false.

    The only truth to me is Jesus Christ and him crucified, so why do we need yet another icon to look to? He is the one who doubted Hell, taught against the Trinity and claimed the Rapture would happen in 1914.

    I am free from the Watchtower religion and now am safe in the knowledge that the ONLY TRUTH is Yeshua and him crucified and raised from the dead, soon to bring ALL enemies under his feet.


    Pastor David

    • Peter K. (admin)

      Pastor David – Since I presume that many in your Church respect you as their teacher, I do not understand why you would object to many who respect Pastor Russell as a helpful teacher; except that you have stated that he has been proven a false teacher. I really have never found fault with his teachings; however I invite you to present one specific false teaching of Brother Russell, then explain to us how his reasoning and scriptural evidence were not correct.

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