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Apostasy Trial Video – JW “Eric” from “JW Struggle” website disfellowshipped right before your very eyes

Brother Eric – Our prayers are with you as you are going through this very terrible trial.  We pray for you and your family and want to encourage you in every emotional and spiritual way possible.  We trust the Apostle Paul’s words, that “all things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to his purposes.” – Peter K

This is the live video of Eric from JWSTRUGGLE heresy trial. Go to part 3.

Part 4 is here and he is working on Part 5

Eric says, “My judicial trial is now over. The elders were not arrogant or mean spirited. Mutual respect was shown by all four of us, but these men were compelled to follow the Watchtower policy playbook, and by those standards of men they had no alternative but to disfellowship me. I do not blame them, and harbor no ill will towards them.

After much prayer I felt that I had to let my light shine, and that the Lord was with me, giving me the words that I should say. I was found guilty of “apostasy” as defined by the Watchtower Organization, and they will be announcing that I am no longer one of Jehovah’s Witnesses on Tuesday the 25th of September. I am not devastated, nor downhearted. Quite the contrary, as literally hundreds of people have been expressing their thanks and prayers in my behalf. It is overwhelming and very much a humbling experience for me.”

4 comments to Apostasy Trial Video – JW “Eric” from “JW Struggle” website disfellowshipped right before your very eyes

  • yes Randy you are right when you say one must live the masses to find the truth . Yes indeed I was amongst them for 10 years but left them 15 years , realasing now that the all thing is a fack . You see Randy I was told at the time by congrerant and elderly to live women alone and to seek the kingdom Mt6:33, so this to me means they do not have the truth because I am ask to look for the kingdom which means that I can not preach something which I do not have. Futher more I have realised that the truth preach by the witnesses is nothing more of the contant of the holy bible which most humans and churchs do have in any case our days. The only problem here is , that we have been hook’t by witnesses because of our lake of reeding’t . Please know that the truth is the bible alone and was set and finich’t a litel more than 1900 years ago, and no other truth can be added to’t.. only Hab2:3 wich stil awayt’s has to come on the world stage and that alone is the fulfillment of Jesus thought in Mt24:14 it Make’s one tink ient’t . These sisters which often swing there small asses always thinking there are spiritually stronger then brothers or man, they will have to give here some thought !. This message is not trusted but thrusted in there faces by john !.

  • Deone

    Eric, You did something I refused to do, and that was to sit down and express myself to a commitee.I just wrote a letter of disassociation from the Jw organization, similar to the one they told me to write to the Catholic Church 30 years earlier.I gave it to several close friends and to 3 congregations. At that time I told them to not bother calling me an apostate cause that is just one of the fear tactics they use. I’ve never looked back. I’m studing Pastor Russells writings and oh what an entirely different spirit that dear one has.
    Agreed with your points on the blood,cannibolism,UN thing.I also found that in Pastor Russells day they had withdrawal letters you could send for .Continue to draw near to Him and He will draw. near to you. Sincerely Deone

  • jacqueline

    I will pass that on to Erick. Thank you for your encouraging words for all of us. I like where you said truth is not revealed yet to the whole world. It is not yet the time for world conversion. In Christ

  • Randy

    Hello!…The awakening has begun.You followed your soul.The wheat has been separated from the thistle.Truth is given on an individual basis.If ones intention is to find truth and shout it to the world,then truth will remain hidden.If God wanted the world to know,they would.There is a reason God holds back truth until the time of testing.On an individual basis,truth can be found,depending on your intentions and motivations…Jesus said,”You must fast from the world to see the Father’s kingdom”(Gospel of Thomas)…In the same way,you must separate yourself from the masses to find truth.God has separated you for a purpose.You have been pointed into the direction of truth.Pursue it and reap the rewards and justice will come.Don’t limit yourself.Seeing what’s false is part of seeing what’s true.Seeing both builds the full picture and brings true understanding.I dare say,your future is brighter than you know.I have never been a part of any church of any denomination,but I know a true brother when one is presented.Your journey has just begun…God Bless…

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