How can I leave the JWs without losing my family?

(Editorial note added 8/22/10:  If you are happy as a JW, we are not advocating that you leave, nor are we advocating division among the Lord’s people.  What we are expressing here is that Christians in any Church should have the freedom and liberty to express their views of scriptures, based on personal and honest study of God’s Word.  We are not advocating the causing of chaos and turmoil within any Congregation, but simply that our Liberty in Christ should allow one to express differences of opinion without fear of discipline, rebuke and punishment.  How can any Christian be confident they have arrived at the Truth in a repressive environment  controlled by fear?  But let us not fool ourselves by believing we will have this Liberty in other denominations.  Sadly, you will not find yourself welcome in most Churches where you contradict the Pastor in the Bible studies.  Bible Students will allow you to contradict the study leader, but we will not allow you to dominate or take control of the study.)

So you are discouraged and dissatisfied.  You want out of the JWs.  But you feel trapped.  How can you leave the organization without being labeled an Apostate?  The organizations main weapon is separating your family from you.  Once you are labeled as an Apostate, it could be all over for your family life. The cost is too high!  You just can’t do it!  Or can you?

The purpose of this post is to get a discussion going on how a JW can leave with minimal injury to themselves and their families.  Is it possible?  Please share your ideas and maybe together we can put together an Emergency Escape Plan that actually works. This is a link to the Book written by Br. Raymond Franz:


Before you even consider leaving the JWs, perhaps you need to decide what your doctrinal stand is.  What do you really believe?  Have you proven what you believe from scripture?  Is your faith unshakable?  Or do you not really care, because you just want out?

Will the injuries of leaving the organization be so great, will you be so angry and so bitter, that you will be willing to throw out the baby with the bathwater?  Are you okay with going back to hell, trinity and immortality of the soul?  Are you willing to give up your belief of Paradise earth?  Will the Catholic, Methodist or Baptist Church be okay for you?  Or will you be content to be by yourself, even though the Apostle Paul said “Forsake not the assembling of yourselves together”  Heb 10:25.


If and when you leave, you are not alone.  There are many other Jehovah’s Witnesses who have left that are looking for fellowship.  You are always welcome to come and visit the Bible Students.  How can you find others to meet with?  Finding Bible Students is easy enough, because you can find dozens of our websites on the Internet and by contacting any one of those sites, you can be put in contact with the Bible Students nearest you.  If there are no Bible Students nearby, you can join one of their weeknight conference call studies.  I can provide you with that information.


How about joining one of the Jehovah’s Witnesses Reform groups?  I think you can do so, but it might be a challenge.  As far as I can see, there is no far reaching organized mega-JW reform movement to join, and actually that is a good thing, because you are probably trying to get away from a controlling organization.  However, this ragtag Freedom Seeking Reform Movement can be far more effective than it has been.  Here are my suggestions.  First, there needs to be a “trusted source” having JWs best interests at heart, that maintains a database of new JW Reform groups forming.  This database can be organized by geographical location so that you can find the JW Reform Bible Study Group nearest you.  The website should contain helpful information about each group to help searching JWs learn more and make an informed decision.

For example, let’s say I am a Freedom Seeking JW checking out this  hypothetical database.  I would click on the city near nearest me and an information page on the Reform Groups in that city pops up.  I click on one of the reform groups and see the following information:

*  Location and street address where they meet

*  Day and time they meet

*  Approximate number of attendees in their group

*  Contact phone # and email address

*  Group website if one exists

*  What We Believe statement.

*  Other information the group wants to share with you

The What We Believe statement is important.  For example, a JW seeking alternatives may want to know whether you still believe in Paradise Earth or Hell Fire.


I am reminded of  Paul’s words in 2 Tim 2:12, “If we suffer, we shall also reign with him,” however, I realize that some may not find this comforting since the implication is that following Christ (rather than man / an organization) can result in suffering.  However there may be some more effective ways of leaving while minimizing the potential fall out to your family.

Here are some more thoughts.  Are there JWs in your Kingdom Hall that you can talk to freely without fear of being reported to the Elders or Circuit Overseer.  If so, I suggest you discuss your concerns together and see if you they would be willing to quietly meet together for a weekly Bible Study.  You might want to start out with a one-on-one study before incorporating them into your larger little study group.  Once they become a regular participant with you, they can join a larger group with less fear they they will report you all, since they have already been a regular participant with you.  (I know.  Achieving liberty takes a lot of work, just ask the Founding Fathers.)

If you can safely do so, you might also want to feel out your family and see if they are willing to participate in your weekly study; but before doing so, you might want to meet with your family privately, if you are afraid they will report the other brothers and sisters attending your weekly study.  Getting them in the study is important in bringing them into the process of freeing their minds to appreciate the importance of open dialogue and liberty in Christ.

Meeting together weekly will help demonstrate whether your little group has chemistry and the possibility for creating an independent breakaway reform study group.  If some time passes and the group study is working well and if you are enjoying the Freedom and Liberty you have in Christ and being able to allow the Holy Spirit to guide you to Truth (John 16:13), then may be ready for step#2.  But your whole study group must realize that step two may ultimately result in their being disfellowshipped and that if they are not willing to follow through with that, they should make it known that they will not support you, so that you are not surprised when you are left holding the bag of the fall out.  However, being a martyr may ultimately result in saving others.  Are you willing to risk it all for Liberty in Christ?


Publicly making your move will help you to finally break free and encourage other JWs to join you.  There is no telling how long you can continue to quietly meet with your little study group.  Some of you may want to take your chances just doing that for as long as you can.   However, sooner or later you may be discovered.  It might be hard to maintain a secret study indefinitely.  It will also be hard to be continually carry this burden of secrecy, which is the opposite of Christian honesty, but which seems like a necessary evil under your difficult/oppressive circumstances.

For step 2, the one in your group most courageous might try politely, but firmly, challenging a point of view you disagree with in a Kingdom Hall study and see what happens.  (Try to pick an issue where you have powerful scriptural support and you are confident of your view.)  See if you are immediately shut down or if you are permitted a difference of opinion without reprisal.  If on the off chance you are permitted a difference of opinion, then with patience and over time your little study group can politely disagree with objectionable thoughts promoted at the Kingdom Hall and provide your scriptural support.  At some point, if not immediately, you will be shut down.  But hopefully, you will have gotten some of the others to think.


Now you are ready for step 3.  The one in your group most courageous should make an announcement at the Sunday Kingdom Hall meeting.  Probably, you are not allowed to make announcements yourself, so you will be breaking protocol and interrupting the meeting.  Because they will probably shut you down quickly, your complete message should be in your first sentence.  For example, you could say something like this:

On Thursday nights at John Doe’s house you are invited to study the Watchtower article “Fill in the Blank” with us.

If you can get this far, you are doing well.  You may be labeled as a rebel, but I don’t think this yet rises to the level of an Apostate.  By selecting a Watchtower article to study, you are making your move less objectionable.  If you can get JWs to meet with your group, on your turf, in your home, you might have a chance to influence them toward a free, honest and open discussion.  If opposing Elders show up, be prepared for a showdown.  Do not be rude, but loving and willing to listen.  Only disagree in love, not in anger.  If you want to continue with the more subtle approach, you can try to continue the study of the Watchtower article and see where it goes.  If you are permitted to do this, you can help get the group in the habit of freely expressing their views, even if different.  However, I imagine the opposing Elders will not allow you to have a non-organization sponsored study without disciplinary action.  Be prepared to be disfellowshipped.

If you still agree with JW teachngs, you can take the position that you are still a Jehovah’s Witness and that nothing has changed except that you believe it is unhealthy not to permit differences of opinion to be expressed in JW studies, as long as accompanied by honestly presented scriptural evidence.  I imagine this makes it more difficult them to brand you as an Apostate.  You tell me.


Hopefully some or all of your family is with you and you have been able to minimize the personal damage to your family life.  If not, you need to seek your support structure in your little study group and other brothers and sisters in Christ.  Remember that nothing is more important in life than your personal relationship with Jesus Christ and also remembering that on Paradise earth, if not before, someday your family will thank you for the stand you took and the example you set at great personal sacrifice.

Try to keep the communication lines open with family that have been pressured into rejecting you.  Assure them that you have not denied Jehovah and still believe that same teachings (if that is true).  You can quote scriptures listed at the end of this posting about liberty in Christ.  Here is a novel idea.  I have no idea if this will work.  Try referring them to the JW DVD “Faith in Action: From Darkness to Light.”  If you feel it is true, point out that you are making a move back to your roots and want to be like the original Bible Students, where there was congregational freedom and no organizational rule and oppression.

Even once disfellowshipped, if you can, continue with the weeknight study that you had announced on Sunday, over the next few weeks or months, when others think it is safe, you may find some sneaking into your study group to check it out.  Whatever material you are studying from, we believe that you must accept the Bible as the ultimate authority and you should have the humble attitude of honestly submitting to the teachings of scriptures, if you see them to be clear and yet different from what you had previously thought.  Don’t let your emotions sway your doctrinal determination.  Base your beliefs on the teachings of scripture after you have studied the evidence for opposing points of view.  Sad to say, in my opinion, I see too many Christians influenced by peer pressure and conformity.


Bible Students know where you are coming from.  We too had to make a decision to leave the organization after J.F. Rutherford took over and tried to take away our liberty in Christ.  We would like to help.  On our Friends website, under “Friends Links,” you can find links to some other Bible Student websites with lots of electronic study material.  Pick out what you like or what you agree with.  Many of our websites even offer hard copy books, literature, DVDs and CDs which are sold at cost and can be shipped to your home at a nominal cost.  At your request, Bible Student elders would be glad to visit and speak to you, or lead a Bible Study, even on a topic of your choice.  Consider us your friends.  We’re here if you need us, but we are determined not to get in your way or interfere with your own freedom and liberty to make your own choices.

The flagship book of the early Bible Students was the Divine Plan of the Ages.  A beautiful condensed easy to read version of this has recently been prepared.  It is called, “God’s Grand Plan of the Ages” and is sold under cost for only 50 cents a copy.  It is a great book, endorsed by all the Chicago Bible Student elders and we encourage you to order a copy and read it for yourself.


To prevent yourselves from falling into the trap of following man again, we suggest that your study group adopt the practice of the early church, to have regular (not one time) elections of Elders and Deacons.  When the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society was originally founded, it was merely a publishing house supporting Bible Students with study materials.  Its founder, Pastor Russell, was against organizational control of Christian thoughts and beliefs, which was the impetus for his supporting the organizing the independent Bible study groups, which became the Bible Student movement.  Later, under the dictatorial control of JF Rutherford, the movement was transformed into an entirely new organization that tightly controlled the thoughts of its members.

A guidance manual, so to speak, on how to operate a study group according to the scriptures is outlined in Pastor Russell’s sixth volume of the Studies in the Scriptures series, called “The New Creation.”  You can find the chapter describing the election of Elders and Deacons here:


You are not accustomed to having group debates and making group decisions through vote in a business meeting (something Bible Students do regularly).  These business meetings are great for character development, since you will quickly find that everyone doesn’t always agree with you and too often, you are not getting your way.  It’s easier to just have the organization tell you what to do, but this is the price of freedom.  Be patient with your brethren.  Allow them to make the wrong decisions, as you see it, unless it so violates your Christian conscience that you cannot bear it; because at this point you are taking about splitting off into yet smaller groups.  Yet we recommend that the development of patience, understanding and submission for each other is generally a better way to go.

Eph 5:21 – Be in subjection to one another in fear of Christ.  NWT

1 John 3:14 – We know we have passed over from death to life, because we love the brothers.   NWT

The next big challenge will come when one of your aspiring study leaders is not elected as an Elder.  He may feel hurt, bitter and angry that the group doesn’t seem to understand what a great spiritual leader he will be.  To such we recommend the spirit of humility and submission, remembering that  “Pride is before a crash, and a haughty spirit before stumbling.” Prov 16:18, NWT.


In 1933, Chicago Elders defied JF Rutherford’s forced takeover of the Chicago Bible Students.  Elder Irving Foss courageously announced that brethren not in harmony with these forced changes were invited to meet together the following Sunday at 1016 N. Dearborn Street… and thus the Chicago Bible Students were re-formed, maintaining their freedom and liberty in Christ.  You can read more from testimony of Bro. Irving Foss.


Gal 5:1 – Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free, and do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage.   NKJV

Gal 5:13 – For you, brethren, have been called to liberty; only do not use liberty as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another.  NKJV

2Co 3:17 –  …where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.   NWT

John 8:31, 32 – And so Jesus went on to say to the Jews that had believed him: “If YOU remain in my word, YOU are really my disciples, and YOU will know the truth, and the truth will set YOU free.  NWT

50 comments to How can I leave the JWs without losing my family?

  • Jacqueline

    Bro. Lex,
    Bro. Peter is bringing out some very good points.
    Sixscreens is on right now, Saturday 6pm CST. If you can call 712.432-8710 code 9925#. You must press*1 to unmute your phone. Press *1 to mute if you don’t want us to hear you. There are spiritual ex-JW that will help you. Many of the brothers are in your situation. They have a wife and children that are still in.

    You have a very unique situation with your wife still in.
    Pray to our Father Jehovah for courage and if you can muster up the courage and let us know. Ask for your voice to be changed or ask the moderator for his number and he will give it to you and one of the brothers will call you.
    Take care my brother. In Christ.

  • Peter K. (admin)


    I am inspired by your sincerity and loving spirit. I pray that Jehovah bless your example and that your family is inspired to see your kindness and spiritual interests.

    You asked, how does one leave the JWs unscathed? I can imagine that it is scary. I can understand your concern. I marvel at how some JWs leave and either become atheists or go back to the Churches where they preach hell, trinity and immortality of the soul. I ask myself, how does that happen? Didn’t they prove their beliefs by scripture? If our foundation is Jehovah, Jesus Christ and the Bible, how can anything shake us?

    Regarding being contaminated by those outside, I will talk scriptures with anyone who is willing. My parents and siblings hold some different views than me. Yet we still love each other and I am not shaken because I believe I can prove what I believe from the Bible. So I am not afraid to be influenced by others. To my mind, the question is really whether you have solidly convinced yourself of what you believe from an honest and deep study of the Bible.

    Here are some related scriptures to consider:

    1 Cor 5: 9 In my letter I wrote YOU to quit mixing in company with fornicators,
    10 not meaning entirely with the fornicators of this world or the greedy persons and extortioners or idolaters. Otherwise, YOU would actually have to get out of the world. NWT

    1 Cor 6: 12 All things are lawful for me; but not all things are advantageous. All things are lawful for me; but I will not let myself be brought under authority by anything. NWT

  • Jacqueline

    May I also add a comment about blood. The skin is the largest organ of the body, kidney, heart etc. Blood is also an organ it is just liquid.As regards Organ Transplant, all humans decide if they will accept it.
    Blood has always been shed to save a life. On the door posts in Egypt, the shed blood of Christ. Even under the law in a battle the men got to eating the flesh with it’s blood to save their life. They were pardoned not condemned.
    My personal opinion if I read the prohibition on blood without the GB imput, I would think God was talking about the misuse and disrespect for Animal blood. He does not want it used as ingredients, it represents the precious life of one of his creatures. You may eat the meat but properly drain the blood to show respect for life represented by the blood.
    That is what I would conclude if I didn’t know what JW teach. I have one of the original Life everlasting books released at the convention talking about 1975. I looked in disbelief when they blamed 1975 on the flock. I was put on restriction because I openly would not teach this to 8 bible studies that I had at that time. They took all my studies and I had to turn over any new ones. I just guess they forgot the restriction when the world did not end. No apology.
    My thoughts on blood probably can be challenged, but that is my sincere understanding of the scripture in Acts.

  • Lex

    Now a more specific comment more subject specific. How does one leave this corrupt man made cultish organization unscathed?

    If you are like me a 4th generation JW who lived over 40 years only bonding with your JW relatives then it is difficult. In my case I obeyed the WT’s admonition and avoided bonding with my worldly relatives knowing that a family bond should be with my spiritual family and not with those who were going to soon perish! Bonding with unbelievers could corrupt my faith in the interim!

    Sadly relatives on the inside have slandered me with our worldly relatives. They wanted to punish me with shunning by any possible source of comfort. Fortunately my worldly relatives do not shun and recognize the cultish control they have over us. When you are on the inside it is simply our way of life, and it seems normal. However it seems so odd to those on the outside. In my case I was able to start to attend family gatherings which were avoided before.

    I choose to NOT celebrate the pagan customs of Saturnalia. However that still leaves family dinners around Thanksgiving time as well as summer reunions, graduation parties, and parties to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of our loved ones. It still seems weird to even say the word “birthday” as I associated it with demons for so long. However go read the book of JOB. His righteousness was obvious even to angels in heaven and he and his family had annual celebrations for each family member on their special day. Sure sounds like birthday celebrations to me!

    Most important is not letting the WT break up my marriage nor turn my children away from me. It is so important to live a Christian life, showing unconditional love, cultivating the fruitages of the Holy spirit. READ Galatians chapter 5! Jesus was inundated with followers because he showed he had God’s spirit.

    WT wants the cult followers to believe that once outside the WT org they no longer have God’s spirit and will take drugs, abuse alcohol, and at the very least put materialism over their focus on pleasing God. So prove them a LIAR and their slander will be obvious.

    I make sure to pray using Jehovah’s name with my kids and wife so they know we worship the same God. If they go to a meeting I ask them to bring home a thought from THE BIBLE for me! It is important for them to know the demons do not control my thinking as WT would have them believe.

    When in public when I see my old JW friends I always smile and say hello. Some will reciprocate and some will even converse! I want them to know and feel that I am not a miserable worldly person but have actually found happiness! I NEVER criticize their religion or they will walk away. Keep the conversations
    light and upbuilding! Some voice their sincere wish I would “come back”. I tell them I am happier than I have ever been but admit I miss them. I always make sure they know I welcome their phone call, e-mail or personal visit.

    The WT forbids it, but I give them permission!

    Pray and pull from the positive relationships in your life to help with the pain of rejection. Even Jesus prayed for those who persecuted him.

    Forgive them for they know NOT what they do!

  • Jacqueline

    My Bro. In Christ hello,
    Your words are like millions of us now. As you know I was a witness for 61 yrs. Part of my story is elsewhere on this site.
    I attended the Bible Students General Convention for six days in Johnstown, Pa. There were other former JW there and it was great. I will blog about it on a different page on this site. We have several small house studies here in Northwest In.
    I also attend the 4th Sunday with a bigger group, Chicago Bible Students.
    Please let the administrator know where you live or go to the web sites that will be at the end of my comment to search foe conventions in your area.
    When you think of conventions, you think big. No,they are like a big congregation meeting. You are going to love the different viewpoints that are allowed right from the platform. View and hear Johnstown online.
    Come on six screens tonight and we will talk to you. There will be hundreds of former and JW on phone hook-up. Also on this site there is info about the Oct 1, 2010 internet conference. Please let them know you are Lex. We will get you with a class if we can that is near you.
    I have traveled your road, you might not be familiar with the Bible Students but be patient. You won’t trust at first because they believe almost just like the witnesses. But they are not an organization and they are not mean people. You can express yourself on six screens and on the Bible Student Conference. We will all try to listen and in love help you. We’ve all been there.
    Take care my brother and we hope to hear from you.
    Sixscreens: Sat. 6pm CST (712)432-8710 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (712)432-8710      end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (712)432-8710      end_of_the_skype_highlighting code 9925#

    Note from Administrator: Lex, you can find Bible Student Conventions at different locations and at different times of the year here:
    On the right side of our website, check out Audio, Video and Friends Links. These links are a window into the Bible Student word and will introduce to you various Bible Student Congregations, ministries and Bible Study articles & materials. Jehovah bless your love of Him and the Truth of the Bible.

  • Lex


    Thank you for your posts and for validating my position.

    I wanted to share that although they chose to “muzzle me” by making the announcement I was no longer one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, they also added in my “exit meeting” words of comfort reassuring me that this did not mean that Jehovah would not answer my prayers or that if Armageddon came before I was reinstated that I would perish.

    I reasoned with them that if I didn’t need them for Jehovah to hear my prayers or to make it through Armageddon then WHY did ANYONE need them??

    Well that didn’t go over too well. 🙂

    I do miss sitting in the kingdom hall, learning about the Bible and commenting.
    However I will not miss the feeling of wanting to comment when things were presented as being from Jehovah and were not substantiated by the bible. I was forced to sit there quietly and shut my mouth even though i knew the information was wrong.

    My personal pet peeves were discouraging those who decided to get their education (as I did) and the ban on blood transfusions (which was clearly an old testament dietary restriction).

    Most JW’s are simply ignorant to the fact that whole blood is RARELY ever transfused. It was so lame to pretend they knew what blood components and fractions were OK vs the ones that were not. Where in the bible did they ever find that info? NO Where!

    My 3rd pet peeve was WT’s shifting the blame from themselves to “a few over anxious brothers” regarding the 1975 date. I personally read in the Kingdom Ministry and magazines about the “few months remaining”. Then there’s the infamous quote in the “TRUTH” book regarding 1975 and how this worldly man said he even recognized that by 1975 the world would be too dangerous to live in. That quote was removed in subsequent revisions. Then they pretend innocence that they NEVER alluded to anything that specific. Yeh right. At the district convention in 74 or 75 it was announced that although the Bible tells us that no man would know the day nor hour, that the scripture didn’t say Jehovah would not reveal the YEAR!

    How could they say that to share that share that TRUTH, that historical FACT, with others was apostasy??!!

    Years and years we reviewed the Our Kingdom Ministry in the service meeting. Then one year the light got brighter and we learned that should accept the change from Jehovah that it was an inappropriate name so we should call it Our Kingdom Service, only to review again a few months later that we had it right in the beginning and it should be called Our Kingdom Ministry. What a waste of precious time flip flopping!!

    So here I am. For me, I do not believe in the trinity nor hell fire. I also believe the bible reveals a heavenly and earthly hope. I believe the bible is clear that homosexual acts are a sin. Use those simple truths as a litmus test to evaluate other religions and they all fail.

    So where do I turn? For now I rely heavily and solely on my relationship with Jehovah and the sacrifice of his son Jesus. I find comfort in knowing that “Jehovah’s’ arrangement” is Jesus as our judge, not a group of worldly legal corporations, formed and positioned to reduce financial liabilities for the sins of their past.

    I will admit I want a “church” to attend. I hate “forsaking the gathering together”. But I remember the scripture of warning to get out of her my people if you do not want to share in her plagues. That “HER” is WATCHTOWER in my mind. I am so glad to be free of that satanic influence and know Jehovah’s judge JESUS will “deal with” them appropriately.

    If others believe as I do, and have found a place of worship, I would love to know about it.

  • Jacqueline

    Welcome, I could have written your comment, but I am the comment above yours. I am healing a little at a time. Notice, I use a name now. I am not afraid of the GB or Elders anymore.
    They had to read you from the stage because you are very articulate in your thinking. If you talked to others they might listen, so they have to brand you.
    You have friends here who know how it feels to have conditional love.
    Some time you have to vent. We will listen. But one day you will exhale and not think about them anymore as a formidable force. They will just be men who’s opinions and magazines don’t matter anymore.
    Then the healing will began. It’s like a 12 step program of giving up an addiction. An addiction to fear and loyalty to men and a man made organization, that needs large numbers to make money and keep them in a lifestyle (ever visit and live at Bethel?).
    Take care and I will look for more comments from you or just enjoy the site and different slants to scripture that we never got to hear.
    In Christ,

  • Lex

    Dear anonymous,

    I smile as I read your comment. Although you say you are totally happy and content in the confines of the WT, you still took time to peruse this site, which tells me you are STILL searching! Obviously you feel that something is lacking.

    I know that feeling. Over 40 years on the inside and there was ALWAYS something lacking.

    I grew so tired of being a part of something much bigger than myself that
    trained and coerced me to show CONDITIONAL love, to mark this one, to shun that one…etc etc etc.

    I feel so blessed to be able to FINALLY worship my God Jehovah, to show unconditional love, (ie hate the sin but still love the sinner) and to respect Jehovah’s arrangement that appointed his only begotten son Jesus as judge.

    I cherish my Christian freedom to follow what the inspired scriptures say.

    I find it very sad when my brothers and sisters have been indoctrinated to blur that line between Watchtower and Jehovah’s inspired word.

    My position is this. if it’s in the inspired bible…it’s from Jehovah.
    anything else is non-inspired writings of man, which are optional unless supported specifically or in principal by inspired scripture.

    It was so evil and satanic to mark brothers and be judgmental!
    It was a sin to show conditional love!!

    I well know that to NOT do so, puts you at risk of being treated the same!
    How unchristian.

    This direction came from other imperfect humans who demanded we obey them under the guise that Jehovah was using them, while at the same time admitting their writings are not inspired.

    You can NOT have it both ways. Either Jehovah is using you and your writings are inspired or it’s simply another human opinion.

    WT admits their writings are NOT inspired. However they demand you be obediant to “them”.

    I love the Christian freedom to worship my God Jehovah FREE from a domineering unreasonable and cruel unloving man made organization.

    Yes, at times I am a bit lonely…but my “friends” at the KH were never true friends. True friends love unconditionally just as Jesus showed by example.

    They announced I was no longer one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Well, Jehovah knows I am a Witness, and he has a loving judge named Jesus that I trust to judge me.

    Their judgment means NOTHING in comparison.

  • ptt7000

    Dear Anonymous,
    I was a witness for 61 yrs. Over 200 of my relatives are witnesses including MY adult children. Some are very happy, some feel they should wait on Jehovah to fix wrongs. Then there is ME. This web-site is a God-send for me and others like me that are attacked directly by the Society, New York, Governing body, (not so much the local congregation) as these brothers are much like the SS, they are just following orders, or they just do nothing to stop abuse (sin of omission.)

    I informed the society of a deep pedophile problem, I didn’t know they were quite aware of it for some time. As the young women came to me, I informed the society. I also set up arrangements in one case to have the victim removed by the Elders in the state of Ohio. A special committee was formed and it was shocking. I did not know this case of abuse was known 8 yrs before by a circuit overseer. It is alledged the society sent a letter to all congregations to burn sexual committee meetings files.( to view) This left people like me with the knowledge in their head. It was the victim’s word against their abuser. (I had more victims, non knew the others, nor in the same section of the US, no collusion) The elders deny all knowledge of some of theses meetings. This saved the society probably a lot of money. But that is not my business. I was what one elder called “a loose end”. I could verify some of these cases, I was involved with them. People like me needed to go. But I committed no sin.

    I also went to court and won a restraining order against an elder that was stalking me. The society put a letter in the court’s file stating they sent the brother. The brother confessed and said every word that I said was true. A restraining order was issued and because he confessed the judge asked if I would let it be sexual harassment and he would not have to go jail under the laws of our state. THREE ELDERS CAME TO COURT WITH HIM AND HIS WIFE. I Had no one with me. The society wasn’t aware he would confess. The restraining order was issued against the elder, the congregation and the society so they couldn’t retaliate against me. They (the society) sent a lawyer to get the files but the judge sealed the files.

    Every attempt to find reason to disfellowship me failed. Many of the elders in my city protested. They wanted this elder removed. This was in open court. The judge reprimanded the elders for their conduct. One of my elders called and let me know what the circuit brother was directed by the society to do. They couldn’t find anything to get me on. So they just harrassed me, walk by without speaking (elders) even if I spoke to them and their family. Some elders in my cong. stood up for me and called on me. But I was told the society owned all kingdom halls and I should not come when this elder came as a visiting speaker. In some Cong. sisters would walk outside if he gave a talk. Instead of removing him, the society alledgely wanted to send the message, I was told, that sisters will not go to court against elders for stalking. It backfired. But when forced to try and correct the matter, they instead decided to pressure me more by making statements from the platform that were directed at me by several Circuit overseers.

    I endured various stages for 10 years, then I started to FADE. That’s what you do when you don’t want to lose your family. JUST FADE. I finally just left very quietly. I don’t think they were aware I left at first. I just FADED. I PRAYED ALL THE TIME FOR RELIEF.

    When I would search the web for “people that are like Jehovah Witneses, I kept getting these Bible Student sites. Who were these people? Every search had them. They were the people that the Society said were extinct. They are the 75% that did not go with Rutherford in 1917. I am from a long line of witnesses. I grew up a Bible Student influenced until I was 12 yrs. old. Even being baptized under the questions that the Bible Students ask at baptism.

    I asked Jehovah to put me in a quiet place, I needed peace and rest. I fought for little ones that could not help themselves. But the Watchtower Society is as mean as Hitler. I am sure not all Elders or SS goes or went along with the program of Hitler or the “governing body”. Some did what they could to help as in my case. There were dear Elders who tried to protect me but they would lose their position. I took the pressure off them and just Left.


    Although this web-site is not for you. IT IS FOR ME and any other JW that have been hounded by the Watchtower society because they have a CONSCIENCE. Please don’t use this web-site if it disturbs you. Stay where you are, happy. There is nothing wrong with that. I don’t think you should leave your religion if you find the solace and peace of mind and heart there, and it contains basic truths for life. This web-site does not encourage that. IT IS A PLACE FOR BEAT UP AND BATTERED, HANGING ON TO LIFE JEHOVAH WITNESSES. They will be welcomed here and any of the many conventions for Bible Students that are held worldwide. Literature is available for preaching. There is no noose around your neck. No threats. Talk about Jesus until you drop here, you don’t have to add, “through the governing body”.

    I like this web-site and other Bible Student sites. No one or any faith is completely accurate, the truth gets brighter everyday but the same basic truths enjoyed by Jehovah Witnesses are enjoyed by the Bible Students. They are the ones from Bro. Russell, not from Rutherford who patterned us after the Catholic Church with all of its different divisions.
    I thank you for listening. Jehovah has called me to peace and quiet and I am not afraid to ask a question for fear of getting turned in. IT FEELS GOOD TO BE FREE!! I SEARCHED FOR CHRISTIAN FREEDOM AND FOUND IT. I HAVE A CONSCIENCE AND CAN EXERCISE AND USE IT. I CAN SAY JESUS WITHOUT MENTIONING THE GB. Also check Remember, Fade. Thank you,
    In Christ

  • Anonymous

    I am one of jehovas witnesses and have been for 20 years. Wonderfully happy in our organization along with some members of my family, while some are not they can see the many benefits we have from being witnesses and while it may not be for them we respect that and they respect us.
    I can not understand why people like you would spend so much time on worrying about what we are doing? The idea of trying to cause divisions in our congregations is the weirdest thing I have ever heard of and surely you have some sort of a life of your own?
    Can’t you just have your own beliefs and gather your own followers without targeting witnesses.
    To be honest if it wasn’t so devious it’s quite sad.
    It turns me off and it’s very childish.
    If I chose to ever leave I sure would not be coming your way!

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