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How can I learn the Truths of the Bible without getting confused?

To learn the Truths of the Bible may seem like a daunting task.  The following links are intended to provide some easy ways of getting an understanding of what the Bible teachers.

How to Study the Bible   http://www.bibletoday.com/htstb/intro.htm      to proceed after each chapter, click “next chapter” in upper left

Read PhotoDrama of Creation – upper left panel    http://www.bibletoday.com/

Take free online Bible Study Course – Divine Plan of the Ages     http://www.biblestudents.com/free_online_bible_study.cfm?source=bibletoday

Studies in the Scriptures and Reprints searchable  http://www.ctrussell.us/

Bible Students Video Library    http://www.chicagobible.org/video-library/   also here:  http://www.baltimorebiblestudents.org/html/videos.html

Why did Jesus die a Ransom?   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MC4hzC93yb4

Divine Plan TV Program   http://www.divineplan.org/divine-plan-videos-mainmenu-74.html   Lot’s of videos on basic Bible doctrines and topics.

Here you can search hundreds of elder talks / discourses by topic    http://freechristiansermons.org/

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