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My Story – Part 1 – Why I Left the Jehovah’s Witnesses Organization

This is in answer to Br. Wow, and others that  have asked why I left the organization of J….Witnesses after over 60 yrs. I begin with this info first. It was written and composed by someone else, but expresses my thoughts, then I will add my personal experience. Others may have taken a different Path, or just sat it out, I couldn’t. I have not encouraged anyone to leave the witnesses, for many elders are doing a fine job. I couldn’t have made it without my elders support. But they needed a break too. Many can sit there and ignore the constant call to herald the governing body and wait, some can’t, if they have been targeted by the society. They won’t let you live in peace as you will see from parts of my story. Many say I am not telling all, but it isn’t necessary to go into detail on the pedophilia issue,it’s painful. I am only answering a question asked of me many times. I have been called by Christ and feel deeply it would be wrong for me to substitute the governing body, for him, as my Leader and Savour.

I agree that it is wrong to speak or rebel against those who take the lead in caring for and feeding God’s sheep. (1 Tim. 5:17) Jude, for example, speaks of “ungodly men” who have slipped in among God’s people and are “speaking abusively of glorious ones,” wicked men who “have perished in the rebellious talk of Korah.” (Jude 4, 8, 11)  ” I address the rebellion of Korah, Dathan and Abiram, three notorious rebels who opposed Moses and are given as a warning example for us today. (Num. 26:9; 1 Cor. 10:6, 10,11) The Society teaches, and many wholeheartedly agree, that questioning the governing body is equivalent to Korah’s rebellion. Moses was the mediator of the Law covenant that Jehovah made with the nation of Israel at Mt. Sinai, and he was the one chosen by God to lead his people. (Heb. 8:7-13) As you know, the greater Moses is Jesus Christ, the mediator of the new and better covenant. Regarding him the apostle Paul wrote: “Moses as an attendant was faithful in all the house of that One as a testimony of the things that were to be spoken afterwards, but Christ [was faithful] as a Son over the house of that One. We are the house of that One, if we make fast our hold on our freeness of speech and our boasting over the hope firm to the end.” (Heb. 3:1-6; 5:4,5; 8:6; Gal. 3:24)

Who is leading God’s people today? A Watchtower article answered: “As Jehovah’s modern-day servants, we cherish our good relationship with God. We are eager to learn and apply in our lives valuable lessons from past events. (Romans 15:4) When the Israelites walked by sight, they forgot that God through Moses was directing them. If we are not careful, we too can forget that Jehovah God and the Greater Moses, Jesus Christ, are directing the Christian congregation today.” —w05 9/15 p. 20 par. 18; Walk by Faith, Not by Sight!

Since Jesus is the greater Moses, for someone to follow in the path of Korah he would have to rebel against Jesus, and not just against any man, or group of men, even if that were the twelve apostles. When Paul confronted the apostle Peter in Antioch with the need to correct him, for Peter “stood condemned,” also influencing others in following his hypocritical course so that “they were not walking straight according to the truth of the good news,” would you say that Paul became guilty of becoming like Korah? (Gal. 2:11-14)

The Scriptures foretold that before the coming of Jehovah’s day (NWT), Jehovah would reveal (or expose) the existence of an element right at the very top inside his own household—his temple—that would reflect the same rebellious attitude as did Korah, wanting to share in the glory of the greater Moses Christ Jesus, and elevating himself above all others of God’s people, even going so far as showing himself to be a god. (Now I know this is Papacy but the governing body behaves the same way). I have found Jesus and am not rebelling against Him or Jehovah. I simply can not bow before 7-9 businessmen running a real estate scheme in the name of, yes carrying the name of God, Jehovah on themselves. His name is reproached every time the pedophiles trials make the headlines.
I am also aware of the stern counsel in Luke 12:10 Against speaking against the Holy  Spirit. I know that it was not God helping the organization make the decisions it made on the pedophilia issue. So I was not grieving the Spirit. I was aware of  young girls that had been rape victim, they are now adults. I feared the threats made to me by the Circuit and District overseer to disfellowship me if I helped the victim by supplying information that had been destroyed from the congregation records.  I couldn’t go along with the cover-up, I had to leave.

In 2007 our study issue of the watchtower said; “11 What, then, can we deduce from the fact that one of the 24 elders identifies the great crowd to John? It seems that resurrected ones of the 24-elders group may be involved in the communicating of divine truths today. Why is that important? Because the correct identity of the great crowd was revealed to God’s anointed servants on earth in 1935. If one of the 24 elders was used to convey that important truth, he would have had to be resurrected to heaven by 1935 at the latest. That would indicate that the first resurrection began sometime between 1914 and 1935. Can we be more precise?” ISam. 12: shows that is wrong to get in touch with the dead even if you believe they are anointed as Samuel was. Those are demons responding. If they had said Jesus or the helper, Holy Spirit, this would have been in line with scripture. Jesus and Holy Spirit is always taken out of the equation it seems to me, it’s troubling to me, maybe not to others.

At the end of one of the conventions the brother said “this convention was brought to you by the governing body”, not the Bible Jesus or God. Another convention at the end the brother said,” the governing body wants you to know they love you.” Jim Jones said things like that as he became those people deliverer, I and many others were shocked. Recently and increasingly, the governing body says, you cannot get to Jehovah unless you accept the governing body. There was one convention completely almost about Jesus, because persons had said witnesses didn’t consider Jesus. At the end, the convention talks went back to  extolling the governing body.

The governing body said in the November KM 2009, that private research was not encouraged by the governing body. They said gathering as two or three to discuss the bible was not encouraged, that the society has compiled all you need to know.  The NGO affiliation with the United Nations. If we went to the YWCA to swim we would be subject to discipline.

I went to Bethel quite a bit as I had a service they could use down thru the years. I was invited privately. I saw too much at Bethel!  Alcohol flowed freely in the rooms.  I know of at least one Elder that had allegedly  molested his daughter but was elder again  in six months time. His daughter clothes, eyes, make-up, got darker and darker, she dressed in black with a long black coat. One brother told me he was silenced because he refused to sanction this elders re-appointment. He was aware of my struggles dealing with peodophile victims.  It is things like this that deeply bothered me. I was exposed to to much.  Elders are appointed men.

In an Effort to get rid of me they sent what I later learned was an apostasy inquiry. My elders stated they had tried not to come to me but was being forced to come by the Society. They stated before hand they did not agree with the society and wanted me to know how the body felt. But they must ask me these questions and read me a letter and article. I listened, I tried to answer truthfully, but quickly saw from the expression on one of the brother’s face that I was getting in trouble. I followed his coaching and answered when I saw his head nodding in agreement with what I was saying. I changed when I saw alarm on his face. I had just gone to court and got a restraining order against an elder, the congregation he was in, and by extension the society,because their letter stated they had sent him. They were angry because I won, by the brother confessing, to the judge in open court. They had introduced a lie, in the form of a letter to the court,  before they knew the brother was going to confess. It shot across the city and region.   I read Raymond Franz’s books and they confirmed what I already suspected. Circuit overseers have lived in my home. I saw too much! I heard too much! I was battling every time I walked in the kingdom hall, one elder and numerous Circuit Overseers would come right up to me to start a fight, so to speak. I would not be bothering them, I just wanted peace. Something was up, I couldn’t figure out what it was that made them try to provoke me, I was a nobody.

THEN IT HAPPENED!  THE NBC INTERVIEW AIRED WITH BARBARA ANDERSON AND BROTHER BOWEN.  NOW I KNEW WHY I WAS A TARGET. They viewed me as a threat, lawsuits were being filed. I knew too much! I prayed on my hands and knees,with tears often, asking Jehovah to get me out of here to a smaller place. This was a corporation not a religion anymore, assets were at stake. I felt just leaving, would be better than sitting in a seat every week listening to the governing body say “god has held us high for all to admire”. The worship of the governing body turned my stomach,I knew about the pedophilia and their attitude toward the victims. They were merciless.  One twelve year old was read on reproof, from the stage, they say she tempted the brother, from as early as 5 yrs old. Book study was in that home. I saw too much.

It was as if scales fell from my eyes when I finally made a clean break. I am happier than I have been in a Decade. I feel holy spirit now. I have come to know Jesus again like I had before the governing body began to reign, particularly pre- 1990. It was as if Jesus called me out. I feel clean now. I have always known of the Scriptures of LUKE 12 that talks about SLAVES. Especially verses 41-48. I knew there were others that were also caring for God’s flock. I knew them from my past when all of us met at the Masonic Temple. I was told they were dead however. I often asked CO & DO about them. But with the Internet I was able to find other anointed that were caring for the flock of God. I have seen the real fury of the Watchtower Society.  I am not mentioning everything but I could never trust the present day governing body of the witnesses. I always dealt with Bethel not the local congregation, the brothers and sisters are fine, just trying to worship God and declare the “Good News.” I have no animosity against my local elders or congregation, most of those dear brothers protected me. It was better that I leave.

One part of my story is on sixscreens of the watchtower. That story continues even now as late as the summer of 2010. My family wes frightened by this man’s presence, I changed plans at the last minute.  The brother is still an elder in good standing. I have paperwork to support my claims on the sixscreens posting. Although I was reluctant to tell that story it was cleansing for me. I have moved forward since that time. I and some other elders kept everything public (before the congregation), so brothers in my area knew the facts, non of the brothers and sisters have shunned me. I don’t push myself on them however, they work my territory often. I am so happy for my freedom to discuss the bible and not have to agree and hear only nine men thoughts. I wanted freedom from tyranny and fear. Luke 12:4 says “Moreover I say to you, my friends, Do not fear those who kill the body and after this are not able to do anything more. But I will indicate to you whom to fear: Fear him who after killing has authority to throw into Gehenna. Yes, I tell you, fear this one.(NWT)  I have been called by Christ and am free now.   I enjoy my FREEDOM IN CHRIST. Sincerely, in Jesus dear name.

This is a pdf of Br. Raymond Franz book in search of Christian Freedom in different languages: Enjoy!


27 comments to My Story – Part 1 – Why I Left the Jehovah’s Witnesses Organization

  • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

    This was taken from Rus Virgil’ facebook page but written by a Canadian brother; I know it is lengthy but I find so much logic here and he is using his brain. I hope it brings you as much joy as it did me.

    < << People of all denominations >>>
    We must ever be mindful that YHWH has his “lost sheep” in each and every denomination out there. Many of these ones go to these various earthly organizations because they are misled… not because they’re wicked.
    We truly are a product of the things around us. When we are born, we are raised to be like the people surrounding us. We accept their culture, and do the things they do. Likewise, many also join the religion of their parents or of those around them. This does not mean they’re wicked at all. As a matter of fact, many good hearted and God fearing people exist in each and every one of these denominations. Yet, they end up in bondage by these denominations… because they have not yet found the freedom of Christ. They are taught that if they want to worship God, then they must do this, this, and this. Therefore, they do the things that are prescribed to them by their leaders.
    Also, some have gone on a quest to find the “true religion”. They realize that there is a problem with the churches or organizations that they go to, and therefore set out to find “the truth”. Yet, their minds are set on finding God’s “earthly organization”, and since many of these various earthly organizations can prove what is wrong with the church they were prior attending… they get to believing that since these ones can point out the faults of their previous churches, that they must be God’s earthly organization or church. Therefore, they go from one trap, right into another trap. At first, they believe that they may have found religious freedom… but eventually they too discover that the place they have just seeked refuge also has many problems… and they become discouraged.
    Many of these ones go from organization to organization… searching for the truth… but it always seems to allude them somehow. They never find true freedom.
    Why is this? It is because Satan is truly in control of this system of things. For he is in control of ALL of these earthly organizations and churches. He has mankind’s mind set to believe that at least one of these organizations must have the truth. Therefore, he conditions our minds to ask the wrong questions concerning salvation. He gets us to ask: “Where are we to go?”. Yet, this is the wrong question to be asking. We shouldn’t ask “where do we go?”, but instead we should be asking “to WHOM do we go?”
    Satan has deceived and clouded our minds to ask “Who has God?”. Therefore, we go on a search looking for a religion. Yet, the bible gives us the clear answer to who really has God:
    I am the way, the truth, and the life. Nobody comes to the Father accept through me” – John 14:6
    These are the words of Jesus Christ… God’s Son. He tells us that “HE HIMSELF” is the way to God. He does not tell us that an organization is the way to God. He does not tell us that any Human beings, or a group of human beings are the way to God. Rather, he tells us that “HE HIMSELF” is the way to God. Anything that tries to replace Jesus Christ is a phony. It is a “counterfeit” to the reality. Satan tries to mislead us any way he can. He doesn’t have just one counterfeit to mislead us… he has many. He never wants us to find out the real truth that if we want to have a relationship with God, that we do NOT have to go anywhere. Instead, God is not far off from each and every one of us. All we have to do to approach God is to approach him through his Son, Jesus Christ himself. Therefore… we have to approach his Son. No earthly organization has ANYTHING to do with this……. and we do NOT have to go anywhere to do it. For we must worship God in “spirit and in truth”. Therefore, we can approach God from anywhere.
    Yet, how do you approach Jesus?
    No man can come to me unless the Father, who sent me, draws him; and I will resurrect him in the last day” – John 6:44
    Ahh… we can’t simply go to Jesus, can we? No. Rather, it is the Father, YHWH himself that can draw us to Jesus. So what should we do then? Jesus gives us that answer.
    “YOU must pray, then, this way:
    “‘Our Father in the heavens, let your name be sanctified. 10 Let your kingdom come. Let your will take place, as in heaven, also upon earth. 11 Give us today our bread for this day; 12 and forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors. 13 And do not bring us into temptation, but deliver us from the wicked one.’ – Matt 6:9-13
    Ahh… we must pray to YHWH to give us our daily bread. This daily bread is Jesus Christ himself… for he is the true bread from heaven. Yet, we should also pray to YHWH to forgive us of our sins, as we have forgiven those who have sinned against us. Therefore, we should be in a repentant state while asking for this. Also, we should pray that YHWH will not bring us into temptation, and deliver us from the wicked one. If we really want to have Jesus Christ as our Lord and master, then we must pray that YHWH deliver us from Satan, and hand us over to his Son. We must readily acknowledge that we will accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Master… as our ONLY leader, and as our savior. To ask YHWH for these things is very acceptable in his eyes… because we truly are asking them in Jesus’ name.
    Think about it… If we ask YHWH for the true religion… how can he honor this request? He can’t. Because there IS no true religion. Religion in general is a snare and trap by the Devil. YHWH doesn’t want us to have a religion… rather he wants us to have his Son. He wants us to be in union with his Son. Therefore, let’s not ask YHWH for a religion… but ask him for his Son instead. Let’s ask YHWH to draw us close to his Son. Tell YHWH that you want to accept his Son as your only Lord and Master. Tell him that you want to accept his Son as your ONLY savior. Ask YHWH for his Holy spirit… ask for his Son. By asking these things in Jesus’ name, you will not be disappointed.
    Let’s not forget what Jesus told us:
    Most truly I say to YOU, If YOU ask the Father for anything he will give it to YOU in my name – John 16:23.
    We are taught that we should end a prayer by saying: “we ask these things in Jesus’ name…. Amen”. But is this what this scripture means? No. Suppose we ask YHWH for a brand new luxury car, then we say “we ask this in Jesus’ name”. Will he do it? No. Why? Because this “asking in Jesus’ name” means asking YHWH “IN SPIRIT CONCERNING JESUS CHRIST”. If we’re asking for a brand new luxury car… then we’re not really asking in Jesus’ name at all are we? No. Instead, we’re asking in our own name… for our own purpose. Yet, when we approach and ask YHWH for something concerning Christ… namely for something concerning HIS purpose… then we are truly asking in his name, are we not? If we’re asking YHWH in spirit and truth to send us his Son…. then is that not truly asking YHWH “in spirit” for something in Jesus Christ’s name? It surely is.
    Therefore, let us all ask YHWH to send us the true bread from heaven…. asking him in “spirit and in truth”. For if we do this, then YHWH cannot deny himself…. and he WILL grant our request.
    May all those with ears to listen hear!
    May you all have peace, joy and spirit from YHWH and his Son Jesus Christ.

    • Lee Anthony

      Really nice! Enjoyed that.

      • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

        Lee Anthony, He is thinking! I like seeing us speak from what we see and not guiding it along what we were taught. I have gotten to the point I don’t discuss religion at all with witnesses. I don’t go to the website for anything and I never read anything they write. I will read a review from others but if this was not what I know is the ministry Jehovah entrusted to me I would never speak or go near anything that reminded me of the kingdom hall. I am so glad the governing body tells them not to discuss spiritual matters with those that have left. It means I can be around my family with no threat of hearing about them. Another of their rules that is a protection for me. Another brother is on here now and I hope he comments on the post.

        • Lee Anthony

          I have not been on the jw site for a very long time and have no interest, however I am still stuck going to a couple meetings a month for the sake of my job which is really getting to me. Everything I hear at the meetings now is focused on the organization and following direction, almost creepy in a way. Anyways, I wanted to mention earlier before I read that about something I saw on the news, Donald trump apparently is aligned with a wealthy woman preacher who preaches the “prosperity gospel”. I find this interesting yet havent studied much about Babylon or end times in relation to world rulers since fading from jw’s, is there a good link or topic anywhere that has some good info on this? Ive looked around a little but cant really find specifics..

          • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

            http://bibleresources.info/ This is the internet link and the APP store has Christian resources App that is the same as this but mobile. In the search box under audio discourses you can put in things like end times. I find that David Rice has a lot of talks on the end times, so you can put in his name.
            Also I look under the NEW and go thru those talks there are some that deal with prophecy. Play with the App and first see how it works then you can do a lot of research there. I am going home tomorrow and maybe sunday I will go thru and get exact names of some of the talks for you to just punch in the name.
            I have been at my son’s home for 2 weeks now. They are all witnesses (6) but they don’t mind me being on the Wednesday night study in their home now. At first I had to go out to my car or RV. They even will sit on my bed or come in often while the study is on. Since I have no desire to attack or discuss religion they all in my family ar comfortable with me and I can visit their homes and not be expected to attend their meetings. It has taken over 5 years but it all works out when they see I don’t want to try and change them. My sons informed their wives and children that there will be freedom of religion for all, including their children or wives if they want something different. I think that is because I came out and faced them head on. But let me know if you have trouble navigating the APP on the internet site.

            • greg (Bible Student)

              Something I learned a long time ago:

              “Whenever we make it our single-minded purpose to change people, we generate resistance in them to whatever change we are seeking, and we also generate hostility and resentment in them towards us for trying to change them.”

              Jehovah created us to be autonomous. Whenever our autonomy seems threatened, our safety feels threatened also.

              The Word Disciple always intrigued and guided me in my interactions. In my mind, Jesus Disciples were “Willing Followers”. Jesus never used threats, fear, terror tactics, coercion, force, demands, or bribes to gain willing followers. Instead he LOVED people, and they followed of their own accord, for reasons that were their own.

              Think about it: How can you possible MAKE a WILLING FOLLOWER? Make and Willing seem to me to be mutually exclusive.


              • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

                I agree people don’t like you trying to make them do as you have done. My son that don’t speak to me stated that he and his wife knew before I did that there are serious problems within the organization, but after searching for another religion, he found them to have just as many problems. That is why I like the piece I posted yesterday. It brings out we should look for Jesus and be drawn to Jesus by God. He wants me to do as he and his wife is doing. Sit and wait on Jehovah! He got bitterly angry with me when I said it’s okay for you and your wife but I choose to go for the Bible instead of an organization. So unless God draws people to his son now to run for the upward call, it don’t make sense trying to force your idea. Most of my family of about 200 within the witnesses aren’t really spiritual. They follow the rules to get by and will ignore direct scripture in a heartbeat. I don’t blame them in any way just glad we all have realized I have the right to choose how I come to Christ.

            • greg (Bible Student)

              I’d also like to quote Carl Rogers here:

              “Defensive distortions drop away with astonishing speed as people find that the only intent is to understand, not judge.”


    • greg (Bible Student)

      I really enjoyed this! Thanks! I always find it encouraging, reassuring and validating to hear someone else describe in their own words a mental picture that matches my own.



  • Jacqueline

    This is a link to the book “Crisis of Conscience in different languages.


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