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How Does the Holy Spirit Work?

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Christians everywhere talk about the Holy Spirit and how it generates influence, strength and peace in their lives. We all want more of it because we all see it as a way to continually draw closer to God through Jesus. But how does the Holy Spirit work? Does the Holy Spirit give us miraculous powers in the same way it did back in New Testament times? How do you know the Holy Spirit is working in your life?

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11 comments to How Does the Holy Spirit Work?

  • arimatthewdavies

    Let me first thank those who encouraged me with their kind comments,it so much needed I feel old grey and unneeded at times! now as to celebrateing… you do not have to stop celebrateing just because pagans are doing the same! shall I stop breathing because pagans are breathing at the same time? no of course not! so if you want to give each other gifts and eat a festive dinner, do it with zeal for Jehovah and king jesus! just don’t do a pagan ritual and say that’s how we celebrate jesus..their is no harm in decorateing with trees bobles and gifts in itself.but nimrod was the first to do that custom. it might be good to tell the kids that a bad man once made fun of jesus comeing birth and Jehovah punished him for it. and tell them santa clause was a good man that worked hard for jesus but bad men painted him in a clown outfit to make fun of him..thats the real story!tell them the reason for celebrateing is that king jesus came down and we give each other gifts because we want to be happy on the anaversery of jesus comeing down. that the difference between a pagan celebration of lies,and a godly feast. telling the truth and feasting because we are so glad jesus came..their isthis idea going around that Christians must be neutral. and their is no such thing! that’s a fable, if a group of men is parading down the street wearing baggy underwear out pants.. wait till they have gone and then dress nicely and go show others how real men and ladys dress. if its a custom in you town to get drunk and howl,invite people to a church supper that has 3 hours straight of praise worship, singing and the Joshua march! for those that don’t know what that is that’s a big dinner and afterward you go into the main church and sing stiring songs of praise and one by one people march 1 or a few laps around the inside of the church until everyone is good and worn out then a time of knelling down in prayor before god, then the closeing song loud and zealous a marching tune then you go home! the next day you wake up with no hangover! feeling pure and holy before Jehovah,and wanting to do it again! dueteronemy gives the guidelines for a big fall feast were its a command to bring food, money, and fermented drink and feast before Jehovah! that’s right I said fermented drink! at that celebration they were to show gratitude before Jehovah and give money and gifts to the preists that ran the temple.and have a great music feast! so honor god and king jesus! party with good holy songs and body motions till you are too tired to do anymore..let the pagan drink rot gut and beat each other and wind up in jail! that’s jehovahs disapline to those who make fun of his righteous provisions to celebrate jesus, celebrate! he has risen he has risen and lives forevermore! so celebrate for jesus yes celebrate!( modern praise song) god bless you! see you again soon……

  • arimatthewdavies

    wow I was just reading my own bloggys did I actully write that? im 53 old grey and tired and without gods holy spirit i would be laying down sleeping my life away! we live in a very exciteing time were every moment is a precious gift from jehovah. their are millions of nukes,chemicals, germs and plenty of madmen ready to use them!
    ladys and gentleman, brothers and sisters.. look! now look again! we are still here and the onley explaination for us being alive is a holy god a holy spirit and a king called jesus. for without them not 24 hours would pass before someone starts doomsday! you know it I know it and all the evouloution,atheist agnostics, know it! we are here because a mercifull god keeps us from destroying ourself
    its all done courtesy of the holy spirit sent by god.thank jehovah for it! thank jesus he asked on our behalf for out needs! make this year count! ask and become empowered to serve in the lords army like never before. may god bless you.

    • Jacqueline

      Hello arimatthewsdavies!! It is so nice hearing from you!. I had someone ask me who you were when they read your comments. The wisdom so compactly expressed was appreciated by them and me, thank you for posting. I like your point about the world enemies being under restraint from destroying humankind by his extended mercy toward us.
      I know you admonished not to bring paganism into this blessed season. But as a child with 8 siblings, we always got a gift from our parents if nothing but a tea set or a coat or gloves or a bike, skates or whatever was needed. My grandmother(Aunt) was not a witness and made the rounds to the home of all her grandchildren or you walked to her house on Christmas morning to get your bag of nuts and fruit and a gift.
      As the organization closed in during the life of my children we waited until Dec.26th or New years day when the sales occurred and took them shopping to get their “stuff.”. Their grandfather would come to the door and press a few hundred dollars in my hand to make the trip bountiful. And now I make sure my grandkids have what they want. They go to school and need to get something also.
      I give my hairdresser, garbage, mailperson, snow remover, and others that render me service during the year a year end gift. My grandchildren have given even more joy and I will gift them. It never confused or hurt me to get a little something at the end of the year from relatives and a schoolmate as we pulled one name. I was a witness but my parents and then we set the stage for our family. It was a personal decision.
      It is just so nice reading your words of wisdom and please come back soon. I leave in two hours to go to my family. Take Care of yourself and btw, when it comes to years, you are still young.

  • ari matthew davies

    I will call this one playing with your food! have you ever watched a kid picking and disecting his food at the table? stiring mashed potatoes and peas togeather to for a rather nasty looking mixture? well the same idea goes for a lot of religeions today, we have been given gods holy bible his word to you.. its properly set forth on a plate and god wants you to eat it just as he has given it to you! we all are ever so guilty of this thing we call bible study, we spend so much time picking apart gods word searching intently for the nutrition contained within gods spirtual food! we right hundreds of thousands of tracts,books,magazines and comentarys about the bible but if we onley would spend more time in prayor and the actual reading of the bible god would have so much more time to feed you! my freinds god has made a perfect plate of food for us!and beleive it or not simply reading it out loud will do unbeleiveable mind heart and soul changeing miricles! god said faith comes by hearing gods word and we are set free by the blood of the lamb and the words of our testamonies!
    my freinds the life blood of the lamb and his flesh will become your very own body and your very own blood will become filled with a health and spirit that is holy! if if if you will onley ask god to instruct your heart! you must take into your hands the onley thing from god that he has given you, his word! and you you you must breath life into this nautural created world by speaking and doing the actions contained in that book!trust the fact that gods bible is a pre thought out mind cleansing program that becomes alive when you speak the words and do the deeds! the best way to study how to fix a car is to read a chiltons manual about the car you are fixing and refere to it as you fix the car!I truely hate to say this but their is a group of people out there about six million of them that study books and manuals about the bible so much that the car is siting their unfixed! its a wonderfull thing to abstain from filthy sinfull practices and its nice to talk about the good news that someday jesus is going to return! but freinds jesus returned to earth 2012 years ago he made it plain that we the christian people were his body limbs and his holy spirit would be given unto anyone who desire to use their body limbs in jesus service!we are the kingdom subjects and it is always the subjects of a kingdom that gathers food, builds houses plants crops and tends to the physical needs of the kingdom afairs! I can onley encourage everyone to do work with their bodys that can be seen as a manifestation of that kingdom! some people are strugeling with lack of money, but jesus said ask and you will receive. how many of you have put an ad into the paper saying that you need funds for ministry? hmmm not many. how can you ever receive help from other members of christ body if you do not make that need known? how can you feed the poor without money? and food, how can you heal the sick without asking the doctor to come? freinds we can set playing with our food or we can open our mouths and god himself will feed us!its a spirtual principal that is like a snowball if you dont roll it it just melts away! but if you roll it it grows greatly! gods word is their on paper but until you and me stop playing with our food it wont do a thing. well this has got to be my longest thread yet,but gods spirit made me do it! blame him l.ol have fun and eat your food!

  • I see the rights to the “Emphaic Diaglott” was purchased by Bro Russel as “MILLENIUM DAWN”ers . WHO has control now ? The Dawn Bible Students, or the JW’s ? Who is still publishing?

    The reason I ask, is because i’m presently arguing against the “trinity” on the Colo Springs ex JW site ,and it will be helpful if they cant trash it by saying “Oh thats a junk JW Book, like the NWT” .

    Thanks… Allen.

  • ari matthew davies

    more on holy spirit, and why ? you ask, thats simple you have a body and a spirit the two form a liveing soul,father,son,and holy spirit ! men have either the holy spirit, or the devils spirit, plain and simple. if you go around denying the awestrikeing
    wonderous power that jehovah wants to give to you in order for you to be a victorous christisn..then you are going to be a miserable empty vessel that the demons constantly attack ! you will be broken lonley,fearfull anxious, and forever looking up to the sky mourning that its takeing so long for jesus to return! freinds their are literaly thousands of men and women slap filled with gods holy spirit and unfortunatly they are not in the quiet mainstream churchs or in the kingdom halls ! you find them in jails regeneratiom camps and hospitals ! thats why jesus said go to these places ! freinds if you go were the doctor is hanging out most of the time you will get his attention and spirt way more so than if you hang out with the goody goody I have arived crowd ! freinds the joly holy spirit of jehovah and jesus is blazeing in those healing centers ! I have met real angels from heaven in flesh bodys, they dont give up their identity easyly but I actully caught one red handed and Im going to tell the story now for you edifacation. on i95 one day I saw what apeared to be a homless beger I almost drove straight by,but 6th sense went off and I backed up and $5 came out for him.I was late geting to a job so I drove speeding to pompano, (fla )well I must have been doing 89 mph I got off the ramp and their begging by the roadside was the same beggar I left in west palm beach ! I screached to a halt pulled out $10 and looked him dead in the eye and said go buy jesus lunch for me I know your a censor angel ! he stamered a bit and tried to pretend he had no idea what I spoke of I told him holy spirit caused me to stop to feed him 20 min ago in west palm and holy spirit told me to stop again for you ,how fast did you fly to get here ahead of me ? well the man (angel) teared up and went to laughing ,he said yes you caught me ,You were being tested to see if you are truely for god,what can I say ? I said go tell jesus thank you for me in person ! he said yes and I watched with my own two eyes as he walked away disapearing ! since that day 34 years ago I can spot them. and angels are everywere helping and guiding men who are too hardheaded to beleive in the invisable !the bible says they are here,the bible says the holy spirit is alive in you(I hope )and their is a real war of seen and unseen spirits going on right here right now, thats why you can not afford to be mundane in your quest for rightousness ! so what if they think your crazy for talking to the holy spirit or entertaining angels ? if your not doing it for them your doing it for old scratch ! so freinds come to receive all that jehovah has to offer, you will notice that gods suit of armour has no back protection mentioned, ever wonder why? thats right you dont need any christians dont retreat… ok have fun with this one I got to go get ready for tomorrows work..

  • ari matthew davies

    double worship and praises to our god in the highst! it now sevral month since I invited those who think that the holy spirit is electrical force to ask for his company, I cant even tell you on this little page the unspeakable joy I have seen on the faces of men who were enslaved by life controlling problem that met a real liveing,breathing god that speaks back when spoken to! even a jehovahs wittness who never had a dialogue two ways can not stop talking about the holy spirit, of course his fellow wittnesses are trying to convince him its a demon talking! but my freinds demons dont advocate praiseing, and worshiping jehovah! demons dont tell you to pray for jesus rule in their lives, demons dont heal your sickened body and tell you to use that body to serve jehovah! praise him in the highest he is alive! he gives his spirit to anybody that wants holyness instead of putrifacation! he takes away all fear of death and gives you the firm asurence of life! why in gods green world would you or could you submit yourself to a religeion or beleif that takes away gods liveing breathing presence and replaces it with a boreing qustion and answer session! heck no, no way if I have an hour for god I want to spend it in joyful song and praise before god!I want to feel the unmistakeable blaze of glory that streams like sunrays comeing forth from the almighty god as he smiles and claps his hands as I rejoyce and worship before him!
    my freinds I have been in the love of god through his own holy spirit and if your waiting on jesus return instead of celebrating gods presence in your life, then it high time you find a new beleif, one that not onley allows
    the idea of miricles but insists that you become one! jehovah lives jesus rules and the holy spirit operating in you needs to be the proof of it!so call to jehovah and ask here now for his holy spirit! life without him is no life at all!

  • ari matthew davies

    oh by the way I was so impressed by the holyspirits guidence this morning that I wrote a blog with the ezra quote I closed with for some reason beyond my knowledge I keep geting words from the bible to blog than like today I go to church and get to listen to a preacher preach on what I bloged an hour ago now whats up with that ? besides confirmation is it possible that their is a comon worldwide theme message? that the holy spirit preachs on sunday ? or do you think that the other religeions are all reading the watchtowers and preaching simalar messeges ? I have noticed a comon main idea that seems to be presant within churchs and bible studys on sunday and they all seem to be the same subgect at the same time. now I know jehovahs wittnesss have the same watchtower and songs worldwide do they are all doing the same thing at once…
    but how can totaly unrelated churchs be preaching the same sermon unless its comeing from jehovah to say ? ok does anybody wanna comment I sure want to know why because Im tired of geting this bible before knowledge and not knowing why ?

  • ari matthew davies

    hmm does the holy spirit give us miraculous powers like back in jesus day ? well Let me answer with my truthfull personal expeiriances
    some write scripture based articles that explain that he does not.. but I am one of countless thousands that was a hopeless drug adict with damage to body and mind,22 years ago the spirit of jehovah became way more than some electrical force that does minor miricles today that can be explained away to other possibitys ! I agree that the comon everyday churchs are a poor place to see a miricle and jesus told us all why when he said doctors are for sick people ! so Without great hype here is the deal jesus and the holy spirit are the greatest doctors.. if you want to see spirtual and physical healings so thick you can cut them with a knife than start visiting some christian drug recovery churchs, I can gurrentee you that everything you think you know about the holy spirit will fly right out the window !when you see a man with jello for a liver who is dieing and has about a week to go suddenly develope a healthy liver and live to tell the story, like I said out the window will go all you thought you knew ! guys I am a baptised jehovahs wittnesses never disfellowshiped I went through the theocratic ministry school for years ! I was one of the first to rip out a bible and prove by scriptures that the gifts of the spirit died with the apostles ! my freinds I had to quit going to the hall because I cant preach that anymore ! not after I got healed,not after me a total unbeliver in miricles was sent to pass on a few to others who needed them.. one day I grew so bold as to pray jehovah the bible says the gifts would pass away with the apostles so how can this stuff be of you ? maybe its the demons deceiving me so I will quit the hall ! as clear as the sun in the sky came jehovahs voice? Does not the bible say that I am the god of abraham issac and jacob? I said yes, he said if they were dead how could I be their god ? I said I dont know.. he said I am the god of the liveing so now I ask of you are the apostles dead ? did they pass away ? I said no lord they went straight to heaven to be with jesus. he said well now you know what that bible verse means.. well freinds What can I say the bible says that the gifts will pass away when the apostles pass away ! now since that aint happened and aint gona happen its time to reexamine what you think gods holy spirit does or does not do here now and today, and lord how can anybody compare holy spirit to electricity ? obviously that person has never met him, this spirit called holy has such personality its kind of funny ! and at the same time awesome fear inspireing, respectfull, jehovah allows this spirit to convey his feelings to you ! and My freinds dont you dare insult the most spectacular personality in the universe by compareing him to a battery ! h.s as he permits me to call him has shown me male,female, child,and animated cartoon like personality when needed most of the time he is like a freindly school teacher,more than a great booming god figure, does he get angry oh yes ! does he laugh ? yes, does he sorrow yes, now I could go on and on for the rest of my life trying to explain that holy spirit is alive and well,and somebody is going to rattle a bible at me like a cross in front of a vampire, but #1 Im writeing right now because I think he wants you to know the following….everything you think you know about jehovah, jesus, and the holy spirit, is what has gotten you to the point in life were you are today… Now if you have arived and are happy with what you have start preaching it and shareing it because we want some too !but if in your heart you know that theirs got to be more than this,take heart because their is and holy spirit is eager to make your aquiantence ! now either go back to the preset beleifs of men or take your self into a quiet room and introduce yourself to the holy spirit in jesus name and ask for his company in jesus name ! that way when some one starts talking to your heart and mind you can be sure its no demon ! yes a demon can apear as an angel of light, but no no no big NO if you invite the holy spirit of jehovah god in the name of jesus you can not get a demon….. if you get nothing thats because you simply mouthed the words. but if you are ready and willing to learn the mind blowing truth as onley the holy spirit can tell it get some !get some! I did ! but my freind Be ye warned ! once you get gobled up by gods holy spirit you will never be the same again ! people will think you insane, you will write 400000 pages of blogs and not be able to stop, you will be insatiably addicted to telling people about a real liveing god called jehovah and how he talks back to you through the holy spirit all day and all night long ! you will go through life hunting for people who god wants to give a miricle just so you can watch their faces light up as glory falls on them for the first time ! but most of all you will have a firm unshakeable knowledge that not onley is the holy spirt alive and well,but he is in you ! like blood he is that conscious life componant that if you lack you will die ! he is the spoken down payment that jesus talks about, ok here is were the rubber meets the road, stand up the matter is now in your hands You have our support so take courage and do it…(ezra)

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