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Are the Bible Students the Evil Slave Class?

For Years it has been said that Bible Students are guilty of creature worship. That this “creature worship” led to the largest schism in Watchtower history, and separated the “Faith Slave Class” from the “Evil Slave Class”. What is the creature they are charged with worshipping? None other then Charles Taze Russell, organizer of the International Bible Students Association and founder and first president of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society. And who are these accusers who make such a claim? None other then the very Society Russell founded, the Watch Tower and it’s current members the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Notice this statement found in the book; Jehovah’s Witnesses in the Divine Purpose

The insistence that Russell had been “that Servant” led many to regard Russell in what amounted actually to creature worship. They believed that all the truth God had seen fit to reveal to his people had been revealed to Russell, and now nothing more could be brought forth because “that servant” was dead.” [1959, pg 69]

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12 comments to Are the Bible Students the Evil Slave Class?

  • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

    This article seems appropriate for the persons asking whether the bible students are the evil slave class as the witnesses concluded. Here is the link.
    Also remember 2 or more conversations can go on at a time on this site.
    Just please mention the person’s name as you reply. We don’t want to take the site away from it’s original purpose of being able to discuss subjects posted.
    For lengthy discussions sharing of emails is a suggestion.

  • Marjo

    I don’t think that evil slave is a certain group or society. Notice the way how Jesus was speaking. At first he was speaking about Noha’s days how people were celebrating, getting married and so on. But they didn’t pay any attention Jehovah’s word, untill the flood came and swept them all away. Noah was preaching for them, but they did not listen. So he survived. He was a good slave and those whom didn’t listen were evil slave.

    And then in Matthew 24:42-51 Is telling about to keep on watch the day. But you can not keep on watch, if you pay too much attention in celebrating and other things in your life, and won’t pay any attention to Jehovah’s word. I think the evil slave is about behaving. Like good slave is paying attention to Jehovah’s word and telling about it to people, but the evil slave is not interested Jehovah’s word because he is thinking it is not coming at all.

    That’s what came in my mind

  • Chuck Russell Jr

    The modern “Evil Slave” is the GB and its “Korah” class jokers, who will act as the Pied Piper to inter JWs as the lemmings as the JW org is deposed as Daniel 8:13-14, soon.

    Many JWs will end up in FEMA as the “bunkers” are just JW FEMA processing nodes. Kingdom Halls will be used for FEMA JW-Processing as the operation matures.

    The will nuke NY or start world war or both, as the crazy context of this anti-JW-org op. The GB seals the curse, that is why they are there. (Zech3:1-3)

    God recovers some into the final warning.

  • A Monotheistic Christian

    To be clear, modern Bible Students were not considered “the Evil Slave”, it was however the ones who stood against J.F. Rutherford.

    • Peter K. (admin)

      A Monotheistic Christian – Thanks for joining the discussion. Today the JW Organization views members who disagree with the organization’s teachings as Apostates. So are you saying then that when Rutherford took control that the members and elders who objected to changing Watchtower teachings were Apostates?

      • Just say sweet and good

        Peter K. To be truly accurate……….All of Christendom is apostate because they left the fundamental truths…….namely……JHVH is the Father and he is one…..The soul dies……Ransom for ALL……..1,000 reign of Christ in the future……….fratricide is not Christian. Everything else is a conscience matter K.I..S.S.

    • Bret (Bible Student)

      Your comment demonstrates the typical thinking of a JW.. “It was those who stood against Rutherford”, so you are saying that Rutherford is the Master in the parable!!! Because the description of the evil slaves fails to carry out the MASTERS request, that being Christ…
      True Rutherford’s creation of a Ruler i.e Governing Body or Slave Class has become the ruler over all JW’s.

  • Identification of the evil slave of Christ is easy. I can say that is not exclusively a “group” called the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses. It is a collective of persons of all walks of life who claim to be disciples of Christ and who view themselves as his slaves and he their Lord … BUT … who BECOME unfaithful and cease to listen to the instructions the Master left them.

    Matthew 24:42-50 shows this.

    The evil slave was told to “keep watch” because they will not know when the Lord will come. (See Matthew 24:36 and Acts 1:7)

    This evil slave, instead of listening to this instruction, and moves forward on his own and declares, “I know when the Lord comes and it will be in the year 1914.”

    The other slaves of Christ – the faithful and wise ones – do not listen to this as they obey and are faithful to the instructions their Master left them: “You do not know on what day your Lord will come.”

    Because of the steadfastness of the faithful and wise servant, the evil slave begins to beat him. This beating is not a literal beating. It is a placing of a “foul stench” upon the faithful slaves to discredit them before all of mankind.

    It should be noted that it would be the evil slave who dealt with “dates.” How so? Because it was the evil slave who was felt the Master was “delaying.” This implyies that the evil slave was “expecting” the Masters arrival at a certain time.

    Did not the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society publish that 1914 would be year in which Christ would be installed as earth’s king and it would be in that year his “Parousia” would occur? Did not the Watch Tower organization publish this date well in advance of it’s coming? Yes, it did.

    So the Watch Tower Organization was “expecting” Christs “Parousia” to occur in 1914.

    I see the WT organization in the near future doing the “new light” song and dance with regard this date. Yet, the organization will not listen to Christ words, “You do not know when your Lord will come.”

    The Watch Tower teaching of 1914 imitates the evil slave. The faithful slave was NOT expecting the Lord to return on a certain date or time frame. This slave acted wisely and was being watchful, not knowing when his Lord would return. This slave was being obedient to his Master.

    Those of you who take the posture of obedience to Christ and listening to him will find yourself going in the right direction.

    If you allow the distractions of all of these teachings coming out of the many so-called Christian organizations – to include the Watch Tower – you will find yourself imitating the evil slave and not realize that you are.

    Yet, please let me caution you: An evil slave would be anyone who does not listen to Christs instructions; now in this world and the one to come. (Luke 9:35)

  • max

    To air Matthews;

    You are preaching and you don’t like preachers. I think there is a word for that?

    That One man is called the head of man at 1 Cor 11:3, but he has a head also and he is referred to as God’s son. That means he has a father. Which means life giver. And we Know God always was. Ps 90:2

    But know as your losing your freedom to anger you might want to take it easy. Rest a little, get some freedom back. You will feel better.

  • ari matthew davies

    well you knew exactly what I ment after all! I just did not have to say it. their is 1 man who is the head over all things who does not like all the stuff going on and he is also fully god ! what I dont understand is why these people refuse corection, when fellow bible beleiveing christians bring something to your attention that needs correction your supposed to take a look at it anyway not blow it of by saying oh thats just some false religeion,,and jesus said that the gate was narrow and few find it, j.ws are a very large religeion and bible students are small compared it might be a good idea to listen to the little guy in veiw of the bible. somehow I have my doubts that they are able to receive correction because of being sent strong delusion as the bible says, but I do pray that they return to the bible and jesus and discard their pursuit of books explaining the bible ,it all good and fine to write publications and claim that they are bible study aids but their is onley one aceptable bible study aid and we call him the holy spirit..Their are many with good intentions drinking very hot water from the river stix ( hell) its just impossible to write a book about the bible thats of more value in study than the bible,,what part of that cant they understand ? Ive got to go take a break Im geting mad and its not good to preach mad ! it seems Ive been doing a lot of preaching these days And I dont like preachers

  • ari matthew davies

    how can anybody that obeys the bible on its on merrits be an evil slave class! I must say I admire the bible students who have so little superflous litterature to explain the bible. is that not the way? follow the bible way and be holy so that you can sit at the spirtual table with king jesus ?lord have mercy I used to go to the hall eating prechewed spirtual food get pretty darn nasty in spirtual adulthood ! eating prechewed food is for babys and the whole obgect is to grow up in to him who is our head jesus christ. now who is an evil slave ? anyone who will not let you grow up into jesus christ but continues to keep you weak with milk and prechewed food so that you can serve that slave..now Im not mentioning no names but if your so so sick of eating kingdom casserole that you feel like vomiting,your probobly being led by an evil slave, thank god that if you look you can find true holy spirit anointed people to give you a hand, that is if your not already so spirtully weak that if you ate real food you would not be able to digest it ! how sad how sad that many men have found how to use gods word as a narcotic to heal you just enough to stagger back again and again for another dose !thats another clue to if your being led by the evil slave, if you have mountains of spirtual food but feel totaly lost alone and out in the cold without that slaves help then wake up and smell the evil, a christian led by jesus is confident and has no problem working alone. he know exactly how to run to jehovah for supplys both spirtual and financial,and my freinds here is another clue if your being led by the evil slave class you will be encouraged to contribute financialy to the best of your ability, but their will be no storehouse that you can go to when you need financial supplys without feeling looked down upon as a burden ! guys ladys I have to give credit to the baptists on that one they feed you good and will cheerfully help you in times of need ! Oh how I hate to say this but The worst church on this planet to have congregational meals and aid in times of trouble has plenty of food and money if they wanted to give it up with out makeing you feel like a low life for asking and again no names ! but now back to are the bible students the evil slave ? no of course not they dont have buildings or stadiums they dont have 666 thosand books or a fancy legal representation,,but they have the bible and are ruled by jesus so evil slave no way, take it from me who has seen way too many evil slaves these guys aint one of them ,I can confidently say that on judgement day these guys wont have to worry bout the lord lord did we not do many works in your name onley to hear get away from me I dont know you ! but oh lord how many their will be that worked and worked for what they thought was god onley to find that the time stewardship inventory slips never made it to heaven,,,ok Im going to close for the night but You evil slaves and you know who you are when the first wittness slaps you upside your thick nogin dont say I dident give you a heads up..this is ari matthew davies your freind in jesus sighning off for the night may jehovah bless and guide you .

    • Jacqueline

      Good night ari. Thanks for your sound reasoning on what an evil slave is. I think it is a sign of ignorance on the part of the JW rank and file and arrogance by their governing body.

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