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Who are the Friends of Jehovah’s Witnesses who have created this website?

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2 comments to Who are the Friends of Jehovah’s Witnesses who have created this website?

  • Bonnie Interisano

    Dear Sr. Jackie,
    Sorry my phone went out while we were talking last night.
    I didn’t want you to think that
    I hung up on you.You are so right about the the JW’s.
    I am glad you left the JW’s
    and stood your ground. That organzation is worse than some of the churches. I hope more people come out of the JW’s
    and take their stand also.
    Christian love, Sr. Bonnie Interisano

    • Jacqueline

      Hi Bonnie I figured that’s what happened. Let’s tell the audience what we were talking about after the Wednesday Night phone in Bible study.
      Last week I told Bonnie about the website that helps victims of sexual abuse, http://www.silentlambs.org/ with Bill Bowen.
      This site has the actual TV news segments where the JW media spokesperson JR Brown even answers. It has Barbara Anderson and Br. Bowen’s interviews for over an hour with Connie Chung etc.
      It also has the Australian TV program. One disturbing thing that you found Bonnie was the fact that the organization puts these men back up in position and won’t tell the congregation that he is a danger but will keep their children away from them. Also no professional help is encouraged. I have dealt with family members that are pioneering but haven’t gotten help and they are in their forties and just still messed up mentally. This brother has devoted his life to helping.
      There are so many trying to help clean up this mess that the organization has created.
      The organization is doing damage control every Sunday and every mid week service. There is little room now on their programs to go into the Bible.
      So now you see why so many of us have to come out of her.

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