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Is Christmas Pagan? Does it’s celebration anger Jehovah?

What attitude should those who want to please Jehovah have during the Christmas season?  Should this celebration be totally rejected because it is considered to have pagan connections?  Can we be condemned for wanting to study and meditate upon our Lord Jesus and his birth?  Many experience the joy of giving gifts to others as well as celebrating the greatest gift of all, our Savior Jesus Christ and the gift he gave for mankind.  Yet more sobering is the commercialism of holiday and consumerism, i.e. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc.  Our dilemma is the resulting conflict.  We don’t want to be caught up in the way the world deals with Christ’s birth.  There is also the question of resolving the true date of Jesus’ birth.

Here what Chicago Bible Students Elder, Russ Marten, had to say about this by clicking here:    Christian Perspective On Christ And Christmas_Marten-Russ_2011-12-04_D_24k

Also note the following:

In The Time is at Hand, Vol. 2 of the Studies in the Scriptures on page 61 it discusses the date of the birth of Christ. It says “…we could not be certain that the exact day might not be in September about the 27th, but October 1st, B.C. 2, is about correct. Nine months back of that date would bring us to about Christmas time, B.C. 3, as the date at which our Lord laid aside the glory which he had with the Father before the world was [made] and the taking of or changing to human nature began. It seems probable that this was the origin of the celebration of December 25th as Christmas Day. Some writers on Church history claim, even, that Christmas Day was originally celebrated as the date of the annunciation by Gabriel ”

In the December 15, 1903 Watchtower, Brother Russell wrote concerning Christmas:  “…we remember that all of these glories and blessings and privileges are ours because of the great redemptive work accomplished by him whose entrance upon the work is celebrated by Christmas day. Although we cannot agree that this is the proper day for celebrating the birth of our dear Redeemer, but must insist that it was about October first, nevertheless since he did not intimate his desire that we should celebrate his birthday it is quite immaterial upon what day that event, of so great importance to all, is celebrated. Upon this day, so generally celebrated, we may properly enough join with all whose hearts are in the attitude of love and appreciation toward God and toward the Savior.”

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  • Just say sweet and good

    The whole world of mankind turned PAGAN when sin was introduced. Jehovah only dealt with individuals until he took the tribes of Jacob out of Egypt and OFFERED THEM an agreement that he would protect them IF they obeyed the 613 laws that Moses received from God “face to face”. This advantage was not offered to anybody else. Ex.19:5, Amos 3:2
    In that law he condemned the OCCULT which was an proactive act to commune with the Devil. The whole world of the PAGANS is still in existence today they are called THE GENTILES. Jesus spoke “face to face” with his heavenly father and made an agreement with a very select few to rule with him because they “stuck with him in his trails” Matt..19:28 this advantage was not offered to anybody else but the bride of Christ.
    The rest of mankind are still under Adamic sin, which means they are still PAGAN GENTILES.

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