Bible Students Address their Differences with Jehovah’s Witnesses

What are some of the differences between Jehovah’s Witnesses and Bible Students (who hold the views of the early Watchtower).  Why did the JW Organization changes its views after over 40 years of consistent and unchanging teaching?  Bible Students respond to the following questions:  A Ransom for ALL or for all sorts of people?  Nations judged by Jehovah to be restored on Paradise Earth?  An opportunity for Judgment after death?  Who are the Sheep and Goats?  Who is God’s Organization or does he have one?  A Theocratic Government now?   Who will survive Armageddon?  Are Blood Transfusions Forbidden by Jehovah?

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1 comment to Bible Students Address their Differences with Jehovah’s Witnesses

  • Marjo

    I bet Jehovah Witnesses cant respond for this in their magazines. Otherwise they would have to break their rules and read something what is not in their allowed lists. Their only response would be: “These are words of apostates. We dont need to respond”. That is their answer from year to another. Because they afraid that they will split the real truth for their members.

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