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How Does the Holy Spirit Work?

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Christians everywhere talk about the Holy Spirit and how it generates influence, strength and peace in their lives. We all want more of it because we all see it as a way to continually draw closer to God through Jesus. But how does the Holy Spirit work? Does the Holy Spirit give us miraculous powers in the same way it did back in New Testament times? How do you know the Holy Spirit is working in your life?

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16 comments to How Does the Holy Spirit Work?

  • ari m davies

    This is our arimatthewdavies again the year is 2018 I would like to speak a little more about the Holy Spirit now the Bible says that God created Man In His Image male and female he made them so then let’s skip over to Romans chapter one where it tells us that the invisible things of God can be clearly seen by the things that he has created even his eternal power and godhead so men have no excuse essentially what does this mean let us be frank here and not mince words if God created Man In His Image male and female and Jehovah God is the father and Jesus Christ is his favorite number one son then the Holy Spirit must be the mother image in the family of God in further support of this idea I’m going to let you in on a little something that Jesus said that kind of gives this whole thing away Jesus said all manner of speech I can forgive against me but if you blaspheme against the Holy Spirit you will not be forgiven in this life nor the next now let us take Jesus Christ and dress him up in a red neck shirt blue jeans and a hat and will give him some redneck English here we go hey you can talk about me all you want but if you talk about my momma I’m going to whoop your butt! See that similarity there Jesus didn’t say that for nothing I’m not saying that God is made of Flesh but the male female and child is the divine order and God wants us to understand this God is not a three-headed God a Brahma Shiva and Vishnu! God is a father he has a wife like image he has many children both angelic and man who he has created and Through the Years I have come to understand the mothering of the Holy Spirit I was truly entertained by the movie and the book The Shack because the man that dreamed up this story actually added a down-home flavor to the god family well anyway I’ve spoken on the Holy Spirit many of times before and all I can say is be nice to Mom she cares about you be nice to Father Jehovah he doesn’t want to be your disciplinarian and get along with your older senior brother the king Jesus Christ hope this doesn’t rattle anybody’s cage again it’s just my opinion

  • Ari Matthew davies

    Dear administration. The holy spirit is a spirit with Jehovah’s direction behind it. Its not a person because you must have a body to be a person. But the holy sport is not mindless energy. It has Jehovah’s direction I can’t or won’t attempt to convince you of who or what the holy spirit is. Only Jehovah god or jesus can show you who or what it or him is.I ask only one thing of you pray to Jehovah god in jesus name to receive the holy spirit for 30 days. After that time would you please email me and tell me if you still believe that the holy spirit is only an energy force.I won’t say one more word. Thank you.

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