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You are anonymous here.  You can speak to other Jehovah’s Witnesses, former Jehovah’s Witnesses, Bible Students and other Christians. When posting your comments, you will be able to use a Pen Name.  Your e-mail address and website info are completely optional. No one can identify you.  No one can report you.  You have a home and quiet place to pray and honestly investigate scriptures.  It is not our purpose to indoctrinate you, but merely to provide you with resources for further study of Jehovah’s word.  You are not alone.  You have friends.

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19 comments to Welcome

  • William Draper

    Yes I WOULD AGREE BARRY , UNDERSTAND , the word of Christ so applicable , try having faith the size of mustard seed . think about it

  • Barry Ward

    I am a Christian but can anyone explain how it is possible to have no doubts when nearly everyone around you accepts evolution which would mean for all practical purposes God does not exist. All scientific TV programmes promote evolution as a fact. There is no obvious evidence of a caring, loving god. The evidence of the world around us is of the whole of “creation” killing each other to survive. Those who have fearlessly left the watchtower and had their families destroyed as a result (Ray Franz, Jim Penton for example) have not had their prayers answered. Those we thought were Christians inside JW’s blindly obeyed the WT. out of fear. So called Christians outside the JW.s are just as bad, and never discuss right and wrong. They also will do nothing to help people who are victims of injustice. This is not proof there is no God but please admit we have a very tenacious faith. Barry Ward

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