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Everything about the Holy Spirit

But the Comforter, which is the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you. – John 14:26

Many Christians talk about the holy spirit, but few have a clear idea of exactly what it is or how it works in his life, The Bible ascribes many functions to it, including anointing, sealing, the witness of the spirit, begettal of the spirit along with being born again of the spirit. Many of these issues are treated in this issue of the Herald.

There are many illustrations used in the scriptures to describe the various functions of the spirit, such as a dove, light, wind, oil, and flames of fire. These pictures are discussed in the opening article, Symbols of the Holy Spirit.

The work of the holy spirit is not confined to the New Testament, but is also frequently referred to in the Old Testament. The difference of its functions in the time before Jesus and after are the subject of The Power and the Perception.

In the New Testament the holy spirit plays a far more personal role than in the Old as it begins its activities within the Christian as depicted in the article The New Creation.

Various chapter of the Bible deal specifically with the necessity of this work within, such as Acts 2, Romans 12, John 14-16, and 1 Corinthians 2. It is this last chapter that is analyzed in our verse-by-verse study feature. It is entitled Spiritual Discernment.

There has been much debate over the quotation of Joel 2:28 in the second chapter of Acts. The treatise on Pouring Out the Spirit seeks to shed light on this impelling query. This article is followed by a different solution to this discussion. The On the Other Hand furnishes another solution to the question by one of our editors.

The Witness of the Spirit is the next theme to be probed. It answers the question that looms in many Christian minds as to whether or not they have a personal relationship to God and possess the spirit within them.

Although much can be said on the various aspects of the spirit’s workings in our lives, perhaps none are of more practical importance than the development of The Fruits of the Spirit, which forms the theme of the next article.

The final treatise, The Power of the Highest, deals with certain scriptures about the holy spirit which have provoked numerous discussions over the years. Here the author attempts to shed light on these difficult texts.

The importance of the work of the holy spirit in the Christian life can never be over-emphasized. We need to pray for it, seek it earnestly, and endeavor never to quench its influence in our lives. It serves as our telephone line to God and to his Son, Jesus Christ. It is our teacher and our guide. May we ever keep it with us and continually pray for its influence in each of our individual lives.

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2 comments to Everything about the Holy Spirit

  • traveler

    (Ephesians 1:13, 14) . . .But YOU also hoped in him after YOU heard the word of truth, the good news about YOUR salvation. By means of him also, after YOU believed, YOU were sealed with the promised holy spirit, 14 which is a token in advance of our inheritance, for the purpose of releasing by a ransom . . .

    I don’t belong to the organization. Although your last statement suggests this was not a considration on your part, but very like the organization.

    “Beware of those who seek to cloud this. Their motive is to teach something “organizational” rather than what Christ taught about it.”

    I assume you are not the “channel of God” his last word as the oganization puts forward. Maybe consider Elijah,and Elisah Or the “spirit of understanding” the last “gift”. I agree it is God’s force to give, but clearly ours to recieve and retain within his will.

  • The Holy Spirit was not a White dove; it descended upon Jesus “like” a dove. (Images are dangerous).

    With reference to what the Holy Spirit is, we should not be saying, “The Bible” ascribes many functions to it … or what “The Bible” says it is.

    Our mindset should be on what JESUS says or taught it to be. Many keep on referring “The Bible” as if “it” speaks. If Jesus says something, why not ascribe the thing said by him to him saying it. Not “The Bible” saying it.

    That Jesus – not a book – is “The Truth” and “The Word of God” – it is to him that we should look to for answers to what the Holy Spirit is. (John 14:6; Rev 19:13; Luke 9:35)

    What does Jesus say about Holy Spirit?

    First Jesus taught that his Father is Holy? (Matthew 6:9, 10)

    Jesus also taught that his Father is a Spirit. (John 4:23-24)

    Those “taught” by Jesus understood that God is not flesh and blood but INVISIBLE. (Col 1:15, 1 Tim 1:17)

    So the Holy Spirit is something from the Father. What? It is His power.

    Jesus was full of this power as God gave it to him freely from the moment he came up out of the Jordan. Jesus did not have his own power to perform the many miracles and other powerful works. He did these things by God’s permission, authority and power God gave him. This is seen by Jesus’ own words:

    “I cannot do a single thing of my own initiative; just as I hear, I judge; and the judgment that I render is righteous, because I seek, not my own will, but the will of him that sent me.” (Johm 5:30)

    So the Holy Spirit is God’s Power and it can only come FROM the Father to us (at present) through his Son.

    The Holy Spirit is ALWAYS given. It is always given to do that which cannot be done by “human” power. That Jesus had to be “given” Holy Spirit is a talking point that he was not God. If he was God, he would not have had to be given it.

    We see this at Mark 13:11:

    “But when they are leading YOU along to deliver YOU up, do not be anxious beforehand about what to speak; but whatever is given YOU in that hour, speak this, for YOU are not the ones speaking, but the holy spirit is.”

    Notice that the Holy Spirit will “given” to “powerless” men to speak what they could not under human power. Notice that we are told that it will be the holy spirit speaking. In other words, it is by God’s power that they speak.

    Notice how Acts 4:7-8 reads. Notice how Holy Spirit is associated with power:

    “… and they stood them in their midst and began to inquire: “By what power or in whose name did YOU do this?” Then Peter, filled with holy spirit, said to them: ..”

    Reading further from Acts 4:8-12, Peter mentions God raising Jesus from the dead. In other words, it was by God’s own power that Jesus was raised from the dead.

    So when Peter was asked the question: “By what power or in whose name did YOU do this?” The answer, by God’s power or Holy Spirit.

    Many people take people through long complicated iterations about what the Holy Spirit is. It is really not complicated. It is the power gives that enables us to speak or perform acts that we could not do under human power (human spirit).

    Beware of those who seek to cloud this. Their motive is to teach something “organizational” rather than what Christ taught about it.

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