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Who is Babylon the Great? Who is the Antichrist?

On Sunday, August 21, 2011, Ex-JWs grilled a Bible Student elder on questions about the book of Revelation.  The main question: Who is Babylon the Great?  First the Bible Student elder gave a 45 minute presentation to answer that question.  Two hours of tough and relentless questions followed.  Yet the discussion was friendly, optimistic and enthusiastic.  One of the participants told me he had never heard such and clear, scriptural and insightful explanation of the topic and of related areas of Revelation.

You can listen to the complete audio broadcast here:      Who Is Babylon the Great?

Or you can read about the subject by clicking here:


7 comments to Who is Babylon the Great? Who is the Antichrist?

  • alfredots

    hey every one i just wanted you all to know some new info on the harlot. check out astana, kazakastan and the religions of the world congress which has actualy been around for some time now. Even more evidence that she does indeed ride the wild beast. How will this play out as the beast will devastate her?

  • Anonymous

    how do u no what is the rite religion jesus set the example for us he said follow my foot steps closely. read ur bible see what jesus did while on earth then follow that example. if u c others aint following that example then find the ones that do hope that helps.
    k taiwo

  • Anonymous

    false religion is babylon the great the harlot is false religion and the beast is the goverments

    • Peter K. (admin)

      Anonymous – Yes I agree with you that the beast represents civil government. A careful study of scriptures discussing the Antichrist (or Babylon the Great) show that this evil system persecuted the true Saints (Dan 7:25; Rev 12:13-17; 13:7). In past centuries, the true Saints did not dwell among the false non-Christian religions of the world in China, India, Africa, etc. The Watchtower founder, Charles Taze Russell, identified the Papacy as Babylon the Great, the evil Antichrist system that persecuted, tortured, imprisoned and killed the true Saints during the Dark Ages. Since the true Saints were in no way connected with these other false religious system, they would not be considered as part of Babylon the Great, as they were not persecuting the Saints.

  • Anonymous

    false religion is babylon the great


    Hello, how do i know the true religion?

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