How can I leave the JWs without losing my family?

(Editorial note added 8/22/10:  If you are happy as a JW, we are not advocating that you leave, nor are we advocating division among the Lord’s people.  What we are expressing here is that Christians in any Church should have the freedom and liberty to express their views of scriptures, based on personal and honest study of God’s Word.  We are not advocating the causing of chaos and turmoil within any Congregation, but simply that our Liberty in Christ should allow one to express differences of opinion without fear of discipline, rebuke and punishment.  How can any Christian be confident they have arrived at the Truth in a repressive environment  controlled by fear?  But let us not fool ourselves by believing we will have this Liberty in other denominations.  Sadly, you will not find yourself welcome in most Churches where you contradict the Pastor in the Bible studies.  Bible Students will allow you to contradict the study leader, but we will not allow you to dominate or take control of the study.)

So you are discouraged and dissatisfied.  You want out of the JWs.  But you feel trapped.  How can you leave the organization without being labeled an Apostate?  The organizations main weapon is separating your family from you.  Once you are labeled as an Apostate, it could be all over for your family life. The cost is too high!  You just can’t do it!  Or can you?

The purpose of this post is to get a discussion going on how a JW can leave with minimal injury to themselves and their families.  Is it possible?  Please share your ideas and maybe together we can put together an Emergency Escape Plan that actually works. This is a link to the Book written by Br. Raymond Franz:


Before you even consider leaving the JWs, perhaps you need to decide what your doctrinal stand is.  What do you really believe?  Have you proven what you believe from scripture?  Is your faith unshakable?  Or do you not really care, because you just want out?

Will the injuries of leaving the organization be so great, will you be so angry and so bitter, that you will be willing to throw out the baby with the bathwater?  Are you okay with going back to hell, trinity and immortality of the soul?  Are you willing to give up your belief of Paradise earth?  Will the Catholic, Methodist or Baptist Church be okay for you?  Or will you be content to be by yourself, even though the Apostle Paul said “Forsake not the assembling of yourselves together”  Heb 10:25.


If and when you leave, you are not alone.  There are many other Jehovah’s Witnesses who have left that are looking for fellowship.  You are always welcome to come and visit the Bible Students.  How can you find others to meet with?  Finding Bible Students is easy enough, because you can find dozens of our websites on the Internet and by contacting any one of those sites, you can be put in contact with the Bible Students nearest you.  If there are no Bible Students nearby, you can join one of their weeknight conference call studies.  I can provide you with that information.


How about joining one of the Jehovah’s Witnesses Reform groups?  I think you can do so, but it might be a challenge.  As far as I can see, there is no far reaching organized mega-JW reform movement to join, and actually that is a good thing, because you are probably trying to get away from a controlling organization.  However, this ragtag Freedom Seeking Reform Movement can be far more effective than it has been.  Here are my suggestions.  First, there needs to be a “trusted source” having JWs best interests at heart, that maintains a database of new JW Reform groups forming.  This database can be organized by geographical location so that you can find the JW Reform Bible Study Group nearest you.  The website should contain helpful information about each group to help searching JWs learn more and make an informed decision.

For example, let’s say I am a Freedom Seeking JW checking out this  hypothetical database.  I would click on the city near nearest me and an information page on the Reform Groups in that city pops up.  I click on one of the reform groups and see the following information:

*  Location and street address where they meet

*  Day and time they meet

*  Approximate number of attendees in their group

*  Contact phone # and email address

*  Group website if one exists

*  What We Believe statement.

*  Other information the group wants to share with you

The What We Believe statement is important.  For example, a JW seeking alternatives may want to know whether you still believe in Paradise Earth or Hell Fire.


I am reminded of  Paul’s words in 2 Tim 2:12, “If we suffer, we shall also reign with him,” however, I realize that some may not find this comforting since the implication is that following Christ (rather than man / an organization) can result in suffering.  However there may be some more effective ways of leaving while minimizing the potential fall out to your family.

Here are some more thoughts.  Are there JWs in your Kingdom Hall that you can talk to freely without fear of being reported to the Elders or Circuit Overseer.  If so, I suggest you discuss your concerns together and see if you they would be willing to quietly meet together for a weekly Bible Study.  You might want to start out with a one-on-one study before incorporating them into your larger little study group.  Once they become a regular participant with you, they can join a larger group with less fear they they will report you all, since they have already been a regular participant with you.  (I know.  Achieving liberty takes a lot of work, just ask the Founding Fathers.)

If you can safely do so, you might also want to feel out your family and see if they are willing to participate in your weekly study; but before doing so, you might want to meet with your family privately, if you are afraid they will report the other brothers and sisters attending your weekly study.  Getting them in the study is important in bringing them into the process of freeing their minds to appreciate the importance of open dialogue and liberty in Christ.

Meeting together weekly will help demonstrate whether your little group has chemistry and the possibility for creating an independent breakaway reform study group.  If some time passes and the group study is working well and if you are enjoying the Freedom and Liberty you have in Christ and being able to allow the Holy Spirit to guide you to Truth (John 16:13), then may be ready for step#2.  But your whole study group must realize that step two may ultimately result in their being disfellowshipped and that if they are not willing to follow through with that, they should make it known that they will not support you, so that you are not surprised when you are left holding the bag of the fall out.  However, being a martyr may ultimately result in saving others.  Are you willing to risk it all for Liberty in Christ?


Publicly making your move will help you to finally break free and encourage other JWs to join you.  There is no telling how long you can continue to quietly meet with your little study group.  Some of you may want to take your chances just doing that for as long as you can.   However, sooner or later you may be discovered.  It might be hard to maintain a secret study indefinitely.  It will also be hard to be continually carry this burden of secrecy, which is the opposite of Christian honesty, but which seems like a necessary evil under your difficult/oppressive circumstances.

For step 2, the one in your group most courageous might try politely, but firmly, challenging a point of view you disagree with in a Kingdom Hall study and see what happens.  (Try to pick an issue where you have powerful scriptural support and you are confident of your view.)  See if you are immediately shut down or if you are permitted a difference of opinion without reprisal.  If on the off chance you are permitted a difference of opinion, then with patience and over time your little study group can politely disagree with objectionable thoughts promoted at the Kingdom Hall and provide your scriptural support.  At some point, if not immediately, you will be shut down.  But hopefully, you will have gotten some of the others to think.


Now you are ready for step 3.  The one in your group most courageous should make an announcement at the Sunday Kingdom Hall meeting.  Probably, you are not allowed to make announcements yourself, so you will be breaking protocol and interrupting the meeting.  Because they will probably shut you down quickly, your complete message should be in your first sentence.  For example, you could say something like this:

On Thursday nights at John Doe’s house you are invited to study the Watchtower article “Fill in the Blank” with us.

If you can get this far, you are doing well.  You may be labeled as a rebel, but I don’t think this yet rises to the level of an Apostate.  By selecting a Watchtower article to study, you are making your move less objectionable.  If you can get JWs to meet with your group, on your turf, in your home, you might have a chance to influence them toward a free, honest and open discussion.  If opposing Elders show up, be prepared for a showdown.  Do not be rude, but loving and willing to listen.  Only disagree in love, not in anger.  If you want to continue with the more subtle approach, you can try to continue the study of the Watchtower article and see where it goes.  If you are permitted to do this, you can help get the group in the habit of freely expressing their views, even if different.  However, I imagine the opposing Elders will not allow you to have a non-organization sponsored study without disciplinary action.  Be prepared to be disfellowshipped.

If you still agree with JW teachngs, you can take the position that you are still a Jehovah’s Witness and that nothing has changed except that you believe it is unhealthy not to permit differences of opinion to be expressed in JW studies, as long as accompanied by honestly presented scriptural evidence.  I imagine this makes it more difficult them to brand you as an Apostate.  You tell me.


Hopefully some or all of your family is with you and you have been able to minimize the personal damage to your family life.  If not, you need to seek your support structure in your little study group and other brothers and sisters in Christ.  Remember that nothing is more important in life than your personal relationship with Jesus Christ and also remembering that on Paradise earth, if not before, someday your family will thank you for the stand you took and the example you set at great personal sacrifice.

Try to keep the communication lines open with family that have been pressured into rejecting you.  Assure them that you have not denied Jehovah and still believe that same teachings (if that is true).  You can quote scriptures listed at the end of this posting about liberty in Christ.  Here is a novel idea.  I have no idea if this will work.  Try referring them to the JW DVD “Faith in Action: From Darkness to Light.”  If you feel it is true, point out that you are making a move back to your roots and want to be like the original Bible Students, where there was congregational freedom and no organizational rule and oppression.

Even once disfellowshipped, if you can, continue with the weeknight study that you had announced on Sunday, over the next few weeks or months, when others think it is safe, you may find some sneaking into your study group to check it out.  Whatever material you are studying from, we believe that you must accept the Bible as the ultimate authority and you should have the humble attitude of honestly submitting to the teachings of scriptures, if you see them to be clear and yet different from what you had previously thought.  Don’t let your emotions sway your doctrinal determination.  Base your beliefs on the teachings of scripture after you have studied the evidence for opposing points of view.  Sad to say, in my opinion, I see too many Christians influenced by peer pressure and conformity.


Bible Students know where you are coming from.  We too had to make a decision to leave the organization after J.F. Rutherford took over and tried to take away our liberty in Christ.  We would like to help.  On our Friends website, under “Friends Links,” you can find links to some other Bible Student websites with lots of electronic study material.  Pick out what you like or what you agree with.  Many of our websites even offer hard copy books, literature, DVDs and CDs which are sold at cost and can be shipped to your home at a nominal cost.  At your request, Bible Student elders would be glad to visit and speak to you, or lead a Bible Study, even on a topic of your choice.  Consider us your friends.  We’re here if you need us, but we are determined not to get in your way or interfere with your own freedom and liberty to make your own choices.

The flagship book of the early Bible Students was the Divine Plan of the Ages.  A beautiful condensed easy to read version of this has recently been prepared.  It is called, “God’s Grand Plan of the Ages” and is sold under cost for only 50 cents a copy.  It is a great book, endorsed by all the Chicago Bible Student elders and we encourage you to order a copy and read it for yourself.


To prevent yourselves from falling into the trap of following man again, we suggest that your study group adopt the practice of the early church, to have regular (not one time) elections of Elders and Deacons.  When the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society was originally founded, it was merely a publishing house supporting Bible Students with study materials.  Its founder, Pastor Russell, was against organizational control of Christian thoughts and beliefs, which was the impetus for his supporting the organizing the independent Bible study groups, which became the Bible Student movement.  Later, under the dictatorial control of JF Rutherford, the movement was transformed into an entirely new organization that tightly controlled the thoughts of its members.

A guidance manual, so to speak, on how to operate a study group according to the scriptures is outlined in Pastor Russell’s sixth volume of the Studies in the Scriptures series, called “The New Creation.”  You can find the chapter describing the election of Elders and Deacons here:


You are not accustomed to having group debates and making group decisions through vote in a business meeting (something Bible Students do regularly).  These business meetings are great for character development, since you will quickly find that everyone doesn’t always agree with you and too often, you are not getting your way.  It’s easier to just have the organization tell you what to do, but this is the price of freedom.  Be patient with your brethren.  Allow them to make the wrong decisions, as you see it, unless it so violates your Christian conscience that you cannot bear it; because at this point you are taking about splitting off into yet smaller groups.  Yet we recommend that the development of patience, understanding and submission for each other is generally a better way to go.

Eph 5:21 – Be in subjection to one another in fear of Christ.  NWT

1 John 3:14 – We know we have passed over from death to life, because we love the brothers.   NWT

The next big challenge will come when one of your aspiring study leaders is not elected as an Elder.  He may feel hurt, bitter and angry that the group doesn’t seem to understand what a great spiritual leader he will be.  To such we recommend the spirit of humility and submission, remembering that  “Pride is before a crash, and a haughty spirit before stumbling.” Prov 16:18, NWT.


In 1933, Chicago Elders defied JF Rutherford’s forced takeover of the Chicago Bible Students.  Elder Irving Foss courageously announced that brethren not in harmony with these forced changes were invited to meet together the following Sunday at 1016 N. Dearborn Street… and thus the Chicago Bible Students were re-formed, maintaining their freedom and liberty in Christ.  You can read more from testimony of Bro. Irving Foss.


Gal 5:1 – Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free, and do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage.   NKJV

Gal 5:13 – For you, brethren, have been called to liberty; only do not use liberty as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another.  NKJV

2Co 3:17 –  …where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.   NWT

John 8:31, 32 – And so Jesus went on to say to the Jews that had believed him: “If YOU remain in my word, YOU are really my disciples, and YOU will know the truth, and the truth will set YOU free.  NWT

50 comments to How can I leave the JWs without losing my family?

  • carol

    Jacqueline, Thank you ,It warmed My Heart for your understanding .

    In answer ” I really don’t know how I found you , there had been a program on the TV The night before about “Cult Religions ” and JW’s were one of them “it spoke to girls, mostly that had grown up in it , and I likened it to my 15 year old grandson he’s always been schooled at home , he’s never gone out with friends “although Iv noticed he has just started waking the dogs on his own sometimes , the only places he goes is to the meetings ,,so ,so sad “I had been in the Truth and known it longer for more than 30 years , but never once forced my children they had there own Free Will “only One of my children followed it that’s whom I’m talking about now ,, anyway thank you again and as Iv said “””I now follow My own Heart and My Religion Is “”””DO AS YOU BE DONE BY”””””” Jesus’s Words if we all did that the world would be as one , X I live in Bristol Uk

    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      Carol when I grew up in the witnesses I never experienced what young people are doing in the rearing of their children. We went to school and played with neighborhood children etc. But since 1985 when they baptized people into the organization they have taught the parents this weird way of rearing children. It is how a cult would do it. This was not the case in earlier years. Children often rebel badly now because their minds are so controlled they can’t just walk away and be normal. They often go very far out in their behaviour. I like knowing that this is not judgement day and the world of mankind will get the chance to make a decision based on knowing what God actually teaches.
      Hopefully your grandson can get a break as he gets older. The watchtower society is coming under fire because of it’s atrocities toward families, especially in Russia their persecution is based on breaking up families. The Australian government, Spain and others are investigating them because of their unmoving stance on protecting pedophiles. I am visiting relatives and it is so foreign to say ecverybody sins when speaking of pedophilia, yet are so outwardly vocal about Gay persons. These are not conversations that I have started but I am listening to ongoing conversations and mentioned pedophiles are top of my list, they equated it with just an ordinary sin and okay for repentant ones to come to the KH but not a gay person.
      So, I like you are just glad I can think and get a personal relationship with him. I can make decisions to hear other’s thoughts, fellowship with others to DISCUSS AND DRAW CONCLUSIONS instead of having a few decide what a scripture means and I have to accept and teach it.
      On this forum we can talk and have an opinion different than another person but basic things about God are undenialable that he is a God of LOVE and isn’t always about depriving us of liberty and enjoying our life and family.
      Carol I understand what you are going thru because I am going thru it. I sometimes have to remove myself from around family because it is so stressful as they are always speaking about hate and condemnation of others. It would be very typical for all witnesses but I am now not accustomed to so much hate.
      You might just have more peace than you think. It is very difficult Carol when you have left this organization but are around relatives that are steeped in it.
      I have a different view about shunning, hurtful shunning can cause severe harm but sometimes you are spared a lot of stress by not being able to speak freely or express yourself. Even when you speak with others on the phone or read the Bible in a witness home it can be a stressful situation as they will ask you to lower your voice or not talk in front of their children or don’t bring anything religious in their home.
      So complete cutoff can be better. I have made friends like you on here and within the brotherhood of Bible students and I talk to my neighbors everyday unlike when I was always rushing out to a meeting and regarded them as dead forever at armageddon. Hopefully you have developed a circle of support.
      I will make sure Br. Peter Check with the australian brothers for your area. May we give them your email or would you rather we give you theirs?
      Take Care of yourself.
      I just left the Huntsvilles convention and am resting at my witness son’s home before I leave for a week of rest and relaxation tomorrow. Talk to you later.

  • carol

    My Husband who was not In the Truth, was Killed 31/10/2006 at 5.50 am ( early in the Morning) “on his way to work “by a mad driver over taking a Trash card at 98mls an hour , he severed Lee In Half, ” Lee was working away so I had a phone call from the police because the crash was so Big it was all over the TV NEWS ,they needed to tell me before I saw it .
    a few days later I had a photo of that terrible crash , I went across to my daughter too show them “there was also an Elder there , my hand shaking I’m showing him the photo, He looked at it and said looking at me . was Lee drunk , I was in shock still “, I said “sorry ,what did you say ,, “WAS HE DRUNK he repeated ,, I stood up and screamed No he wasn’t he was Killed by a Mad Driver and so went on to tell him how ,,, my daughter was stood by me asking me to calm down , ,,, LEE wasn’t in the Truth But Had more compassion In His Little finger than he had in his whole body , I ran out the house trying to get away from his words ,, Over the months and a further 3 years It was Like the Angels opening my eyes to what was wrong and being told at the meetings by the Elders , I would question everything ,, I was not popular ,,I stopped going to the meeting and with drew from the religion ,,, and as Iv said My daughter and her family who still live op” Me wont even smile at me not alone Talk, one of my granddaughter who has married In the Truth, put a Note through My door telling me “when she see’s Grampy LEE again “she will tell him why I cant be there with him or them . (I didn’t reply ,) just tought how Cruel of her; I know LEE would Have laughed at it all , But Instead her words pushed me away even further . Its Nothing More Than Control “I will not be a part of it , A few years ago I was taken very Ill a friend went over and told my daughter , her Answer was “” Sorry ,”””” I love My God More Than My Mother””” , I only want to know if my mother Dies ,,,, And me “well I’m well now ,, I still love my daughter and her family they cant see the wood through the tree’s its only when you step back you can see the control ,, I only hope when they stand before him they will realize their wrongs ,,,,,,, Carol from Bristol Uk

    • Jacqueline (Bible student)

      Dear Carol, hello and my heart goes out to you. This had to be difficult to share eitb us but thanks.
      This is typical of elders reaction to a non believers death and even ones going to the kingdom hall because they don’t check their facts first. I have found the witnesses elders to be non feeling and more harsh than normal people. My theory is that the satanic influence overpowers their NORMAL human responses.
      You are a wo an and your husband was not of the cliché class of elders so you were regarded as even lower than a female. I am still having a difficult time hearing of daughters, supposedly Christians, behaving in a non human manner toward a mother. There are many more stories of women behaving this way it is not normal.
      I am glad you found our site. You have probably noticed that the witnesses don’t believe in the RANSOM of all mankind so they have sent you into second death.
      I see a silver lining here, you are free. Now you can go to Christ as you never could as a witness.
      You have the assurance that your daughter and grand will learn the truth about Jesus and Jehovah.
      If you can go thrust this, then you are strong and GOD can use you in his plan. You can help others through these same types of difficult circumstances. You are it seems in training for a work ahead with the text of the body of Christ. Although this is just an awful thing treasure the dear friends not Witnesses. They have more compassion and are not under the spell of men led by Satan. They are free to use their God given conscience. He will always raise someone up to help. I have gotten closer to my Christian brothers here and family that were never witnesses and treated unkind by my huge witness family. Perhaps a niece or nephew, cousin etc. They would love it, often non witnesses will welcome you and glad you have awakened from this spell of 7 men.
      There might be Bible students in your area or our many online and phone in classes. You are welcome to dialogue here on this site by expressing your thoughts on subjects are opening up a topic as you have.
      There are some on here including myself that have similar circumstances but God is bringing us together for support, comfort and learning the truth finally.
      Could you give us your city and country on the contact tab so we can see if there are brothers near you.
      Take care of yourself and don’t worry. I feel sorry for your daughter if you pass and she comes to her senses too late. But I plan to leave a note in my papers for my one son so he doesn’t hurt.
      How did you find this site?

  • carol

    I left the JW’s about 5 years ago I wont go into why , My Family , being my daughter, her husband and 5 children are all witnesses all live op” me I live on my own since my Husband was killed 9 years ago ,, so my family and I were very close ,, But since I know longer follow this religion ,not that Iv chosen any other they have chosen not to speak they don’t even smile at me when passing by not alone speak ,, there has never been across word between us ,only that I know longer practice the Truth although My Religion Is Simple Do as You be done By … This Not Speaking to family members Is Nothing more than ABUSE , Why would I even want to go back to something Like that ,, Its a Kind Of controlling behaviour , If My family don’t want to know me , that’s their problem Not Mine ,,, who’s controlling here the Elders Or Jesus

    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      Carol hello and welcome to the forum. I am so sorry to hear first about your husband and how sad the treatment of you by your family. A daughter??? That is a difficult one to understand. Your grand children are missing out, big time. I have been gone 6 years and everybody went crazy when they found out. ( I didn’t hide it, just started studying and mentioning that the Bible students were not dead! Most didn’t believe me and were stunned when I gave another view to well known witness doctrine.
      I find it strange that you, me and others are shunned when you never had a cross word with your family. This is abnormal behaviour.
      I think you have found out how to cope. Ignore the situation and get a life develop new friends. (Allow yourself to look at people like humans not wicked people) You will understand why Christ died for us. Start enjoying the freedom you have and you will see your family start to creep back into your life. They are waiting sometimes to see if you explode or something. lol
      You are at the the threshold point where shunning seems to last only about 5 years for very close ones. The superfine elders and pioneers are caught however and it can last a lifetime. Your daughter hopefully won’t have to experience a deep loss before she realizes how she have lost out on precious time. But normally that is what it takes.
      I am glad you found the site. There are so many stories in the “Naked City” (New York) and the horror of the victims of a concept by the governing body is just one of them.
      How did you find us?
      Also we began the Wednesday study and if you are in the US just come on and say hello and participate also. It is laid back. After this Wednesday I will no longer be living in witness home babysitting and can talk after the study is over. Also after Friday
      I will be free to talk on the phone or have long discussions on the site.
      Carol to be shunned and not free to talk openly for months as you would in your house can be stressful. If I could just be shunned I would be free to pursue helping others with all my might and zeal. I don’t know your circumstances but we also have a ton of facebook friends to the point we don’t miss the witnesses.
      The Bible student brothers have provided excellent spiritual material here for all coming out in a manner a ex witness can understand. So ask questions or just comment. May God Bless and sustain you. Your shunning is especially cruel considering you are a mother and have lost your husband. In Christ, Jacqueline

    • Bret (Bible Student)

      Nice to hear your story and each one told makes clear to those that read posts hear that the JW CLERGY hold power over those in their fold with undue influence. Fear of Armegeddon, second death or loss of family and friends through disfellowshippi g and shunning or as in your case it viewing you as bad association. I live in an area where i was well known and still am at this point because i was very involved as an Elder in the circuit. I would like to tell you there is peace and mind among the bible students and liberty in Christ and your worship of Jehovah. Like sister Jacqueline brought out you can find peace here..

  • Wild Olive

    @david Paul,can you please list the 30 benefits you mentioned in passing

  • Wild Olive

    @David Paul,thank you so much for distilling almost all my concerns in that one post,I felt tears welling up with the utter relief knowing that someone else sees the golden calf the way I do.
    It is a shock when real Bible truth starts to dismantle cherished beliefs but the reward of the spirit is wonderful.
    I really want to go preaching but I want to preach something that’s not going to be changed in the near future,I wish the G B would realise that’s what all of us actually need,as a side point to that,I have noticed a pattern of watchtower articles that seem to be written to contradict material and statements made on sites such as this one,THE GB ARE LOOKING AT APOSTATE SITES ,I put it bold so they know that someone knows what their up to,what a bunch of liers and hypocrites,but I guess that’s what happens when you set up an idol lol

    • Peter K. (admin)

      Wild Olive – You said, “I have noticed a pattern of watchtower articles that seem to be written to contradict material and statements made on sites…” If you could elaborate with any examples, I think we would find it interesting.

      • Wild Olive

        Now that I need to be specific I find that Ime going to have to go back over at least 2yrs of watchtowers,how depressing.
        The last time a statement stood out was at the recent international convention held here in Melbourne in October,Steven Lett brought up a scripture in one of the talks,1Cor12:4,re Paul’s vision of paradise.
        He explained that the paradise that Paul saw was both heaven and earth in a perfected state,I don’t for one moment accept the fantasy he presented as truth.
        But,I thought,that particular verse is very obscure to the average jw,why on earth would he bring up that scipture?anything about heaven is a “no go”zone for the non anointed?I got out my I-phone and googled that verse,sure enough it comes up on nearly every “apostate”web site as a counter to the idea of a paradise earth being part of the Christian hope.
        The other implication that also comes out of this is that the GB are actually being taught by apostates,it’s the only way they can come up with something new,they have run out of dates,run out of generations,they are cutting back on printing,all they have now is their fancy web site with lots of kiddy cartoons on it,no real heavy duty doctrinal discussion,it’s all being dumded down,in my opinion,to stop the rank and file from thinking.

        • Jacqueline

          WILD OLIVE, when some new light would come out in the past, my husband could find it in studies in the scriptures, exact page. most didn’t know about the SITS in the 70’s- 90’s. I think things are being revealed about them. But the average witness don’t really study, they underline and repeat.

          • Wild Olive

            Amen Jaqueline,study is a misnomer in the Jw religion,indoctrination is more accurate.
            From that whole convention I listed the ransom being detailed 3 times in 3days of sessions,mind you I had zoned out as soon as Steven Lett said,addressing the youth,”Jehovah loves you and so does his organization”, how does an organization love someone?does it have a heart?maybe more importantly,does it sin?and if it does sin,does the New Covenant cover the sins of an organization?

  • Jacqueline

    Dear Bro. David Paul,

    Thanks to Jehovah that you found this site. I will take and have taken some of the advice you’ve given.
    You validate some of the things we have been saying about the governing body being the Sanhedrin, Golden calf.I began to see this about 20 yrs ago, but there was no support when you tried to talk about the developing “take over” attitude of this thing called a “governing body”.
    This site is allowing us to heal. The helpful information being presented by ones that have actually been witnesses is comforting. I believe it is possible to heal and be at oneness with Jesus and Jehovah. You seem to have found it. It gives us hope that we can also.
    House Church has proven to be better for me. I grew up in that type of environ before there were Kingdom Halls in the South. It was sort of like Book studies, that’s all we had until I was about 12 yrs old. It really worked to come together once a month with the other book studies scattered about.
    Thanks for your advice on moving on. That is where I am now in this journey to be “free” in Christ. I can understand scripture now, whereas I couldn’t with the “watchtower” constantly in the way.
    I will read one of the books above that you mentioned. Imagine if I said that at the Kingdom Hall or among a group of witnesses. They think only watchtower materials can help one. I don’t belive that any more. Again thank you for posting.
    In Christ

  • Dear Lex, Jacqueline and friends.

    We were, loyal legalistic, Gnostic, judgemental, critical, supremacist, robotic and self-righteous Watchtower Society cultists, for 4 decades, and 4 generations.

    A simple introduction to the real “good news” about Jesus, and relentlessly pursuing it, eventually resulted in us seeing our tragic fallen state and coming to faith in the only name given by which men must get saved. Suddenly the scriptures sprang to life as we went from spiritually passive to active.

    We consequently and gratefully received many free gifts from God that can never be earned, deserved or paid for – imputed righteousness (justification), imputed holiness (sanctification), imputed sonship (adoption), imputed eternal life (salvation), and more…

    This “good news” can ironically be found in the Watchtower library (although fragmented and contradicted) – but not in the hearts and minds of the Watchtower’s followers and associates.

    Yes, we know the majority of the flock are passively ignorant (lost, unrighteous) and not militantly ignorant (evil, wicked) like the majority of the leaders.

    We are now finding the independent worldwide simple, organic (house) church movement to be something worth looking into. No hierarchies, teachers, leaders – except Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Only friends and neighbours fellowshipping and supporting each other, aiming for genuine community and love, as well as authentic spiritual development, as with Jesus’ early followers.

    We believe that if two or three fellowship in Christ (Matt 18:20), anywhere, anytime, anyhow then they are gathering together in the sense actually intended in Heb 10:24,25 and Acts 4:12.

    However when gathering in the context and NAME of a particular religion, denomination, institution or organisation, how can we truthfully claim compliance with Heb 10:24,25 and Acts 4:12?

    It has been said that religion is a bureaucracy between God and man. That would make it a pseudo-mediator, false Christ, and a “snare and a racket”. Religionists are racketeers who promise faith and salvation, but actually steal it – with their “sham good news” and “counterfeit good news” as described in w82 8/15 p. 22 pars. 11-13.

    The full and true “good news” is the best cure-all medicine ever with at least 30 essential ingredients. Followers of the Watchtower only confess a one-ingredient “good news” – the Kingdom or the “message of restoration”.

    The GB are clearly pseudo-mediators who have illegitimately, deceptively and arrogantly inserted themselves into the scriptural chain of salvation as outlined in John 14:6. Those that persist in following this VISIBLE golden calf, instead of Jesus, will not find life, but death as in Proverbs 8:22,23,30,35,36. The GB needs followers – no one needs the GB. They are shockingly irrelevant. Worse even.

    We are all born spiritually blind. The GB have however institutionalised the central teaching of demons – unrepentance. Therefore they and their loyalist minions have gone from being spiritually blind, to confused, inebriated and finally insane or mad, due to resisting our true and only mediator the greater Moses, namely Jesus (2 Timothy 3:8-9).

    Did you know that the term “the anointed” does not appear even once in the New Testament (or New Covenant or New Contract) scriptures. Even in the seriously and deeply flawed NWT it is always correctly rendered/translated as “the Christ” or “the messiah”. Anyone therefore claiming authority as “the anointed” are therefore clearly false Christs and false messiahs. The GB have gotten spiritually inebriated and insane by greedily drinking power, authority, glory and adulation meant only for Jesus Christ and his father (Matt 23:6-12).

    We have been hugely blessed by pondering the fact that Jesus never really took issue with or even judged sinners, or the heinously barbaric secular authorities. He reserved his criticisms for religionists – they were his real enemies and the ones who had him killed.

    The only GB and VISIBLE organisation that existed during the time of the apostles was the Sanhedrin. It is also worth noting the inconvenient truth that the Pharisees were not pagans but the congregation elders, in Jesus’ day. Jesus was not a Christian, but a Jew, and died as one, albeit the only perfectly faithful one under the Old Covenant. The New Covenant (the Christian faith) was only inaugurated 10 days after his ascension.

    The book: “Take back your life” by Janja Lalich and Madleine Tobias is an excellent and authoritative resource for recovering from membership of a cult, and the attendant spiritual abuses.

    Attending a cult conference and/or ex-member workshop on a referral from the “International Cultic Studies Association” can also be hugely liberating and validating. A referral to a good psychologist experienced in cults, for EMDRAA and CBT therapy is highly recommended and could likely take years and even decades off the recovery process. At best the process can still take around 24 months.

    The best, safest and most powerful cult deprogramming also includes personal study of the full and true “good news” and reconnecting with God in a personal relationship on HIS terms, where he grants repentance and faith to fallen sinners who choose to believe in his son instead of some code, law, ritual, command, tradition, recipe, guru, group, institution, organisation, religion or denomination.

    Chip Brogden’s free eBook: “Getting Babylon out of you” can also be a big help in identifying the religious spirit that has to be slayed within oneself after years of indoctrination and manipulation by this cunning, evil and insidious spirit.

    God’s richest blessings on your new life and exciting journey

    Yours in Christ

    David Paul
    ©2010 Everlasting Good News Ministries
    “God is calling us all to become religiously passive and spiritually active”

    PS – If you have no reservations at all about bowing down to the VISIBLE golden calf, pseudo-Moses, pseudo-mediator, false Christ, GB and Watchtower Society, then this post is not for you – please do not respond. Simply ask your father to forgive you for straying onto this site.

  • Jacqueline

    Hello Marek,
    I enjoyed reading your post. You are encouraging and real.

  • Marek

    Helo All… I just have a question to all JW… Is the practice of shunning, stop talking, call people apostates, is that an attribute of LOVE, what Jesus teached? Is shunning practice – not equal to bulling, humilliating, harassing an individual? And you can tell me it all because of love? This things are very scary, and can do lots of harm to each person confidence, can bring depression etc… And it is very dangerouse.
    I am an EX JW, I left organization on my own, and i have expererienced all of this things.
    My advice, just examine your faith, do you still belive in Jehowah, the Creator? Believe in Jesus, attribute of Love? If yes, do you think, They would call you an apostate, or shun you ( how many times Jehowah has forgiven Israelities? over and over again) So dont be worry,about what inperfect people say or do.
    Now, when you have examined your faith, ask what you like to do with your life? Believe me, it is not like that, that your life is a preaching service only , as JW believe.
    Use your common sens. What did Jehowah said to first people. He ask them to have family and develope the Graden of Eden. He didnt expect them to live theur lives the way JW try to teach. If you are young, you have lots of talent, that you can develope, and still can glorify, and prise Jehowah. You have one life, do what you dream about to do, dont lose you chance. And Jehowah will not treat you as an apostate. The only way you can be like an apostate to Jehowah, is when you will chose to do against ten commandments. Start be gready, hurt people, humiliate them, judge them, have no respect and so on and on…. Tell you family about this, and see what tehy say. If they not understand , they will not never understand you.. And yet if they will try to shun from you, disconnect with, they are the one who go agaist Jesus, and they behave like an apostates…
    I moved to the new place some time ago… One day Jw were preaching to me…we start to have a conversation… I didnt tell the who I am, I was just act as i am novice about the Bible etc. Obviousely they start the story as theyve been told on the meetings. I put the arguments from real life rather then Bible, and they could not explain to me anything apart from cite the Bible. I met them several times. On one ocassion, we talk about word LOve, what it is and what is mean, what is mean to be righteouse etc. By the end of the conversation the man said “it is said that, people like you (me) dont know the truth, and dont do the right”. SO I asked him why he is so sure that in God eyes he is a better person then me. And I also asked what if maybe in 10 years time, he will do something wrong, not ethical etc. Or maybe change his mind, if Armageddon will now came like he expect? What then? HE COULD NOT ANSWER ME. YET HE JUST JUDGED ME, even if just before he said that people should not judge each other.
    I write about this, to show that the most important thing is to have a harmony with yourslef, balance in life, and be confident , and go your own way in life, go follow what you chose (dont confuse iT please with “desire” (as a bad feellings – as it also can be good0.. And people JW or not, they will always judge, but this is not what Jesus teach about love. This is not what Jehowah teached.

  • Milette

    What Anonymous doesn’t realize is that we are not talking about JW with families that are non believers. JW will treat their non believer families very well, with the hope of converting them someday. The issue at hand is the poor treatment JW give to their families and friends who were once believers and at some point chose not to believe the WT teachings. This is one of the reasons why JW are looked upon as a cult. Because cult members love and care for you in the hope of converting you, and making you a member, but then the cult will promote distance/hatred from former members if they no longer follow the teachings/leader of the cult. In this case the cult leader is who the JW call Governing Body of the WT.

    … and this is why it is Beneficial to get an education. If Anonymous was educated she would have read the content of this article and would have understood it.

    • Jacqueline

      Your explanation is very clear and understandable.
      The July, 2009 Awake magazine page 29, subject: “Is It Wrong To Change Your religion” (public issue) It states:
      “None should be forced to worship in a way that he finds unacceptable or be made to choose between his beliefs and his family”.
      This is a hypocritical statement, made by the “governing body” of the witnesses.

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