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JW was Disfellowshipped for Going Back to Early Watchtower Roots

In 1984, Harrison Reed wrote a letter to the Dawn Bible Students explaining how he was disfellowshipped for going back to our Early Watchtower roots.  Read this amazing letter and follow Brother Reed on his journey beginning as a faithful follower of the Jehovah’s Witnesses.  Brother Harrison’s conscience is awakened as he considers how the Organization treats struggling members as compared to the example Jesus set.

He said, “As I studied Brother Russell’s writings, I grew… Now I was beginning to learn what was meant by, “The Truth shall make you free.”

 Read this letter by clicking below.

Harrison Pierce Reed III – Witness before Jws -8-27-1984

6 comments to JW was Disfellowshipped for Going Back to Early Watchtower Roots

  • Cb

    I’m a JW that’s been studying Russell’s books and all
    I can say is WOW!!

    This letter was really powerful to me



    • Jacqueline

      CB, I know the feeling, having been a witness for 61years I realized the first twelve I was a Bible Student. The things I am learning from Studies in the Scriptures are what I used to know. Such a change has taken place that there is not resemblance at all to the Jehovah witnesses.
      I remember once raising my hand in answer to the Circuit overseer’s question about the resurrection. I said the General resurrection of all of Adam’s offspring will be a joy. He reprimanded me publicly from the platform and asked me where did I get that. Now I know that all dying because of Adamic sin comes back. Even if they die at Armageddon as that is Adamic death and judgment is on the systems of this world and not individual humans until the 1,000 years.
      I wish our many witness brothers could understand this one truth! It would fill their hearts with joy to know our God is Just and will give all a chance during millennium.
      Take Care and thanks for commenting.

  • This experience is just like my. Praise be Jehovah because he is patient with us!

    In the Master service!

  • Anonymous

    the letter has been wiped out

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